Sex Scandals – Fall Of 55 Fri, 11 Jun 2021 17:44:22 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Sex Scandals – Fall Of 55 32 32 Vatican forces launch moves to limit rulers’ terms amid scandals Fri, 11 Jun 2021 14:36:16 +0000

The Vatican on Friday began to impose term limits on its secular leaders and demand internal elections, the Associated Press reported.

Vatican leaders hoped the move would curb scandals such as recent reports of several cases of founders of secular movements allegedly sexually abusing their members and cases of founders refusing to relinquish control over their communities.

An essay published in the Vatican newspaper on Friday, L’Osservatore Romano, said the application of term limits and other governance measures would prevent “an arbitrary, if not abusive,” use of power used by church authorities.

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VATICAN CITY, VATICAN – JUNE 09: Pope Francis greets the faithful as he leaves the court of Saint Damasus at the end of his weekly general audience on June 09, 2021 in Vatican City, Vatican. For more than a year, starting in May 2020, Pope Francis has offered a continuous cycle of teaching on “prayer” during his weekly general audience.
Franco Origlia / Getty Images

The Vatican’s office of the laity has cracked down on the largely unregulated world of international associations of the faithful after some cases of abuse of authority and poor governance were reported.

Canonical jurists and theologians have said the crackdown was perhaps a sign that other secular movements, which have flourished over the past half century but have been largely left to fend for themselves, might be similarly targeted. way. This follows the recent Vatican decision to rewrite its sexual abuse laws to also punish lay Catholics in positions of authority in the church who commit abuse, rather than focusing exclusively on clerics.

The Vatican’s lay office oversees some 109 international lay associations, including the Neocatechumenal Path, Communion and Liberation, the Focolare Movement and the Sant’Egidio Community.

In the decree released Friday and an explanatory note approved by Pope Francis, the office said rules of governance were needed to discourage personality cults from developing around the founders of these groups. The objective is also to reduce conflicts between members and to encourage the renewal of generations within the communities.

The decree imposes a five-year term renewable once in leadership positions and requires all members to have a direct or indirect vote in community elections.

The laity’s office said the standards were necessary because the lack of term limits had fostered “personalization, centralization and expressions of self-reference which can easily cause serious violations of personal dignity and freedom and even real abuse “.

Massimo Faggioli, theologian and author of “The Rising Laity” and “A Brief History of New Catholic Movements,” said the Jesuit Pope knows well that members of small religious communities can be manipulated by charismatic leaders.

“It’s very big,” Faggioli said of the new regulation. While the decree only applies to groups that report to the Vatican’s lay office, “it sends a message to everyone,” he said.

Faggioli noted that under the papacy of Saint John Paul II and Benedict XVI, secular religious movements were often seen as the future of the Catholic Church and were largely on their own as long as they remained Orthodox and faithful. to the Holy See.

But he said recent years have shown that such communities can foster an unhealthy culture and “power dynamic” surrounding their charismatic founders, with little recourse for members who might be injured.

Reverend Ulrich Rhode, dean of the canon law department at Pontifical Gregorian University, said the new standards deal with the “perhaps excessive” freedom that secular religious movements have enjoyed to date. Romano said he hoped they would serve as a model for other lay associations that fall under other Vatican departments.

Bishops and even the Pope have intervened on a case-by-case basis in individual communities, sometimes prompting complaints of unfair or ideologically motivated repression.

Pope Francis walks during the audience
Pope Francis walks during his weekly general audience in the San Damaso courtyard in the Vatican on Wednesday, June 9, 2021.
Alessandra Tarantino / Associated press

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Jeffrey Toobin Returns To CNN, Gets Toast About Masturbating On Zoom Call Thu, 10 Jun 2021 22:19:32 +0000

Months after being fired from The New Yorker for masturbating on a Zoom call at work, Jeffrey Toobin returned to CNN Thursday afternoon to face tough questions about the scandal that derailed his career as a journalist.

Toobin took a leave of absence last November as a CNN legal analyst after the debacle, and his appearance on CNN presenter Alisyn Camerota’s lunchtime show marked the first time he addressed the scandal at the ‘antenna.

In recent months, friends of Toobin had aggressively pressured CNN boss Jeff Zucker to allow the legal analyst to resume air, two people familiar with the matter told the Daily Beast. Zucker had expressed concerns about the reaction of viewers, but was ready to give Toobin a second chance.

After recounting all the frightening details that led to his dismissal from The New Yorker after 27 years, Camerota categorically asked his colleague: “What the hell were you thinking? “

“Well, obviously I wasn’t thinking very well or very well, and that was something that was inexplicable to me,” Toobin replied. “I think at one point – I wouldn’t say exactly for my defense, because nothing is really for my defense. I didn’t think I was on the call. I didn’t think others could see me.

As Toobin reiterated that he thought he was off-camera when exposing himself to colleagues, something he called “deeply moron and indefensible,” Camerota wondered aloud if Toobin “already thought what it must have been” to be on the receiving end of the call.

