BJP monitors social media activity of its Bengal leaders to thwart anti-party activities and get rid of ideologically compromised compromises

By Pragya Kaushika |
June 28, 2021 12:19 PM STI

New Delhi [India], June 28 (ANI): In politically sensitive West Bengal, marred by post-election violence, the Bharatiya Janata Party has decided to closely monitor the activities of its leaders and executives on social media in order to detect anti-elements. -party within the unit and identify those who are not ideologically with it.
In an attempt to curb the anti-party activities of its cadres and thwart the TMC opposition’s poaching attempts, the party’s new disciplinary action committee has issued an order (internally) that places restrictions on the activities of the party. party members on social media.
The order also states that disciplinary action will be taken against members or office holders in the party who share or like any anti-BJP message. The state unit’s IT cell has been tasked with monitoring and ensuring discipline on social media.
The order was issued by the Disciplinary Action Committee formed this month under the leadership of Lok Sabha MP Subhash Sarkar.
Sarkar, speaking with the ANI, confirmed that such an order had been issued “to identify those who are not ideologically with us”.
“There are those who have joined the BJP but are still gullible towards the opposition. This must be brought under control. Such people, if not disciplined in time, can also affect the morale of other party workers,” he said. added Sarkar.
“We will alert members who liked the anti-party messages or are friends with those who are against the BJP and ask them for clarification. We need to put them on the right track,” he added.
This activity appears to be a fallout from the political churn in Bengal where TMC leaders who had joined the BJP before the elections were leaving the party and taking politically sensitive information with them.
Many in the party have suspicion of those who have no ideological ties to the BJP and still lean towards the TMC.
“There were a lot of people who joined the BJP and were from the TMC. Even Mukul Roy left the BJP. He had to carry so much politically sensitive information,” another Bengal MP explained. (ANI)

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