Bus fire in Pakistan kills at least 18 flood survivors

NOORIABAD, Pakistan (AP) — At least 18 Pakistani flood survivors, including eight children and nine women, were killed when the bus they were traveling in caught fire, police said Thursday.

Police officer Hashim Brohi said the bus was taking the extended family from the southern port city of Karachi to their hometown of Khairpur Nathan Shah after hearing floodwaters had receded there. They were among thousands of people who moved to Karachi due to the country’s deadly floods.

Brohi said the incident happened on Wednesday night near the Nooriabad hills trek not far from the local police station and fire station.

“The proximity saved the lives of many bus passengers as police and firefighters arrived on the scene within minutes,” Brohi said.

The bus caught fire after the air conditioner shorted out.

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He said the emergency services moved the injured passengers to major hospitals in Jamshoro and Nooriabad. The bodies, charred to the point of being unrecognizable, will be handed over to relatives after the legal formalities.

Bus fires are common in Pakistan, where safety standards are compromised and traffic rules are not followed.

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