Compromised Political Leaders

Awareness and the COVID19 vaccine

torstensimon: COVID19 vaccine / pixabay The COVID19 pandemic continues to threaten the world. What can be done to stop it must be done for the common good. Vaccination mandates can be, and indeed have become, an important tool in dealing with the pandemic. Some people, believing the false information and …

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Knowledge and ignorance

Pit is perhaps a subject on which much has been written; after jotting down some thoughts I wanted to stop writing this piece, but just in time I luckily remembered Dostoevsky’s words, “There is no subject so cold that it cannot be said something new “(Diary of a writer). So …

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The Leadership Code – Post Courier

October 7, 2021 The Leadership Code is a code of conduct for managers or persons exercising public office which is legally binding on such managers and which they are expected to know and respect. This is a quasi-administrative or disciplinary process, and the provisions of the Leadership Code place strict …

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