Biden’s White House Hunter Puzzle

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HUNTER’S HEADACHE FOR THE WHITE HOUSE BIDEN. There has already been a newsletter this week about Hunter Biden’s lingering threat of scandal over his father Joe Biden’s presidency. Now there is an update.

The Washington Post reports that there has been months of negotiations between “officials close to President Biden,” Hunter Biden’s lawyer, and a New York art dealer whose gallery will present an exhibition of Hunter Biden’s paintings in which the works will sell for between 75,000 and 500 000 dollars. (Last year the The New York Times published some of young Biden’s works, seen below.) The purpose of the negotiations was, according to the Post, “to avoid the ethical issues that could arise when a member of the presidential family tries to sell a product with a highly valued subjective “.

Translation: There’s no way a Hunter Biden painting is worth $ 500,000. Selling the works of the president’s son at exorbitant prices is an obvious invitation for those seeking influence to purchase the work in the hope of receiving the favor they seek in return.

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So the negotiators came up with a plan. The gallery owner will never tell Hunter Biden who bought the art. The owner “will withhold all records, including potential bidders and end buyers” from Biden, the Post reports, and “will also reject any offer he deems suspicious or that exceeds the asking price.”

Under the proposed arrangement, if the art sells, Hunter Biden will walk away with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, and have no idea where it came from. He won’t know who to help!

Former ethics officials are appalled. “Because we don’t know who is paying for this art and we don’t know for sure that [Hunter Biden] knows, we have no way of verifying whether people are buying access to the White House, ”Walter Shaub, who headed the Office of Government Ethics under President Obama, told the Post. “What these people pay is Hunter Biden’s last name. “

Hunter Biden himself declined to comment, but a White House spokesman claimed that the secret purchase agreement shows that the Biden administration “has set the highest ethical standards of any administration in American history “.

The obvious answer is that if the president’s son wants to sell his work, it would be better for the public to know who is buying it and at what price. If a shady foreign businessman paid $ 500,000 for an original Hunter Biden, it better be public information. Journalists and others could examine whether there is a link between buying and acts of influence.

Instead, the White House Biden has made a deal under which everything will be kept a secret, the public kept in total obscurity, and the president will hail him as an example of his high ethical standards. Call it the Biden standard.

Meanwhile, of course, the media crash on the Hunter Biden laptop continues. Information on the laptop suggests that Joe Biden, when he was vice president, was aware of and may have benefited from his son’s sketchy business dealings, contrary to what the president claims today. This is real news, but with the except the New York Post and a few other media, major media organizations ignore. Social media companies actually removed it during the presidential campaign, in favor of candidate Joe Biden.

The sale of works of art, on the other hand, is a story of limited scope that the press can report without having to address the thorny issue of the president’s knowledge and possible involvement in transactions against the government. ethics of his son. So it’s a fair game for the same media organizations that obscure the history of laptops. It’s not a lot, but it’s a start.

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