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Check out our internet payday loans

  • Do you need the money and you don’t know how to get it? There are different ways in which you can obtain financing. Internet payday loans are one of many options available in Peru. Learn at how to get an internet payday loans.

Through banks

Through banks

Before you go to find out with a particular bank let me tell you that this is a form of financing that not all SMEs can access. To get a loan for SMEs you have to have a profitable business. Some banks may lend you without asking you to meet an extensive list of requirements, but it will be for smaller amounts.

State Financing

Sometimes the State launches call for small and medium enterprises to compete for financing. Unlike a loan, this subsidy granted by the State does not have to be repaid, but it does have to be delivered, to the entity that granted it, a report that the money was used in that for which it was granted.

Through participatory loans

It is a loan through which the lender takes part in the profits of the company. These participatory loans usually charge fixed monthly interest and work through the norm: if the company is doing well, the lender too.

Through business angels

You can get financing from your business through angel investors. These investors are entrepreneurs who, in addition to contributing capital, also provide you with knowledge and a portfolio of contacts that allow their investment to be profitable.


If there is a business in your case, you need money, but you cannot prove the profitability of your company, it is best to apply for microcredit. You will have a smaller loan, but it can serve to boost certain areas of your company. It will also be useful to improve your qualifications for major business loans.

Together with all of the above, you can obtain financing for SMEs through loans from family and friends, which is usually the preferred loan modality for entrepreneurs. What do you think about these ways of financing your business? Which do you think could help you more?