Prostitution – Fall Of 55 Tue, 19 Oct 2021 14:21:47 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Prostitution – Fall Of 55 32 32 Nîmes player arrested for child prostitution after girl accuses him of paying her for sex before stealing his car Tue, 19 Oct 2021 13:23:00 +0000

A NIMES player has been arrested on suspicion of using underage prostitutes, according to reports.

RMC Sport claims the player was summoned to a police station for questioning before being arrested on Monday.


Nîmes faces Ligue 2 rival Guingamp in their next matchCredit: AFP

The allegations were said to have come to light following an incident involving the player’s stolen car.

Reports suggest the player himself spoke to police over the weekend, claiming his car was stolen by a group of young women.

At the same time, a girl allegedly tried to sell the car to a local dealership.

Dealership personnel reportedly questioned her before confiscating the vehicle, leaving her upset.

From there, she went to the police to claim that the owner of the car – the player in question – had sex with her while she was underage.

Nîmes currently occupies 13th place in the French Ligue 2 with three victories out of 12 possible.

They lost 2-0 at home against the Corsican team of Ajaccio on Monday evening.

Then they make a crucial journey to their rivals Guingamp who are a place below them, separated only by goal difference.

Nîmes spent last season in Ligue 1 but was relegated after three seasons in the French top flight.

The city is located in the south of France and is known for its history as a former outpost of the Roman Empire.

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As Spain moves closer to abolishing prostitution, here’s how it works in Europe Mon, 18 Oct 2021 06:09:00 +0000

Prostitution has a long history in Europe. It was in 1942 that the Swiss government announced that the act was completely legal and constitutionally protected. Other countries, including Germany and Greece, soon followed suit. The Netherlands, a popular sex tourism destination today, decriminalized prostitution in 2000.

Image: AP

According to a recent estimate, there are around 12 lakh prostitutes working in the 27 nation states of the European Union. Germany alone has 10 lakh of sex workers, reveals Business intern report. With Pascha – the largest brothel on the continent – prostitution in Germany is roughly a business worth over US $ 16 billion.

Meanwhile, in Spain, brothels are given a more euphoric name: clubs de alternate (alternative clubs). According to The Guardian, the act is so ubiquitous in the popular tourist destination, that the Spanish administration, in 2014, attempted to calculate its contribution to the GDP. However, as Pedro Sanchez’s Socialist Party gained power, it pledged to “abolish” the law in a move that critics say is an attempt to woo female voters, BBC reported.

Image: AP

Sweden has a more interesting point of view: although it is illegal to buy sex or operate a brothel in the country, it is completely legal to use your own body for such services. The Netherlands, on the other hand, has elaborate red light districts that attract millions of visitors each year. A report from claims that in the Dutch capital, where the sex trade is legal and regulated, more than 200,000 annual visitors come to its red light districts. De Wallen, is the city’s largest and most famous red light district and a famous destination for international sex tourism.

Like other businesses, prostitution also fluctuates with the economy. In Greece, for example, the financial situation has been so bad that it has pushed more women into the sex trade, with Athens seeing a seven percent increase in female sex workers since 2012, even as the price of sex has risen. drastically dropped, reported Inside the business community.

A more permissible attitude

Compared to the rest of the world, Europe has a more acceptable attitude towards prostitution. In countries like Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, Greece, Turkey, Hungary and Latvia, the multi-million dollar business is not only legal but also regulated, with brothels paying fees. taxes and respecting certain laws. In other countries, such as Spain and France, the business is legal but not regulated by the administration. As the COVID pandemic and related restrictions have pushed many small-scale brothels and freelance sex workers to the brink of choosing another livelihood, things are returning to normal as more tourists national and international flock.

Main picture: AP

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Bowie County prostitution sting highlights recent Texas law changes Sun, 17 Oct 2021 03:52:44 +0000

TEXARKANA, Texas – A felony arrest for soliciting prostitution in Texarkana last week highlights recent changes to Texas law.

Beginning September 1, those charged with solicitation face six months to two years in a Texas state prison. Prior to that date, the offense was a class B offense. People who have already been convicted of soliciting can now be charged with a third degree felony and if the offense involves a minor, the range of penalties increases.