“Well, I didn’t just think about it. I have spoken to several of my former colleagues about The New Yorker about it, and they were shocked and dismayed, ”he said. “I think they realized it wasn’t for them. I think they realized it was something I would immediately regret, as I certainly did, and that’s when – that’s the day I started to apologize, and it is something that I have tried to continue to do both in public and in private. “

Noting that Toobin has extensively covered the sex scandals of prominent politicians and celebrities, Camerota asked why he had not exercised better judgment.

“Because I’m an imperfect human being who makes mistakes, and you know there’s no defense for my conduct,” he replied. “The only question is what should be the consequences, and The New Yorker made a decision on the consequences. Fortunately, CNN made a different decision for which I am very grateful.

At the same time, Toobin also insisted that The New Yorker found no other instances of misconduct when reviewing his career and, therefore, considers the magazine that fired him to be “excessive”.

“That is why they are not asking the criminal to be a judge in his own case,” he added. “I’m incredibly grateful to CNN for taking me back. But you know, other people are going to wonder if it was appropriate for them to get rid of me and CNN to keep me.

At the end of the long segment, Camerota made it known that Toobin had been welcomed back into the network with open arms. “Jeffrey, a lot of us really missed having your legal analysis to guide us on our programs, so let me be the first to greet you again,” she said with a smile.

“Thank you. It’s good to be back and I hope to be a better person both off and on camera,” Toobin said.

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Oxfam training guide accuses ‘privileged white women’ of root causes of sexual violence Wed, 09 Jun 2021 20:30:00 +0000

An Oxfam staff training document states that “privileged white women” support the root causes of sexual violence by wanting “bad men” to be jailed.

Following sex scandals that rocked charity, Oxfam issued guidelines which state that: “Mainstream feminism focuses on privileged white women and demands that ‘bad men’ be fired or jailed.”

Accompanied by a cartoon of a white woman in tears, he adds that this “legitimizes criminal sanctions, harming blacks and other marginalized people.”

He advises staff to read a controversial book that concludes: “Mainstream feminism supports, not undoes, the root causes of sexual violence.

Oxfam said the training was voluntary and the opinions are not presented as their own but designed to help staff understand the issues.

However, the charity was warned on Wednesday night that the document, compiled by its LGBT network and seen by The Telegraph, could violate equality laws because it suggests reporting rape is “despicable.”

The four-week “learning journey” recommends that staff read Me Not You: The Trouble with Mainstream Feminism, a book by Alison Phipps, professor of gender studies at the University of Sussex.

Summarizing the central premise of the book, Oxfam’s document states that white feminists need to ask themselves whether they are causing harm when they fight sexual violence.

It then links to Professor Phipps’ Twitter account and a discussion thread that sums up the main themes of the book, including: “The tears of white feminists unfold the white wound and the sympathy it generates to hide the damage we perpetuate to.” through white supremacy. “

Naomi Cunningham, a discrimination and employment lawyer, said the document could violate the Equality Act, which prohibits harassment in the workplace on the basis of sex.

“The message appears to be that a woman who reports rape or sexual assault to police and files a complaint is a ‘despicable’ white feminist,” Cunningham said. “I think any woman could argue that this has created or contributed to ‘an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment’, this is how the Equality Act defines harassment.”

Learning About Trans Rights and Inclusion was drafted in 2020, when Oxfam was still reeling from the sexual exploitation scandals in Haiti and Chad.

The charity suffered further blows in April this year, when an aid worker resigned alleging that there was a “toxic culture” and that her sexual harassment complaint had been ignored, and that she was facing to separate allegations of sexual misconduct in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The training manual was written after the charity’s LGBT + network wrote to the management team asking them to publicly support trans people and suggested that any rights debate was part of a ” white patriarchal and supremacist narrative ”used by the far right.

The letter called for specific resources to be made available, adding, “Claiming that trans inclusiveness would undermine the vital work we do for women and girls is not only transphobic, but also perpetuates the white savior complex that guess we know best for the people we work with. “

He says it is “transphobic” to question whether men who identify as women might pose a threat to women and the fact that debates over identity continue among staff exposes gay employees to “Harm”.

The strategic leadership team responded that there was “no place in Oxfam for transphobia”.

The document produced as a result of the complaint tells staff that the protection of single-sex spaces for women has “contributed to transphobia and the violation of trans rights.”

He says the charity “strongly” opposes any attempt to exclude trans women, adding in an “important background note”: “Oxfam actively opposes any implication that the realization of human rights and the inclusion of trans poses a threat to the creation of a safe environment for all. “

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Scott Morrison believes he’s fighting a good fight | County Chief of St George and Sutherland Wed, 09 Jun 2021 03:00:00 +0000

Max Weber, where are you now that we really need you?

Weber’s reference book, Protestant ethics and the spirit of capitalism (1905), advanced the revolutionary hypothesis that the great transformation of Western economies had its origins in the evolution of religious beliefs. Weber was not claiming that Martin Luther and John Calvin wanted to replace feudalism with capitalism, or that they hoped their followers would get rich; instead, he identified the unintended effects of Protestant beliefs on economic behavior.

The Protestant idea of ​​a virtuous life – hard work combined with a frugal lifestyle – provided fertile ground for the accumulation of capital, and the honesty and application of the followers of the faith made it attractive business partners. As followers of an otherworldly religion, they wondered whether eternal salvation or eternal damnation awaited them. In their insecurity, some saw prosperity as a sign from God that they were among the saved.

