BBC American Crime Story: Impeachment: What Happened To Monica Lewinsky After Book Contract Scandal To Friendship With Actress Playing Her

In 1998, the political world came to a halt when it was gripped by one of the most controversial sex scandals in modern history.

In a shocking revelation, then-President Bill Clinton and 22-year-old intern Monica Lewinsky were involved in a sexual relationship between 1995 and 1997.

The revelation was made all the more difficult for President Clinton after he said he had “not had sex” with Monica, before a semen-stained dress proved the president had lied.

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Not only that, President Clinton was married to First Lady Hilary Clinton who was forced to endure humiliation in public affairs.

Since the case captured the public imagination, Monica Lewinsky has been much ridiculed and vilified for her role in the incident.

Today, Monica is a 48-year-old activist and television personality. She had a successful career in her own right and even spoke about her experience of being involved in one of the biggest scandals in US history.

In the aftermath of the scandal, Monica is said to have made millions publishing a book telling her side of the story and appearing in a number of talk show interviews.

Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary with Tony and Cherie Blair

In a 2014 article for Vanity Fair titled Shame and Survival, Monica said, “In 1998, when news of my affair with Bill Clinton broke, I was arguably the most humiliated person in the world.

“For several years, I tried my hand at the fashion accessories business and got involved in various media projects, including the HBO documentary. Then I keep a low profile for the most part.

Opening up to the Daily Mail in 2004, Monica also expressed her disappointment that Bill Clinton never set the record straight or stood up for it.

“He could have worked it out with the book, but he didn’t. He is a revisionist of history. He lied, ”Monica said.

“I really didn’t expect him to go into the details of our relationship […] but if he had, and he had done it honestly, I wouldn’t have bothered.

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Today, Monica is successful as a social activist and has dedicated her life to raising awareness about the effects of cyberbullying.

The Clinton-Lewinsky scandal was used as the plot for the third series of American Crime Story, with American actress Beanie Feldstein as Monica.

Beanie and Monica have reportedly formed a friendship through the project, with Monica telling the Hollywood Reporter, “It’s incredibly surreal. I’m very lucky to be in Beanie’s hands this way, but it’s very difficult.

Beanie added, “What I think people don’t understand about this story is the depth of pain Monica must have endured during this.”

American Crime Story: Impeachment begins on BBC Two tonight at 9:15 p.m. ET.

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