The change in the law aims to discourage human trafficking.

Klyne Allen Hughes, 47, of Idabel, Oklahoma, was arrested Wednesday for felony solicitation of prostitution at a location in Texarkana, according to a probable cause affidavit prepared by a soldier with the Texas Department of Public Safety. The affidavit states that the DPS was part of a “multi-agency undercover prostitution operation”.

“Hughes responded to an Internet ad for prostitution. Hughes then agreed to meet with the agents posing as a prostitute and exchange $ 110,” in exchange for sex.

Hughes was charged with carrying a weapon in connection with a pistol allegedly found in his possession and possession of a controlled substance containing 3.63 grams of methamphetamine allegedly found in Hughes’ vehicle.

A firearm suppressor without an identification number was reportedly found in the rear compartment of the driver’s seat.

“ATF (alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives) will be contacted with reference to the suppressor,” the affidavit reads.

Hughes is currently free on bonds totaling $ 15,500.

Three other men were arrested Wednesday in Bowie County for attempting to solicit prostitution.

According to documents indicting the men in these cases, they responded to advertisements for prostitution on the Internet, “which was more than just preparation which strained but failed to carry out the commission of the intended offense.” .

Attempted solicitation of prostitution is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by a maximum of one year in a county jail.

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Forest Hills Spa Temporarily Closes After Sex Work Claim: NYPD Fri, 15 Oct 2021 20:59:37 +0000

FOREST HILLS, QUEENS – Police closed a Forest Hills spa on Tuesday after allegations of sex work, but it was allowed to reopen days later after the current tenant blamed the activity on a previous tenant. Community members, however, have been making similar claims about the spa for months.

Pink Rose Beauty Spa, which is located at 71-49 Yellowstone Boulevard and bills itself as a “luxury Asian massage spa,” was closed on October 12 by police acting on a Queens Supreme Court order, a sign displayed in the company’s window shows.

Police also issued a restraining order against the spa, deeming it illegal to take anything from the company or use it for any purpose, including prostitution, a sign said.

An NYPD spokesperson confirmed that the department temporarily closed the spa on October 12, three weeks after a report of illegal activity on September 25.

However, an attorney for the current tenant then contacted the police department, saying the tenant had recently moved into the spa – presumably after September 25 – and was not involved in any of the reported criminal activity, the police department said. . .

“We allowed them to reopen,” an NYPD spokesperson told Patch of Pink Rose Beauty Spa, adding that the current tenant will have to go to court and prove he was not operating the spa when sex work has been reported.

On Friday, Patch contacted the spa, which is listed online as “temporarily closed,” and someone responded and confirmed the business was open. She said her English was not good and that she could not answer other questions.

“They advertise sex”

Community members, however, first reported that people used the spa for sex work months ago; long before the police said they got involved.

On August 18, a neighbor filed a complaint with the Ministry of Buildings, writing that the spa was operating like a “brothel”.

“Googe the phone number on the front door and you see they are advertising sex. Men come and go late at night,” they wrote, adding that the spa is in a neighborhood. residential and near a synagogue.

The company is also named on several forums that advertise massage parlors where people prostitute themselves.

A day later, the complaint was attributed to the Office of Special Enforcement, or OSE, which is investigating illegal and unregulated industries throughout the city.

However, when Patch contacted the OSE, a spokesperson said the agency “had not had time to investigate” the complaint due to staff issues and directed investigations to the NYPD.

Sex work in New York

The New York Post reported that at least 629 massage companies across town are operating as fronts for sex work, according to data from an anti-trafficking organization. More than 42 percent of those businesses are said to be in Queens.

While some experts quoted by the Post have said that criminalizing sex workers is one way to reduce human trafficking and third-party profiteers, sex workers have been fighting for decriminalization for decades.

In April, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office announced it would no longer prosecute people for unlicensed prostitution and massage.

“Over the past decade, we have learned from those with lived experience and from our own field experience: Criminal prosecution of prostitution does not make us safer and, too often, achieves the opposite result by further marginalizing them. Vulnerable New Yorkers, ”District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. said in a statement.