Whether or not it has become easier for rich men to enter the kingdom of heaven, the question has arguably become less urgent. As life expectancy increased, scientific knowledge improved, and material living conditions became more secure, people were more and more happy to postpone reflection on a final judgment.

All contemporary religions have adapted to a more secular world, but some have strayed considerably from their roots. The most shameless accommodation to worldly values ​​has been the rise of the “prosperity gospel”. Note the title of a book written by highly successful religious entrepreneur (and Scott Morrison’s mentor) Brian Houston: You Need More Money: Discovering God’s Amazing Financial Plan For Your Life (1999).

Despite its wealth, contemporary capitalism brings its own contradictions. Celebrating economic dynamism does not always go hand in hand with conservative respect for tradition. The emphasis on competition and individualism is in tension with the desire for community and security. The rhetoric of opportunity is too often contradicted by the reality of inequality. For many, the financial demands and constraints make up what Weber called an iron cage.

So, as Weber may have observed, what we can loosely call the spirit of capitalism helps promote the growth of evangelical Protestant sects. Both in push factors (the frictions and frustrations of modern social structures, the anonymity and alienation of urban life) and in pull factors (a sense of certainty, personal meaning and close community ), the ground is ripe for the growth of groups like the Pentecostals.

Hillsong in front of Brian Houston, who Scott Morrison described as a “mentor” in his first speech to Parliament in 2008. Photo: Getty Images

The political importance of this type of religious belief took on new significance in Australia following the leak in April of Scott Morrison’s 23-minute address to the National Conference of Australian Christian Churches (formerly the Assemblies of God). Morrison is the first Australian Prime Minister from a non-traditional Christian tradition, and the second Pentecostal head of government in the world (after Zambian Frederick Chiluba).

Because the major denominations are either static or in decline, the Pentecostal Church is often described as the fastest growing branch of Christianity in Australia. But the increase is from a very low base: around 260,000 people described themselves as Pentecostals in the 2016 census, making them about 2% of professed Christians and 1% of the total population.

So far at least, Morrison’s religion has likely brought him electoral advantages. On Easter Sunday during the 2019 election campaign, a day when parties were to take a campaign break, Morrison invited the media inside his church for photos of him happily worshiping. As Wayne Errington and Peter van Onselen observe in their recent book, How good is Scott Morrison?, “few Australians know much about Pentecostalism, but it can relate to faith and family.”

But Morrison is walking a tightrope. The more Australians learn about Pentecostal beliefs, the more they will realize how distant these views are from theirs. Pentecostals believe that evil has a personal embodiment, the devil, or “the evil one” as Morrison calls him. They believe speaking in tongues is a manifestation of the holy spirit. They have an apocalyptic mindset and anticipate the Second Coming of Christ, many of them believing that we are already living at the “end of time”. When Morrison, as Prime Minister, comforts people after natural disasters, he told conference delegates, he actually lays his hands on and prays for them.

Morrison played the regular suburban guy very well, but in many ways his religion-based social conservatism is out of step with the mainstream. As Malcolm Turnbull recounts in his memoir, A bigger picture, Morrison was completely deflated when the outcome of the marriage equality investigation became clear. “I don’t feel like this is the country I grew up in anymore,” he said. On another occasion, he told a radio interviewer that he would not send his children to public schools because he does not like the morals taught there.

Do Morrison’s Beliefs Affect His Government’s Policies? In accordance with the prosperity gospel, he seems indifferent to the importance of social inequalities. “If you have a chance, you have a chance,” he said briskly. There is only one step between believing that everything is the will of God and blaming the victim.

Many religious conservatives have been slow to recognize the reality and urgency of global warming. Morrison’s flippant stance undermined informed debate. Perhaps the threats of global warming speak of a much larger reality than its religious cosmology readily admits.

When we look more generally at the religious beliefs of Australian politicians, they seem to tell us almost nothing about how they behave politically. To be sure, there is no evidence that the most religious are more virtuous – or less virtuous, for that matter.

A generation ago, Australia’s most publicly held religious leader was Queensland Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen, a teetotaler who combined his Lutheranism with racism and corruption. Former prime ministers Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull are both Catholics but share very few points of view; indeed, Turnbull observed that “more than anyone I have met Abbott is motivated by hatreds, fears, prejudices – anything negative”.

The most publicly religious of recent Labor leaders has been Kevin Rudd, a man who is not known to treat his colleagues with charity (or, after his loss to Julia Gillard, with leniency).

Despite Morrison’s reluctance to recognize the realities of social inequality, and despite his reluctance to act in any meaningful way on climate change, he is viewed by Errington and van Onselen and others as a politician without strong ideological commitment – an essentially transactional figure responding to immediate political pressures. This trend manifested itself earlier this year when the government was embarrassed by a series of sex scandals and accused of not being responsive to women’s concerns. Morrison’s previous inaction on these issues has been replaced by a wave of gestures and announcements.

