Can America’s Armed DOJ Be Taken Over?

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Matthew White
The Stand Writer

To respond if our DOJ box to be redeemed, one must first recognize that he Needs to redeem.

Established in 1870, the DOJ’s mission, according to their website (, “is to uphold the rule of law, keep our country safe, and protect civil rights.”

On the seal of the DOJ is a Latin phrase representing their motto: “Qui Pro Domina Justitia Sequiturwhich, when translated, means “who pursues in the name of justice (or Lady Justice)”. This is a clear reference to the department’s duty of equal application of the law in the pursuit of justice.

Justice is supposed to be impartial, which is why it is so often symbolically represented as blindfolded.

It seems to me, however, that over the past few years even the illusion of an impartial DOJ has been thrown out the window. They don’t even try to hide it anymore.

As a nation, when did we take that detour and go down a path where our security and defense agencies became a threat to the very freedoms they were created to protect.

It could easily be argued that a two-tier justice system has always existed to some degree. Further, I would suggest that any system of justice will have its pitfalls as long as fallen man is in control. The reality is that perfect justice will not be done until God demands it in His perfect timing. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to do our best.

So when did this all start? I’m sure some of you can point to other timelines, and will, but from my perspective, the militarization of the DOJ (and most other three-letter agencies) has really escalated under the Obama administration.

It wasn’t until Donald Trump entered the scene, however, that the eyes of the masses were truly opened to the actual corruption of our country’s top security officials.

As a presidential candidate, few took Trump seriously, and most of the mainstream media even poked fun at him and scoffed at the idea of ​​him becoming president.

Once his first message and his American program began to resonate with the people, he was taken more seriously.

The American people loved his promise to drain the swamp, while establishment Democrats and Republicans recoiled at the thought.

Once he secured the nomination and was finally elected president, the powers that be immediately intervened to ensure that he could not deliver on his promises.

What better way to undermine President Trump’s agenda than to use his own agencies to destroy him from within? That’s exactly what they tried to do.

Prior to the 2016 presidential election, candidate Hilary Clinton, to distract from a DNC hack that revealed communications proving the DNC favored Clinton, and even plotted ways to undermine her opponents (namely, Bernie Sanders), concocted a strategy to deal with the scandal. : blame Trump.

Clinton accused Trump of colluding with the Russians (who had hacked into the DNC server) to gain an advantage in the election. Thus began the long saga of the Trump-Russia collusion scandal, a story that the mainstream media failed to substantiate but reported on anyway.

We now know, thanks to the Durham Inquiry, that the Clinton campaign in fact paid for and sold to anyone gullible enough to believe it, the infamous Steele Dossier, which was opposition research compiled by the former British Intelligence Christopher Steele.

The file reportedly contains records of gross misconduct, conspiracy and evidence of Trump’s ties to the Kremlin. The dossier would become one of the most controversial aspects of an FBI investigation launched against Trump. A 22-month, $32 million investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller that ultimately exonerated President Trump, much to the chagrin of leftists.

And let’s not forget the FBI under the Obama administration spying on the Trump campaign. I don’t think it’s a mere coincidence that the Obama regime targeted the opposition party’s presidential campaign just as the Clinton campaign began fueling the Trump-Russia collusion narrative in the liberal media.

It was clear to the FBI that the Clinton campaign had approved a plot to denigrate Trump, while simultaneously diverting attention from his private email server scandal that was a hot topic in the news at the time. But that hasn’t stopped the FBI from launching “Crossfire Hurricane,” a counterintelligence probe to probe potential links between Trump’s campaign and Russia. During the investigation, the FBI (using the fake Steele dossier, I might add) obtained FISA warrants allowing them to surveil a former Trump campaign manager (Carter Page), as well as gain access to prior correspondence between Page and the Trump campaign.

The FBI’s “Spygate” scandal found nothing against Trump either.

The not-to-be-missed point in the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, as well as the related Spygate, is that the DOJ was used to try to eliminate a political opponent, and then when that failed, to try to eliminate him. once he became president. Let me repeat: the DOJ tried to get a sitting president out.