The office will, however, continue to prosecute pimps and sex traffickers, as well as people who pay for sex, effectively shifting the punishment from sex workers to those who exploit prostitution.

Some criticisms argued that this will always keep sex work underground, but Abigail Swenstein, a lawyer with the Legal Aid Society’s Exploitation Intervention Project, sees the move as a step in the right direction, in part because it is a decision made in collaboration with the sex workers themselves. .

“Countless sex workers, those portrayed as sex workers and victims of trafficking have suffered under the weight of convictions and warrants,” Swenstein said in a statement. “These life sentences extend to family and immigration court and impact our clients’ ability to find stability through housing and employment.”

Swenstein argued that the state should still pass a law to completely decriminalize sex work and clear the criminal records of those convicted of prostitution-related crimes.

In Queens, District Attorney Melinda Katz in March dismissed hundreds of prostitution-related cases in which people were charged with “loitering for the purpose of prostitution” under a state law repealed in February and known as the ban on “walking trans”, which critics said encouraged police to target transgender people.

Sex workers can still face lawsuits in Queens, including fines and jail time.

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At least 42% of American voters want prostitution decriminalized Thu, 14 Oct 2021 15:08:00 +0000

Posted: October 14, 2021 at 9:08 am MDT|Update: 1 hour ago

NEW YORK, October 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – A national survey recently found that 42% of registered voters support decriminalizing prostitution, while 36% believe prostitution should remain a crime and 22% remain undecided. Democrats are much more in favor of decriminalization than others, as are individuals who identify as men. People over 65 are the least in favor of reform, while those aged 18 to 45 are the most in favor of decriminalization, followed by those aged 46 to 65.

Public Policy Survey, October 2021

“Supporters of the entrapment model are confusing human trafficking with consensual adult sex work, intentionally confusing the issue to advance their agenda of restricting sex between consenting adults.” – Ariela Moscowitz

The evidence supporting the many benefits of decriminalization continues to surface. Sex workers, academics, human rights activists and public health experts are increasingly calling on lawmakers to examine the facts surrounding decriminalization, which demonstrate an increase in public health and safety and a decrease in public health and safety. of operation.

The survey also asked voters if they would support the decriminalization of the sale of sex, while maintaining the purchase of illegal sex. Only 7% support this model of prohibiting prostitution, 60% oppose it and 33% are uncertain. Bills proposing this “trapping model” – which some call the “Nordic model” or the “final demand model” – were tabled in the new York, Massachusetts, and Maine state legislatures. Lawmakers are marketing this legislation as a way to curb prostitution and fight trafficking, when evidence shows it does neither. Countries that have implemented the entrapment model continue to see violence and exploitation perpetrated against sex workers.

The vast majority of people involved in the sale and purchase of sexual services are consenting adults. “Supporters of the entrapment model confuse human trafficking with consensual adult sex work, intentionally confusing the issue to advance their agenda of restricting consenting adult sex. When trafficking and prostitution are confused, victims of human trafficking are treated like criminals, and consenting adults are needlessly arrested, ”said Ariela Moscowitz, communications director at Decriminalize Sex Work (DSW), which commissioned the national survey. “There is less support for the trap model than there is for white supremacist views, yet lawmakers continue to come up with the former,” Moscowitz continued.

Decriminalization, a critical component of criminal justice reform, has gained traction amid nationwide awareness of the dangers of excessive police oversight, a growing prison population and appeals to immediate changes in the criminal justice system.

The survey, who surveyed 758 registered voters in United States, was conducted by Public Policy Polling on September 30 and October 1, 2021.

Decriminalize Sex Work (DSW) is a national organization that pursues a state-by-state strategy to end the ban on consensual adult prostitution in United States. DSW works with local organizations, advocates and lobbyists to build community support and convince lawmakers to end prostitution-related arrests. There is ample evidence that decriminalizing consensual adult prostitution helps reduce human trafficking, promotes community safety, and improves the health and safety of sex workers.

Media contact:
Ariela Moscowitz
, communication director | (212)368-7874

Public Policy Survey, October 2021
Public Policy Survey, October 2021
According to the FBI, nearly thirteen thousand people have been arrested for prostitution and ...
According to the FBI, nearly thirteen thousand people were arrested for prostitution and commercial vice in 2020.