But its apparent pragmatism also has its pitfalls. Morrison is still determined to find a quick fix, to deflect the immediate controversy. The government has come under increasing criticism for making announcements and then failing to deliver them, or for announcing investigations that take excessively long to produce bland reports. Although no reaction has yet emerged in the polls, the lack of follow-up has become a more prominent theme in political commentary.

Through it all, Morrison exudes an impenetrable self-confidence, and it is perhaps in his personal style, rather than specific policies, that the influence of his religious views is strongest.

In his address to Australian Christian churches, Morrison revealed that he believed it was God’s will for him to become Prime Minister, that it was a call “for a time and for a season, and God would have us let us use it wisely ”. When God tells you to do something, there is little need to listen to mortals. George W. Bush once said that God told him to invade Iraq; it might have been wiser to follow more earthly advice.

The GuardianKatharine Murphy recently got to the heart of the matter: “Australia, right now, could use a Prime Minister who doubts himself a little more, because that would mean Morrison would listen more than him.”

Again, when you fight the right fight, it’s easy to think that all tactics are allowed. If you think that you are the instrument of God, it is only a short step to thinking that anything that advances your cause is justified.

Although Morrison proclaimed after his 2019 election victory that he still believed in miracles, this particular miracle was preceded by underhanded tactics. The Coalition waged an essentially negative campaign that savagely distorted many Labor policies. Election campaigns are always rife with questionable claims and distorted accusations, but the Coalition’s 2019 campaign was on the darker end of the spectrum. More than usual, taxpayer-funded advertising has been misused to advance the Coalition’s cause.

More importantly, it emerged that a series of taxpayer-funded schemes had been used to improve the Coalition’s electoral prospects. The sports rorts case is the best known, but we now know that regional employment and investment programs, the Urban Congestion Fund and the Safer Communities Fund have also been hijacked. Independent opinions were dismissed in favor of a massive distribution of funds to Coalition voters.

The government’s refusal to be responsible for these schemes, and its disregard for proper processes in general, has set a new low. In many ways, the Morrison government is the most shady in recent Australian politics. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

  • Rodney Tiffen is Emeritus Professor of Politics at the University of Sydney. Her latest book (with Anika Gauja, Brendon O’Connor, Ross Gittins and David Smith) is How America Stacks Up, published in 2019 by Springer. This article first appeared on Inside the story.

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Minister sacked from Glasgow church “for affair with teenager” begs for money to pay rent Tue, 08 Jun 2021 08:06:00 +0000

A disgraced Glasgow minister has been kicked out of his church after a series of sex scandals started crowdfunding to try to stay in the country.

Elijah Wade Smith has been fired by the Church of Scotland for sleeping a worshiper, getting angry with his girlfriend’s neighbor and doing a disgusting act in front of an official.


Elijah Wade Smith launched crowdfunding offer to stay in country

Originally from California, he makes an offer to make money after using a “big chunk” with a Home Office app.

He wants £ 3,000 to help pay for food, rent and monthly bills, reports the Glasgow Time.

Sex scandal Church of Scotland minister humiliated his lover in sermons before being sacked for “having sex with several women”

Smith wrote on the fundraising page: “As I have resided in Scotland for over 11 years, it is high time I applied for permanent settlement.” And so I went to do it, but, in the process, put it back. the Home Office part of my savings.

“Given my current visa status, it’s difficult to find paid employment within my immigration level. So I’m doing something I feel deeply uncomfortable with – asking for your help.”

The Shameful Rev offered donors a number of “incentives” for their support, including knitting and banjo lessons.

He added, “I think I owe all of you a great debt for your continued care, support and loyalty during what has been a very dark time in my life.”

He was sacked by the church in 2019


He was sacked by the church in 2019Credit: Les Gallagher – The Sun Glasgow

In a statement last night, Smith said: “Over the past two years I have learned to face the decision of the Presbyterian Commission appointed by the Church of Scotland.

“I have many concerns about the way the proceedings were conducted and the outcome, as well as the account given by my accusers.

“I have received professional support to learn to manage my mental health and my life in light of the traumatic events I have experienced and continue to face.

“I don’t hold a grudge against anyone, including my accusers. I want peace for everyone involved and I want to continue to survive and build some kind of meaningful life. In doing so, my true character will be proven.

Wade Smith has been involved in a series of sex scandals


Wade Smith has been involved in a series of sex scandals

“Many of my supporters have asked how they could help in a practical way and, reluctantly, I started this fundraiser for a number of close friends to provide such an avenue.”

A shocking Church of Scotland report on the Queen’s Park Govanhill scandal in Glasgow said: “Your conduct amounted to exploitation.”

Smith did an obscene act in front of a church employee as they discussed a series of sordid claims against him, the Kirk report revealed.

The cheeky Reverend indulged in his parsonage after playing a song on the guitar for the stunned woman.

The bizarre episode, following his suspension amid a string of complaints about his shady behavior, was among 11 charges brought by Church of Scotland bosses.

And they blamed her for exploiting “vulnerable” women during her four-year stay at Queen’s Park Govanhill Parish Church in Glasgow.

We revealed that he humiliated his long-suffering girlfriend in her sermons.

He targeted her with a series of beards from the pulpit – and even insulted her by name in a taunt about animals.

