Bender: Art is in the eye of the beholder

If you are not tuned in to the high profile art world, let me explain. Hunter Biden expects to make hundreds of thousands of dollars selling his abstract art at an art gallery in SoHo. This, of course, makes the Trumpanistas rant, and when the rightful despot is reinstated in August, things will change. On the one hand, free pillows for everyone, and Eric Trump will start selling his renderings. In pencil.

“I hate when the son of a drugged president with loose morals gets ahead,” Don Jr. thinks. (Since I got my photos from Moderna, I can read minds and listen to an oldies station. from Snohomish, Washington. I also see dead people. Most of them haven’t been vaccinated. If you’re wondering, Snohomish translated to English means Snohomish.)

Man, it’s like the pot that calls the pot of marijuana. It is suspected that Donald Twitch Jr. consumed tanker-sized volumes of alcohol and cargoes of illicit drugs during epic binge eating, or as I like to call it, yesterday.

Want to see abstract art? Ask Allen Weisselberg to explain a Trump tax return to you.

Of course, the latest Hunter Biden scandal is nothing compared to Jimmy Carter’s brother who capitalized on his name to launch a heavily criticized brew Billy Beer, mostly because it was said to be ugly. But that’s just a matter of taste and timing. All beers taste great at 2 a.m.

Like beer, art is in the eye of the beholder. Legions of critics see a Jackson Pollock and proclaim genius. I see spilled paint. Having said that, I once sold a rag on eBay for $ 317 suggesting it could be a long lost masterpiece.

So what is Hunter Biden supposed to do? Endorsements for laptops? Change his name to Kushner? This is how America works. It’s capitalism and nepotism, and a whole bunch of other isms, but Dear God, I pray, not socialism.

Do you think for a minute that Heidi Heitkamp would have become a much-sought-after U.S. Senator and TV commentator without Joel leading the way? Heck, my own kids live in opulence – which is just a 20 minute drive from Snohomish – because they’re profiting from my fame and unsolved banking job. My daughter drives a 2007 Mercury Milan (Premier Edition) and my son drives my 2005 Silverado which is still going strong after hitting two deer and a lamppost at Starbucks. For you, the insightful liberal police of the sentencing structure, yes, we hit the deer in the drive-thru. At 243,000 miles, this truck is just “broken” and with inflationary pressures valued at $ 37,000 according to Kelly Blue Book.

As far as I’m concerned, the system works. Are my columns worth $ 100 a word? Maybe not, but the contract was signed at 2 a.m. for 37 Billy Beers and a bar bill of $ 13.85. Keep the change. Some conservative writers, however, pay to be published. It just depends on what the market will support. Simple economy, really.

Tony Bender writes an exclusive weekly column for Forum News Service. This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of this publication, nor the property of Forum Communications.

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