View original content to download multimedia:

SOURCE Decriminalize sex work

The above press release has been provided courtesy of PRNewswire. The views, opinions and statements contained in the press release are not endorsed by Gray Media Group and do not necessarily state or reflect those of Gray Media Group, Inc.

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Male activists call for action to dissuade men from paying for sex Wed, 13 Oct 2021 09:42:13 +0000 Leading male activists against violence against women must call on the Scottish government to introduce legislation to deter men from paying for sex.

The men calling for government action, including a former senior police detective and the founder of a service for sexually exploited men, will speak at an event called Men Who Pay For Sex: How To Challenge Demand For Prostitution.

Anti-violence advocates will challenge the Scottish government to continue allowing men to pay for sex with impunity despite the official recognition of prostitution as a form of violence against women.

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Special Representative for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings will also highlight the role of demand in feeding trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

READ MORE: Pushing to change prostitution laws as current legislation ‘stuck in dark ages’

Four percent of men in Scotland say they have paid for sex in the past five years, according to the latest figures. Equally Safe, the Scottish Government’s national strategy to combat violence against women, recognizes prostitution as a form of violence against women.

However, paying for sex is currently legal in Scotland, unlike countries like Sweden, Norway, Iceland, France, Israel, Ireland and Northern Ireland – where paying for sex is an offense. criminal law and where women exploited in prostitution are decriminalized.

The men most likely to have paid for sex are single men, aged 25-34, in professional or managerial roles and those who report high numbers of sexual partners – according to the most recent national survey. UK-wide sexual attitudes and lifestyles. .

A study from the University of Leicester in 2018 asked more than 1,200 sex buyers: “Would you change your behavior if a law were introduced that criminalizes paying for sex?” More than half of those surveyed said they would definitely, probably or possibly change their behavior.

READ MORE: Scottish government gives extra £ 90,000 to support sex workers

Sweden was the first country to criminalize paying for sex but decriminalize the sale of sex – recognizing prostitution as violence against women. Surveys conducted in 1996 and 2008 revealed that the proportion of men who reported paying for sex increased from 12.7% to 7.6%.

Julian Heng, a health worker who founded a support service in Scotland for sexually exploited men, said: “The main harm created by prostitution is repeated submission to unwanted sex. Prostitution is demand driven, fueled by economic inequalities, and benefits from all forms of discrimination.

Valiant Richey, Special Representative and Anti-Trafficking Coordinator at the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), said: “If we are serious about ending trafficking, we have to tackle it. to its root cause, namely the demand that prompts it.

“Meeting demand is essential both to protect victims from harm and to disrupt the business model of trafficking. ”

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Residents are fed up with drugs, prostitution in Kansas City apartment Tue, 12 Oct 2021 03:29:47 +0000

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) confirms it is investigating conditions at a Kansas City senior citizen apartment complex.

Residents of the Pavilion Senior Center contacted FOX4, saying their federally-subsidized resort has become a haven for mold, drugs and even prostitution.

“I’ve been fighting cockroaches for over two years,” said resident Louise Painter. “I’ve been here for almost 20 years, and it’s getting worse all the time. “

A resident declined to give her name, but said she received lease violations from manager JoAnn Suber after meeting with the state to try to clean up the complex.

“It was nice until she arrived and the clientele she moved into,” said the resident. “We now have drug addicts, people who sell drugs, we have prostitution in the building. A girl, about a year and a half ago, her companion is standing by the railing of the elevator on the third floor. And that day, I saw her come in three times with a different man each time.

A KCPD crime map shows one sex offense, eight assaults and at least eight other police calls a few blocks from the resort on Holiday Drive over the past week.

Residents also told FOX4 that they have been dealing with black mold for years.

Our team came by the property on Monday to try and speak with Suber about the conditions. The office was closed for Columbus Day, but a resident got it on the phone. She said “no comment” and asked us to leave.

Suber also directed us to the parent company, Community Realty Management, which was also closed for the holidays.

But while we were there other residents wanted to talk to us and got a different story.