Cuomo tells fan “I’m not going anywhere DARLING” amid sexual harassment scandal

We pay for your stories and videos! Do you have a story or video for The Scottish Sun? Email us at or call 0141 420 5300

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Water polo players receive $ 14 million in sexual abuse payout Mon, 07 Jun 2021 22:30:00 +0000

LOS ANGELES – A dozen water polo players who have accused their coach of sexual abuse will share nearly $ 14 million after settling a lawsuit against USA Water Polo and a California club.

The athletes alleged that the International Water Polo Club and the national sport governing body failed to protect them from abuse by coach Bahram Hojreh from 2012 to 2017.

The $ 13.85 settlement with USA Water Polo and International Water Polo Club was filed in Orange County Superior Court on Friday. It is paid by the insurer for both organizations.

“We have heard the testimony of the complainants and their allegations are heartbreaking,” Christopher Ramsey, CEO of USA Water Polo, said in a statement. “We hope this will allow them to start a new chapter in their lives.”

The California Supreme Court ruled in April in a case involving aspiring Olympians in taekwondo that sports organizations have a duty to protect athletes.

Attorney Morgan Stewart, who represents 11 of the plaintiffs, said the ruling helped hold USA Water Polo accountable in the case. The USA Taekwondo case set a standard that national governing bodies cannot simply collect fees and avoid liability.

“This is the most absurd way of saying that we are responsible for these clubs, but we are not responsible,” he said. “USA Water Polo’s failures in this regard were just as culpable as the club’s.”

Hojreh, 45, pleaded not guilty to 34 counts of sexual abuse involving 10 victims, nine of whom were children at the time of the acts. The alleged crimes took place in one-on-one coaching sessions, prosecutors said.

The charges brought by the Orange County District Attorney include obscene acts on a child, sexual penetration with a foreign object and a fraudulent sexual battery, which allege that the victims did not know they were being assaulted because the coach said that the “touch has served a professional purpose.”

“He would go into the pool and say to the girls, ‘This is what’s going to happen in college. You have to get used to it, ”said Stewart. “Then he would go under their swimsuits and attack them. “

The lawsuits said USA Water Polo was negligent in failing to act on reports from the summer of 2017 that Hojreh players at the international club sexually assaulted opponents during matches, which allowed it to get away with it for about eight more months.

The Orange County Register reported that girls from opposing teams came out of the pool, accusing the Hojreh swimmers of attempting to grab and penetrate their genitals underwater. In one game, another coach accused Hojreh of teaching his players this tactic and a scuffle nearly broke out on the pool deck with angry parents screaming and threatening each other.

In a court case, USA Water Polo said it forwarded these June and July 2017 complaints to the US Center for SafeSport, the oversight body formed in 2017 to handle cases of sexual abuse in the Olympic field.

At the time, however, USA Water Polo said it had not received any complaints that Hojreh sexually abused its players. He said he suspended him from the organization when he first received reports of his abuse allegations in January 2018 from SafeSport.

Stewart, however, said USA Water Polo executives did not notify law enforcement at the time – as they had a duty to do so under California law and the SafeSport Code. He said he filed a complaint against Ramsey and senior manager Christy Sicard for failing to report these complaints about the coach to authorities.

USA Water Polo has acknowledged that there is a pending SafeSport investigation and said it is cooperating. He said he was confident he was complying with SafeSport’s policy.

Scandals involving the sexual abuse of young athletes have spilled over into the world of sport and affected several of the 61 Olympic governing bodies, including USA Swimming and USA Gymnastics. The most publicized case concerned Larry Nassar, a doctor of the American gymnastics team imprisoned for assaulting minors including several gold medalists.

Hojreh has been permanently banned from water polo by SafeSport. He is one of 10 USA Water Polo affiliates banned from the sport since 2018 due to criminal matters.

A Hojreh criminal defense attorney, who still faces multiple lawsuits, previously told The Associated Press he never had any flaws in his case after working with hundreds of children for two decades .

Hojreh has coached for almost a quarter of a century and said he has developed “several Olympians”. Until 2018, he served on the board of directors of the Southern California section of USA Water Polo.

Hojreh-related lawsuits are still pending against the Anaheim and Irvine school districts where he coached.

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A journey through the Kardashians as their TV show ends-Entertainment News, Firstpost Mon, 07 Jun 2021 05:06:43 +0000

From over-the-top birthday parties, lavish weddings and baby showers to controversial commercials, revisiting the highlights of the 20-season reality show that propelled Keeping Up With the Kardashians clan to superstar rank

It’s almost time for all of those famous Kardashians to move on to Hulu and new endeavors as their 20-season reality TV pillar comes to an end.

But before they do, here’s a journey back through the tears, tantrums, and unity that propelled the keeping up with the Kardashians from clan to celebrity:


With five sisters and a brother, as well as the drama Kris and Caitlyn, the years have taken us through many men, women or two, and a myriad of love entanglements. And the action started right from the start. The very first episode references the sex tape with brother Brandy Ray J who started the series and their mega-careers.