Sadly, we have entered an era in this country where that same armed DOJ has now turned against its own people.

Most of us still have more questions than answers regarding the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. The media confirmed FBI involvement that day, but we still don’t know how many were there and what role they played. Were they there to lure disgruntled protesters into a trap, to light a fuse, so to speak. We know that’s not beyond the realm of possibility, as FBI Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s trap fiasco proves.

You’ll probably remember last fall when the National School Boards Association (NSBA) coordinated with U.S. Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona to draft a letter outlining parents who had valid concerns about the regulations. COVID-19, the CRT program, and other ‘domestic terrorism’ policies, calling on the Biden administration to use federal law enforcement agencies to address parents speaking out. Attorney General Merrick Garland happily obliged the NSBA and sent a memo to the FBI directing them to meet with officials from each federal judicial district to “facilitate discussion of strategies to counter threats…” That’s short to silence worried parents .

More recently, an FBI whistleblower leaked the Bureau’s “Domestic Terrorism Symbols Guide,” a document that reveals how the FBI determines whether an American is a potential Militia Violent Extremist (MVE). Symbols and terminology cited for officers to be on the lookout for when identifying suspected domestic terrorists included “2A”, “Revolutionary War imagery”, “Gadsden Flag”, “Tree of freedom”, the “flag of Betsy Ross” and others. So apparently being proud of one’s Constitution, one’s national history, and one’s country now bolsters one’s standing with the DOJ as a potential domestic terrorist.

And let’s not forget that an armed DOJ doesn’t always just attack the innocent, it often covers up the guilty. Does the concealment of Hunter Biden’s laptop ring a bell? According to a press release issued in July by Senator Chuck Grassley, FBI whistleblowers revealed that “FBI officials sought to misrepresent as evidence of disinformation acquired from multiple sources who provided the FBI with derogatory information. related to Hunter Biden’s foreign financial and business activities, although some of this information had already been or could be verified.

In other words, the laptop is real and Hunter Biden is guilty. If you or I had done any of the things Hunter is known to have done, we’d be behind bars for a very long time. But because of who he is, and for reasons of political expediency, as I write this, Hunter is jet on Air Force One with “the big guy”, heading to South Carolina for a vacation. to the well-deserved beach.

This brings me to the irony of Monday night’s raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

The burden of proof to justify raiding and searching the private property of anyone, let alone a former president, is very high, as it should be. To date, the warrant authorizing the raid on President Trump’s home has not been made public. But Americans want to know, and deserve to know, why such actions were taken.

At this point we are left to speculate, and it seems the most logical explanation for now is that the FBI was looking for classified information that was taken by Trump from the White House. at his Palm Beach resort in January 2021. This has been an ongoing issue between the former president and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), with the latter apparently having the full cooperation of Trump and his team.

I stand by my belief that if a person, regardless of their political affiliation or whether I like them or not, commits a truly criminal offense (not some silly technicality), they deserve punishment commensurate with the crime. This applies to me, J6ers, President Trump and everyone else.

I don’t think that’s what we’re seeing in this case. What we are witnessing is the culmination of unfettered and unchecked power at the highest levels, used to silence, undermine, overthrow and eliminate if possible, anyone who stands in the way of the left socialist agenda, even a former president .

While many have long questioned the DOJ’s power, neutrality and reliability, others have remained hopeful in the institution, believing that under the right administration things would be better.

I’m afraid we’re beyond that. I believe that for some time we have stood before a door that leads to an authoritarian regime. The raid on President Trump’s house on Monday may have pushed us beyond that threshold. Pray that we’ll turn around before the door closes on us for good.

Can our DOJ be bought out? I don’t think in its current state this is possible. The partisanship and corruption run far too deep. It seems to me that the only solution is to gut it from the ground up and start over, a feat I doubt any future administration will have the will or support to undertake.

How will historians record this pivotal period? The next few days will certainly tell more about the reasons for this raid, but I don’t think history will look favorably on this stain on our republic, what remains of it anyway.

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