“For me everything went well and I’ve been here six years,” said resident Jerry Jackson.

“The mold is no longer there,” added Fred Rashaw. “They tore down the walls, got rid of all the mold. It’s not like they’re not doing anything.

HUD said in a statement:

Opportunity Pavilion Senior Center is privately owned and receives HUD grants for rental assistance. HUD continues to investigate concerns raised by residents. HUD’s number one priority is the safety and well-being of those we serve. When we identify property conditions that do not meet this commitment, our department strives to take prompt action to ensure that the owner and property management immediately correct the deficiencies.

FOX4 has not received a response from Community Realty Management.

The office of Sixth District Councilor Andrea Bough is now addressing this issue.

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Pimps involved in prostitution racketeering arrested in Dibrugarh, four arrested Sun, 10 Oct 2021 10:08:57 +0000


Dibrugarh police on Saturday dismantled a prostitution racket in three different locations in Dibrugarh town. Four people, accused of being pimps, were arrested for their involvement in the same case.

Police say the raids were carried out after reports were received that a group of pimps had organized prostitution rackets in the area. The raids led to the arrests of Babu Ali, Hemanta Gogoi, Nazim Ahmed and Farida Begum.

Dibrugarh Police Superintendent Shwetank Mishra said the raids were carried out in Gandhi Nagar, Alokpath and Nalipool after receiving reports that girls were “drawn into such activity”.

He added that a mother-son duo had also been arrested for being part of the racketeering. Mishra added that the defendants Farida Begum and Nazim Ahmed had been leading the racketeering for many years from their apartment and were part of a larger network of criminals involved in the flesh trade.

According to sources, “agents” work in conjunction with local gangs to lure young girls into the profession without falling under the radar of the law. However, the police have stepped up their operations against such acts.

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Somy Ali writes open letter to Aryan Khan’s accusers: Drugs will never go away, so will prostitution Sat, 09 Oct 2021 09:07:22 +0000

Actress Somy Ali has shown support for Aryan Khan, who was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) following the drug seizure by Cordelia Cruises off Mumbai on October 2. In an open letter to Aryan Khan’s accusers, Somy asks tough questions. She also explains how she tried the herb due to peer pressure. Somy says Aryan Khan is accused and heavily trolled on social media only because he is the son of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan.

Somy sent his open letter to, which is posted as follows:

Until the middle of the 19th century, nature’s pharmaceuticals were all that was available to alleviate human pain and suffering. The first synthetic drug, chloral hydrate, was discovered in 1869 and introduced as a sedative-hypnotic. It is still available today in some countries.

If you are an educated, worldly person who believes in statistics, your intellect will guide you to learn that drugs will never go away just like prostitution. I have always been in favor of decriminalizing both for the same reason. Law enforcement has not been a deterrent when it comes to drugs or prostitution, and I am making this analogy intentionally because both are readily available. Please let me be very clear that I do not tolerate drug use. However, I am not naive enough not to know that millions of adolescents, young men and women, and all those who wish, are addicted and engaged in recreational drugs. I cannot control them and I will not judge them on recreational drugs either. Humans take drugs for many reasons: one is just to have a good time, which young people do universally, and the other is to heal oneself from a deep, dark pain that a person might feel and who has not found the courage to see a psychiatrist for.

I have no shame or qualms about admitting that at the age of 15, while in the United States, due to peer pressure, I tried weed with a band friends from high school to look cool and fit in. But soon, I realized it wasn’t for me. Then again in Bangalore, during a shoot with the late Divya Bharti, we both got involved in weed. And that was literally the last time I took any recreational drug.

But, this is not about my drug history, it is about a 23 year old young man who is dragged through the mud only because he is the son of very famous parents. I will admit that I cannot plead anyone’s innocence or guilt because I do not have sufficient facts or evidence to announce my personal verdict as I am not a judge or jury in the literal sense of the word. term. But I’ll say this, Aryan and other young men and women his age will experiment with drugs like it’s called just being a young adult or a human. At the risk of haters and trolls, whom I regard as miserable beings by putting others where their own lives are in ruins, I only feel sadness for Aryan. I feel pain for his parents because I can’t begin to imagine what they must go through when their son is dragged into this mess. If he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, or if he tried drugs. Who cares ? Law enforcement is not a deterrent when it comes to drugs. They throw this young man under the bus to distract from their inadequacies and lack of police work. Concrete example: the Sakinaka case.

