5 Hunter Biden scandals to watch in ex-wife Kathleen Buhle’s upcoming memoir

Hunter Biden seems to be having a hard time staying out of the news these days. Since the launch of the 2020 campaign for Joe Biden, Republicans have found Hunter an easy target, which continues into the second year of Biden’s presidency. After a laptop supposedly belonging to Hunter opens up a Pandora’s box of woes, he now has a new source of concern: his ex-wife Kathleen Buhle.

In April 2021, Hunter attempted to stem the laptop fallout with his own memoir, titled “Beautiful Things”, but it didn’t garner much attention or sympathy. Since then, we’ve learned more about Hunter, like how he received an $800,000 diamond from a Chinese businessman and helped a Romanian tycoon escape from prison. It’s weathered all the storms so far, but might struggle with Buhle’s memoir on the horizon.


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Most of the complaints so far have come from a dodgy source at best, but we’ll finally hear directly from someone connected to Hunter. Titled “If We Break: A Memoir of Marriage, Addiction and Healing,” Buhle’s memoir will focus on the breakdown of their 24-year marriage. Here are five scandals to watch out for when the book comes out in June.

Joe Biden (2-R) at Arlington National Cemetery with Jill Biden (R), her son Hunter Biden (L) and Kathleen Biden for the funeral of U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy August 29, 2009 in Arlington, Virginia. (Jim Bourg-Pool/Getty Images)

#1: The affair between Hunter and Hallie

Although Hunter touched on the matter in his memoir, we could see new details emerge from Buhle. We know she found out about Hunter and Hallie’s affair through an iPad, and that was the final straw for her. “I am leaving you because you are having an affair and have been emotionally abusive,” she wrote in a July 2016 email. Buhle could now dig deeper into exactly how she found out about the affair and what she meant by “emotionally abusive.”

#2: How addicted was Hunter?

Thanks to his memoir and his laptop leaks, we know that Hunter was quite addicted to crack, but the extent of the addition has always remained a mystery. Apparently, Buhle “tried for years to help her overcome her addiction,” but failed. Likewise, Hunter confirmed that he was so addicted to alcohol that he drove a liter of vodka every day. It is unclear whether crack was the only drug Hunter took during this time, which Buhle is likely to elucidate.

A leaked photo of Hunter Biden with his teeth allegedly after repeated drug use. (Twitter)

#3: Hunter’s love for prostitutes

It was an area that Hunter had glossed over in her memoir, but it became a key part of her divorce battle. Hunter has confirmed he has no recollection of a night with former stripper Lunden Roberts, who successfully sued for child support after revealing she became pregnant with his child in 2017. The Scandal is one of many low points in his life, but we could learn about the others if Buhle knew more.

#4: Their secret divorce

Hunter and Buhle finalized their divorce in April 2017, but the exact details of the arrangement were never revealed. We know Buhle asked for $20,000 a month in alimony and child support, but it was never confirmed if the court would accept that amount. We also know that Buhle will be entitled to a portion of Hunter’s retirement benefits, but it’s unclear how much. There are a lot of questions the divorce left us with, especially after the two started making public accusations, which we can now get answers to.

#5: Hunter’s influence in the White House

As Hunter and Buhle’s relationship crumbles towards the end of Joe Biden’s vice presidency, Buhle seems like the perfect place to confirm just how much access Hunter had to the White House. Leaks from the laptop claimed that Biden used his position to try to get then-Vice President Biden to meet with senior officials and foreign businessmen. It was also alleged that Biden harbored some of Hunter’s contacts, which of course the father and son played down. Maybe Buhle can shed some light on these questions?

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