Before that, there was Kim’s first husband, music producer Damon Thomas, followed by a 72-day marriage to second husband, basketball player Kris Humphries, and a third trip to the altar with Kanye West. All three unions ended in divorce.

Kim’s divorce from Humphries lasted much longer than the marriage, threatening to keep her legally attached to Humphries when her first child was born, along with West. This does not happen. North West was born two months after her mother’s second divorce was finalized in 2013.

And she’s just a sister!

There’s Kourtney and her three kids’ intermittent relationship with Scott Disick, who makes his first appearance on Kardashian TV Land in episode one. The two never married amid his alcohol and drug abuse scandals, but they’re co-parents and he’s a die-hard fan of the show. Disick has become a fan favorite for some, as the K family adopted him as one of their own.

Sister Khloe married basketball player Lamar Odom in 2009 and filed for divorce in 2013, but withdrew the papers after Odom suffered a drug overdose and went into a coma for several days. He was found slumped on the floor of a Nevada brothel. The divorce was pronounced at the end of 2016.

Khloe never married the father of her child, another basketball player, Tristan Thompson. He cheated on her while she was pregnant – and again with her younger stepsister Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Jordyn Woods. But Khloe and Tristan are now more than a friendly, co-parenting 3-year-old True, even in quarantine together during the pandemic.

Are you following?

Let’s not forget Kylie’s relationship with rapper Travis Scott. They have never married but also have a child together. And there was Kylie’s romance with Tyga, who just had a kid with Blac Chyna, who just had a kid with brother Kardashian Rob.

Do you still have a headache?

Chyna and Rob had their own downfall, which led to him posting revenge porn on Instagram that got him banned from the platform.

Kardashian’s step-parent Caitlyn Jenner is OG keeping up with the Kardashians and continued to appear after her divorce from Kris. She is Kylie and Kendall’s mother with Kris. Kris filed for divorce before Caitlyn became Caitlyn.

Caitlyn revealed herself to be publicly transgender in an interview with Diane Sawyer in April 2015.

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West


The Kardashian-Jenner clan has so many children and they are creative name pickers.

Caitlyn has six children with three successive wives, including Kylie and Kendall with Kris. Kris had four children with her first husband, the late OJ Simpson lawyer Robert Kardashian, before she also divorced: Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob.

Kim had three children after North: Saint, Chicago and Psalm. Older sister Kourtney has three with Scott: Mason, Penelope and Reign. There’s also Khloe’s True, Kylie’s Stormi, and Rob’s Dream.

Some of the Kardashians have taken female viewers during childbirth, and over the years we’ve had family movies showing Kris giving birth to children. A 12-year-old Kendall watched herself be born. Recently, in the last season, 11-year-old Mason saw his mother pull him out into the world herself.


They are in LA. They are in Miami. They are in New York. No, wait, the Hamptons.

Part of the follow-up was chasing away any fallout. Is there a record number? It depends on the definition of spin-off, franchise, and canon.

But it’s certainly a lot in the reality TV genre, and several have had multiple sisters who “take” different cities. In all, there were 11 spinoffs on television – many of them short lived. Like the series, they were piloted by Ryan Seacrest Productions and E! network.

The first was Kourtney and Khloe take Miami in 2009. It turned into Kourtney and Kim take Miami after Khloe turns around in real life to do another job. There was a plethora of bikinis and big boats as the ladies looked to expand the reach of their Dash store with new locations.

True fans, especially Scott watchers, will remember the 2013 web series Lord Disick: Lifestyles of a Lord which aired weekly in the third season of Everything Miami Takes. Scott bought himself the royal title in 2012 on a trip to London and showed off his high-life attributes like luxury car fleets while offering advice on how we can live like lords too.

Famous Weddings Infamous Scandals A Journey Through The Kardashians As Their TV Show Ends

In this April 30, 2012 file photo, Khloe Kardashian Odom and Lamar Odom from Keeping Up With the Kardashians attend an E! Initial Network Event at Gotham Hall in New York City. (AP Photo / Evan Agostini, file)

In 2011, Khloé & Lamar started as the two were trying to figure out married life. And there were three seasons of the fitness party Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian after the wedding did not work. Khloe also had a short-lived talk show, Cocktails with Khloé.

Kris briefly had an eponymous talk show in 2013, culminating in an appearance by Kanye West and his revealing of the first photos of North. The Fox network did not offer him a second season.

After Caitlyn came out, she had her own show: I am Cait. It was a serious dive into her transition and whether she was set to be a role model as new friends educated her on the issues facing the transgender community. It was canceled after two seasons amid low ratings.


Perhaps the most frightening of all developments was Kim’s 2016 armed robbery in a luxury Paris apartment during fashion week. Season 13 of the series touched on the affair and the emotional consequences. She has openly discussed her terror of being tied up at gunpoint and being stripped of her jewelry. Kim said she thought she was going to die.

Among their happiest moments: all those exaggerated birthdays, lavish weddings and baby showers, not to mention the weddings themselves.

Two of Kim’s weddings were on the air and in the papers. Khloe’s 2009 marriage to Odom a month after they met was featured in Season 4. Following Khloe-Lamar’s nuptials, the two bought a dream home while Kim was still in a condo. I’m just saying. Mansion is now Kim’s middle name.

