Burning Sun scandal: ex-BIGBANG member Seungri pleads innocence, prosecutors ask for 5 years in prison

In 2019, when the Burning Sun scandal became a global issue, Seungri, a K-pop idol and former band member BIGBANG was found to be involved in a number of illegal activities. On July 1, 2021, he was charged with nine different counts ranging from embezzlement to prostitution. The allegations have led the public to turn their backs completely on the retired idol. While Seungri apologized for his role in the scandal in 2019, he took a completely different stance during his last court hearing.

Seungri has now denied all eight charges, except for the charge of violating the Foreign Exchange Act. Regarding prostitution, the former BIGBANG member claimed that his phone automatically corrected his chat message and that he did not intend to tell businessmen to sleep with one of the women present. . However, Dispatch got hold of the entire chat from Kakao’s chat room and pointed out that the word “prostitute” had been mentioned in the chat by another man and Seungri didn’t say anything to clarify that he had made a typo. However, Seungri said not all that was said in the group chat amounted to real action. His statement sparked even more curiosity.


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Seungri with BIGBANG, MTV Europe Music Awards 2011 (Dave Benett / Getty Images)

Is Seungri innocent?

Fans read Seungri’s statement and noticed that he said he was going to be arrested no matter what and that a lawyer told him to confess everything. Those who followed the case also noticed that the witness allegedly claimed that the police manipulated the witnesses at the scene. Seungri too mentionned that it was thrown under the bus by those involved because it was popular and would thus distract from those who were really guilty.

Despite this, the military prosecution is while searching a five-year prison sentence, but there has not yet been a final verdict. Internet users are torn because they no longer know what to believe. While Seungri did not accept the charges, public opinion has turned against him because of the allegations of prostitution. While he is currently denying it and is literally shouting in court that he left his group to protect them, internet users find themselves debating the issue.

Despite this new angle, some still believe that Seungri should pay for his actions, as one tweeted: “Seungri prison party as it should be”. Another tweeted: “seungri stans still delulu”. One Twitter user said, “uhhh seungri is a criminal anyway. ”

However, fans rallied behind him as one said: “THE GUILTY: SEUNGRI IS NOT INVOLVED THE PROSTITUTES: SEUNGRI IS NOT INVOLVED THE WITNESSES: SEUNGRI IS NOT INVOLVED.” Another heartbroken fan said: “In the end, in his final argument, Seungri shed tears as he said:”I promise to be reborn. I feel sorry for my colleagues, former agency officials and my family who had to have a difficult time together because of me. Another fan tweeted, “They admitted it, they arrested Seungri because of public opinion, they sacrificed a victim to ease their own burden, they never cared about justice.”

Seungri was a businessman and co-owner of Burning Sun, a nightclub. The club was embroiled in a rape and spycam scandal in 2019 and also involved a number of the biggest names in the Korean entertainment industry. There were nine criminal activities that Seungri was allegedly involved in, including gambling, fraud, drug use and the promotion of prostitution. Previously, those involved said Seungri was the one bringing the girls and asked the men to sleep with them. However, on July 1, he told the court that he had not done so. Police who arrived at the scene reportedly intimidated him and a lawyer employed by the businessmen said he would have to confess. It was all in 2019.

On July 1, he said he had reviewed witness statements and claimed that most of what had been said was false and now pleaded innocence. The prosecution believes he is guilty and calls for a five-year sentence for him. The final verdict has yet to be rendered.

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