Advertisers Scared of Dave Portnoy’s Briefing – But Executives Remain Calm

As its scandals mount, some large corporate advertisers are wary of Barstool Sports, we are told. But apparently the swashbuckling startup isn’t breaking a sweat.

Page Six has learned that after the Insider website published a controversial talk about the sex life of founder Dave Portnoy, Snickers withdrew from negotiations to buy ads on the successful blogging site.

Meanwhile, sources say buyers of ads for Macy’s department store also decided the site was getting a little too spicy for a family-oriented business last year and stopped working with it.

But sources close to Barstool tell us that – while traditional media companies tend to panic when brand advertisers show up for cover – Barstool isn’t worried.

We’re told that nearly half of the company’s revenue does not come from advertisers, but from selling merchandise directly to its army of loyal fans and licensing deals.

Dave Portnoy.
The accusations against Portnoy have discouraged potential sponsors of Barstool Sports.
Robert miller

On its website, readers can shop for everything from designer hoodies and caps to golf club headgear and swimwear. Meanwhile, Walmart sells frozen pizzas bearing the logo of Portnoy’s pizza review series, One Bite.

Earlier this month, Insiders published an article in which two women claimed to have had consensual sex with Portnoy, but were traumatized by the experience.

Both women said he was brutal with them during sex in a shocking and unwelcome manner.

The story quoted a text message that one of the women allegedly sent to a friend after meeting Portnoy, which read: “It was so hard I felt like I was being raped, he filmed me and spat in my mouth and choked me so hard I couldn’t breathe. He quotes her as adding, “And it hurt and I was literally screaming in pain.”

Dave Portnoy.
Two women claim to have been “traumatized” by consensual sexual contact with the founder of Barstool Sports.
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The other woman was also unexpectedly brutal during sex and became suicidal several days after sex. She was admitted to the hospital and her mother filed a police report on the incident.

Portnoy claimed the article’s reporting was “sloppy” and called it a “biased” hit article.

“They didn’t find anything and they always wrote it down,” he said during an hour-long live broadcast of the story on Barstool Sports.

According to Fox News, Portnoy mocked the police report. “The police report shared by Portnoy did not charge him with any wrongdoing and contradicted many of the article’s claims,” ​​he said, “particularly how police said the woman did not remember nothing from the encounter despite providing several details to Insider.

Dave Portnoy.
Portnoy calls Insider’s talk a “biased” hit piece.
Robert miller

This is not the first time that Portnoy’s love life has interfered with the company’s finances. In April, the share price of Penn National Gaming – one of the companies that owns Barstool – fell after a sex tape was posted online showing him roughly pulling a leash attached to Instagram model Sydney Raines’ neck during that he was having sex with her. Raines said she had “no regrets” about the meeting.

At the time, Portnoy said on social media, “Is a stock going down because someone is having consensual sex? You are laughing at me ? “I would jump on that dive and fuck it,” he added. “No pun intended.”

And it’s not just Portnoy whose sex life has made the headlines. As Page Six first reported, Barstool CEO Erika Nardini had a dramatic affair with her squash coach last year, resulting in their two marriages breaking up.

While the Insider story appears to have sunk the Snickers case, sources close to the company say its fans don’t seem to have been put off by the report. The insider said Walmart sold 50,000 Barstool-branded pizzas the weekend after the story was released, a record number. And they said it was the biggest Black Friday in the company’s history in terms of merchandise sales on its website.

They also said that overall, the number of businesses that have stopped advertising on the site is the average number that the media tends to lose in any given year.

Representatives for Barstool Sports declined to comment.

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