Bill Maher digs Hunter Biden in latest monologue

Bill Maher returned in real time this week, speaking out about Elon Musk’s recent attempt on Twitter. During the late-night hosts’ monologue, Maher joked about Hunter Biden’s past drug use.

Maher told his audience on Friday, “Did you see what Elon did? I thought that was pretty funny. He tweeted right after buying it [Twitter]he said ‘and now I’m going to buy some Coca Cola so I can get some cocaine again’.

The late-night host continued, “Well, it’s all fun and games until Hunter Biden gets his head stuck in the vending machine.”

Hunter Biden has become a hot political topic in the 2020 election after the president’s son’s past drug abuse came to light.

Maher talks about Twitter takeover

Maher spoke in more detail about Elon Musk and his recent involvement on Twitter on Friday. The HBO host said during the episode’s panel discussion, “The argument for me is, has Twitter failed to position itself in the past as the judge of what can come out?”

Bill Maher continued, “And I would say yes. You have. You have failed “. The host went on to cite a specific incident in which the New York Post was blocked by the social media platform for its coverage of the Hunter Biden email scandal.

“You failed when you said we couldn’t tell if COVID came from a lab.”

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