A military scientist tricked a contractor into hiring a prostitute at the Air Force base

A veteran US military scientist working on advanced propulsion technologies allegedly tricked a contractor into hiring an unqualified sex worker – who later served other scientists at the Air Force base.

Dr. James Gord, a highly decorated civilian Air Force employee who died last September of unspecified causes, allegedly paid the 32-year-old sex worker $400 an hour for her services using a government cash card , according to recently unsealed research. warrant application obtained by the Daily Beast.

According to federal investigators, Gord convinced Sukesh Roy, chief executive of Spectral Energies, a contractor based at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio, which has received millions of dollars in funding over the past 17 years, to hire the woman in 2017.

Gord oversaw Roy’s company-backed technology and was responsible for distributing funding for the contract, with the two men becoming good friends, according to the warrant.

In October 2017, Roy told Gord he was looking to hire an administrative technician to work at Spectral Energies.

Gord said he “recently met a young professional on a flight to Washington, DC … and was very impressed with the way she presented herself,” according to the warrant.

He told Roy the woman would be a ‘good person’ and that she was a certified paramedic and firefighter with a biochemistry degree from the University of Tennessee and had attended medical school at the University of Cincinnati .

Dr. James Gord convinced Sukesh Roy, the CEO of Spectral Energies, to hire the woman, who he said was a “good fit”.
United States Air Force

“Gord strongly encouraged Roy to hire [her]praising [her] technical expertise,” the terms of reference read. “He then finished by saying, ‘She’s also very sexy.'”

Roy hired the woman, but “quickly became frustrated with [her] lack of capacity in the position.

“During his first months on the job, Roy said [she] was not timely with her [expenses], didn’t fully understand how to use basic word processing and document creation software, and had trouble formulating consistent cross-office emails,” the mandate said. “[She] also failed to provide his university transcripts as requested.

When Roy confronted Gord, he confessed that she was “a prostitute he met in Cincinnati” and revealed an Excel spreadsheet he kept on his government laptop with details of sex workers who he had engaged on official trips across the country.

According to the warrant, Gord claimed to be in love with the woman and that she felt the same for him, but she “still engaged in acts of prostitution” around Wright-Patterson along with other scientists from the Air Force Research Laboratory.

A scientist paid the woman “approximately $20,000 a year to clean her naked residence and then perform oral sex on her,” according to the warrant.

Despite her lack of qualifications, Gord reportedly urged Roy to involve the woman more deeply in the company’s research and operations.

When Roy pushed back, telling his friend the relationship was unethical and asking him to “cease all contact” with the woman, Gord allegedly threatened his life if anyone discovered the “true nature of his relationship.”

“Gord then said he would come to Building 5 with one of his many weapons to ‘end it all,'” the warrant said. “Roy took this to mean that Gord would kill Roy and then himself.”

Roy sought to fire the woman, but an attorney told him to wait for his one-year review to limit any potential liability. In October 2018, two weeks before he was set to fire her, she resigned to take a job with Spectral Energies’ main competitor, Innovative Scientific Solutions Incorporated (ISSI).

According to the terms of reference, Gord then split the $250,000 research grant normally given to Spectral Energies, giving $150,000 to ISSI and only $100,000 to Spectral Energies.

Disturbed by the behavior, Roy contacted the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) in 2019, claiming that Gord was “engaging in unethical contract negotiations with the government, had communicated threats of violence and regularly solicited prostitution during installation and while traveling on official Air Force business.

When AFOSI investigators raided Gord’s office, they seized electronic devices as well as a box of condoms, women’s underwear and an empty bottle of Viagra.

A forensic examination of his phone found text messages between Gord and 27 sex workers in different cities, many of whom were “foreign nationals of countries considered national security concerns of the United States,” the warrant says.

Emails recovered from his government account allegedly showed Gord coaching the woman to create a believable ‘back story’ and referenced meetings where he told her about the lab ‘and how to interact with scientists’, according to the mandate.

Gord had not been charged with any crime at the time of his death in September 2021.

The warrant, unsealed Monday in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, seeks access to Gord and the woman’s email accounts for evidence of false, fictitious or fraudulent claims, misappropriation/misuse of government property, extortion of officers or employees. from the United States, ethnic intimidation and an aggravated threat, the Daily Beast reported.

She is reportedly being investigated on charges of prostitution near military and naval establishments and making false, fictitious or fraudulent statements.

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