The sisters also like to pose for photos without clothes, although Kim was not always comfortable with the idea.

Soon after turning that sex tape into gold, a promising Kim had a Playboy moment of the magazine, appearing on the cover of the December 2007 celebrity issue. After a first photoshoot, Playboy‘s Hugh Hefner has come back for more.

“Does she have to undress,” Kris asks Hef in the show’s first season.

“Oh yes,” he replies.

They made a compromise: Kim posed nude, strategically draped in long strands of pearls.

Famous Weddings Infamous Scandals A Journey Through The Kardashians As Their TV Show Ends

A photo from Kendall Brent Lewin’s Pepsi ad / Getty Images for Pepsi

Kylie also landed on the cover of Playboy, in 2019 wearing nothing more than a cowboy hat with a shirtless Travis in jeans.

And then there’s Kendall. The model – along with a whole world of other celebrities – has taken her share of nudes and weathered a few scandals, though her love life has been at its lowest compared to her siblings.

There was her ill-fated Pepsi ad in 2017 when she handed a frontline lawyer a can of soda at a protest. The footage has been criticized as being stolen from the Black Lives Matter movement. It was pulled and Kendall sobbed an apology on the air.

Kylie and Kendall were charged with exploitation the same year for overlaying their faces on images of Tupac, Notorious BIG and a host of other music icons for a line of $ 125 t-shirts. They pulled the goods.

Fans don’t have to worry. The series ends, but this famous family is not going anywhere.

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What’s next for USC after President Caslen resigns? Sun, 06 Jun 2021 09:00:00 +0000

University of South Carolina President Bob Caslen during the annual State of the University Address on Wednesday, September 30, 2020.

University of South Carolina President Bob Caslen during the annual State of the University Address on Wednesday, September 30, 2020.

Experts who study controversies in public institutions say the University of South Carolina can easily move on from the embarrassment that led to the resignation of its president Robert Caslen last month.

But, they warn, the school should first consider lessons learned from other top schools across the country to ensure that history does not repeat itself.

There has been no dearth of misconduct on the part of higher education leaders over the past two decades, a allegation of plagiarism that cost Gregory Vincent his post as president of Hobart and William Smith colleges in New York, to more high-profile and criminal cases with lasting effects, like the child sex abuse scandal Jerry Sandusky at Pennsylvania State University.

Experts say the myriad of examples – big or small – prove that transparency, listening to student and faculty concerns, and holding leaders accountable are crucial steps in regaining public trust and avoiding future ones. black eyes.

“The tendency of presidents to do dishonorable things is pretty much equal to anyone else in society …” said Ronald Smith, professor emeritus at Penn State who wrote a book on the Sandusky scandal. . “They often got to where they are by stepping on people’s hands on the way up the ladder and often they don’t tell the truth or they hide something with a cover-up.”

Last month, Caslen resigned as president of USC after discovering he had plagiarized part of a graduation speech. Some students, professors and lawmakers demanded that he resign. The decorated lieutenant general, who has more than four decades of experience in the US military, also had a viral moment when he mistakenly called the school “University of California” during his speech. The string of blunders added to the mistrust some already felt in his administration, dating back to before he was ever hired.

USC officials, however, appear keen to move forward, quickly appointing interim president Harris Pastides, who previously led the school from 2008 to 2019, and preparing to seek a new leader. establishment.

Experts like Ron Sachs, CEO and founder of Florida-based Sachs Media Group, which specializes in crisis management, said the university made the right choice in accepting Caslen’s resignation, just as other schools have severed ties with its leaders accused of wrongdoing.

“The terrible irony, if the allegations are true, is that the director of a higher education institution, where academic integrity, frankness and honesty count … this is a total violation of these honored principles and sets a horrible example for students and for the university community, ”he said.

University of Central Florida

Swiftly removing perpetrators from leadership positions sends an important message: This misconduct will not be tolerated at any level, Sachs said.

“(Students) need to be encouraged and inspired by a leader, like a college president, and not become cynical or believe that if he can (plagiarize) then they can do it too,” he said. declared.

A prime example of a school severing ties with government officials is at the University of Central Florida where, oddly enough, Caslen was hired in 2019 to help find a new president and a new finance leadership team. The school was still in recovery mode after an investigation found the school had embezzled around $ 85 million for construction projects.

The Orlando Sentinel discovered in 2019 that the school had used the remaining operating funds for new buildings, including $ 38 million for its new Trevor Colbourn Hall University Center. An investigation by the state’s auditor general quickly followed, leading to the resignation of UCF president Dale Whittaker.

Four other employees were made redundant and the chairman of the school’s board of directors and its financial director resigned. Whittaker, who said he did not know the funds were being misused, also lost tens of thousands in bonus pay, the Sentinel reported, before he resigned.

Experts say the school made the right decision, not only admitting the unnecessary expenses, but working to fix them.

The school’s former financial director then took full responsibility for the unnecessary spending, according to Florida Today, and said the school had since made “aggressive” changes and reorganized staff to prevent the problem from occurring. repeat, although no action was taken prior to the incident being investigated by news outlets.