We’ve been waging a war on drugs in the United States since 1971 and yet today, as I reside in Miami, Florida, if I wanted drugs I could get them in minutes. They are everywhere – whether it’s a street corner, an upscale restaurant, a nightclub, or an unfamiliar neighborhood where the rich or anyone else go. buy them.

So, in conclusion, my personal verdict is to let Aryan go back to his parents. Again, we are humans, and we will continue to make mistakes or find ourselves in sticky situations where we have no idea what the outcome would be. My thoughts and prayers are with Shah Rukh and Gauri and, of course, Aryan. Justice should be served if corrupt law enforcement agencies find better ways to hide their inefficiencies.

Besides Somy, many celebrities including Hrithik Roshan, Hansal Mehta and Raveena Tandon have shown their support for Shah Rukh Khan and Aryan. As previously reported, Aryan Khan’s bail application was denied on October 8 and he was sent to Arthur Road Prison in Mumbai.

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SEE ALSO | Aryan Khan stayed in the same prison that once housed Sanjay Dutt, Ajmal Kasab

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Mahoning County Grand Jury Charges Ten Arrested for Human Trafficking Fri, 08 Oct 2021 10:28:10 +0000


Mahoning County grand jury handed over indictments against ten men who were arrested this summer in a two-month undercover operation targeting suspected predators going online to organize sex with children .


Getty Images

Mahoning County grand jury handed over indictments against ten men who were arrested this summer in a two-month undercover operation targeting suspected predators going online to organize sex with children .

Sheriff Jerry Greene announced in August that 34 people had been arrested by the Mahoning Valley Human Trafficking Task Force in an operation known as Operation Full Court Press.

Thursday’s indictments follow those of nine others that were issued by the grand jury last month. A warrant was issued against one of these suspects who failed to appear for court. One of the cases is still before the lower courts.

Greene said the suspects came from all walks of life, including factory workers, computer scientists, security guards, electricians, truck drivers, engineers, customer services, pipefitters, butchers, business owners and sellers.

“We started looking for people who were basically trolling the internet looking for underage boys or girls to have sex with,” Greene told 21 News. “Either to connect, or for money or some types of prostitution.”

From June 1, 2021 to July 29, 2021, fourteen of the suspects were arrested in Columbiana County.

The investigation involved federal, state and local agencies posing as minors.

Here are the names of those indicted on Thursday and the charges they face:

Scotty Akins

Scotty Akins, 32, Campbell: unwelcome, attempted illegal sexual conduct with a minor, disseminating information harmful to minors, possession of criminal tools

Brian evans

Brian Evans, 49, Austintown: unwelcome, attempted illegal sexual conduct with a minor, forced prostitution, possession of criminal tools

Richard mclemore

Richard McLemore, 47, Eastern Palestine: forced prostitution, attempted illegal sexual behavior with a minor, possession of criminal tools

Daryl mclendon

Daryl McLendon, 25, Boardman: unwelcome, attempted illegal sexual conduct with a minor, possession of criminal tools

Brian rogers

Brian Rogers, 59, Atwater: forced prostitution, attempted illegal sex with a minor, solicitation, possession of criminal tools

Ruben Saucedo

Ruben Saucedo, 51, North Canton: canvassing

Gary Seevers

Gary Seevers, 48, Beaver, Pa .: unwelcome, attempted illegal sexual behavior with a minor, possession of criminal tools

James smalley

James Smalley, 51, Salem: unwelcome, attempted illegal sexual conduct with a minor, possession of criminal tools

Marc Young

Mark Young, 54, Alliance: unwelcome, attempted illicit sexual act with a minor, disseminating material harmful to minors, possession of criminal tools.

Nikitas Zirounis

Nikitas Zirounis, 52, Austintown: forced prostitution, attempted illegal sexual conduct with a minor, solicitation, possession of criminal tools

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