Michigan State and Nassar

Students, faculty and staff must be included in developing a post-scandal plan, experts say, especially the search for a new leader.

Failure to do so is a critical faux pas for recovering universities, they add, citing the state of Michigan as an example.

In 2018, MSU hired interim president John Engler despite opposition from students and faculty who argued he was ill-suited in the wake of the Larry Nassar sexual assault scandal. Nassar, an MSU and USA Gymnastics doctor was sentenced to 360 years in prison in 2017 and 2018 for sexually abusing at least 265 women and girls over decades.

Barely three months after taking office, Engler proved he was the wrong candidate that students and faculty feared. He was charged with offering payment to a sexual assault survivor and suggesting in an interview that some survivors appreciated the attention of the Nassar controversy. He resigned six days later.

Listening to students and faculty would likely have resulted in a better presidential choice, experts say.

“In crisis management, there is a principle to know – and that is that the crisis before the crisis has no plan, and the crisis after a crisis manages it badly,” Sachs said, adding that damage to school marks is difficult to measure but pale in comparison to the crimes committed and the lives injured.

In addition to listening to stakeholders, presidential research must be apolitical and professional processes, said Senator Dick Harpootlian, D-Richland. This was not the case when Caslen was hired at USC, according to a review by the university’s accrediting body which determined that Governor Henry McMaster had undue influence over Caslen’s selection, prompting criticism from students and staff.

“The other lesson the university has an interest in learning is that its (USC) process for choosing Caslen was the most overtly political and non-transparent process,” Harpootlian said. “It was doomed to state failure.”

USC and Holderman

Hiring a new permanent president who is scandal-free and dedicated to repairing the school’s image will also be key, experts say.

USC officials can check their own history for proof.

In 1990 then-president Jim Holderman resigned in the school’s biggest scandal for using his office for personal gain, using millions of dollars for lavish hotel stays, travel around the world, gifts to politicians and secret scholarships for their children. It was later accused of sexual assault by four men in an article in the Charlotte Observer, which was investigated and turned out to be true. He also made a strong case for tax evasion for money received through the university foundation and was sentenced to three years in prison for a money laundering scheme stemming from his tenure as president. from school.

He was also stripped of his honorary degree and mandate by the school’s board of directors.

By all accounts, Holderman’s successor John Palms didn’t shy away from solving the problems left by Holderman and spent nearly a decade painstakingly rebuilding the reputation of the university. The Observer reported that he helped raise over $ 500 million over the next five years, a record high at the time, and had the support of wealthy alumni, including his biggest financial donor Darla. Moore, who said in April that she was embarrassed and humiliated by her association. with USC.

In an interview with the Observer in 2002, Palms said the most important job he had was to restore the school’s “moral authority”.

“Southern Carolinians are very sensitive to their reputation,” he told the newspaper. “They did not send their children to a dirty place.”

Harpootlian, who charged Holderman with multiple crimes while working as a county attorney, said hiring Palms was done professionally and turned out to be the best decision the college could have made afterwards. the scandal.

“There has never been any scandal or inappropriate activity on his part, none at all,” he said.

Get ahead of the story

There is likely a silver lining for Caslen when the dust settles, experts agree.

The former West Point superintendent has not been charged with anything illegal. Others have recovered from worse offenses, they add.

Take the case of E. Gordon Gee, the current president of West Virginia University.

Gee has faced requests to resign while at the helm of Ohio State University on several occasions for controversial statements, including jokingly calling Notre Dame students, graduates and faculty “ damn Catholics ”and making fun of the academic quality of other schools. in 2013, according to The Herald Dispatch.

The school board sent a letter to Gee, saying he had embarrassed the university. They also released an action plan, in which Gee apologized to those he had offended.

Gee’s time at OSU finally took its course, as he retired from his post approximately three months later in July 2013.

But he quickly bounced back and was hired in West Virginia in December 2013, where he previously served as president in the 1980s.

While USC could make the Caslen controversy last for untold months by setting up a committee to investigate the plagiarism allegations, this is unlikely since Caslen has already admitted the wrongdoing.

“(Schools) always say, ‘We want to move forward… and put this behind us,” ”Smith said. “In three years this will all be forgotten, I guess. He was not there very long, hardly anyone knows him and the board, who knows him, will want to forget about him and not make any statements about him. Everything is played out pretty much the same … and South Carolina can continue to lead the great destiny of the institution.

Andrew Caplan is a Florida surveillance reporter. He joined The State Media Company after winning several statewide awards for investigating elected officials and government entities. He holds a master’s degree from the University of South Florida.

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Time for the rich and famous? A feminist lawyer revives the dormant MeToo movement in France Sat, 05 Jun 2021 11:13:00 +0000

In an interview with the Telegraph in her Paris office, the 46-year-old criticized French culture for offering alleged attackers special protection under the myth of the “Latin lover” and the famous “culture of seduction” from the country.

But all of that is changing, not least because of her own personal experiences.

“In what women tell me, in what I see or what I hear, there is a lot that I have experienced myself,” she said.

During her 20-year career, she revealed to The Telegraph that she had been sexually harassed by a client. She stumbled across a male colleague’s payslip only to find he was making 2.5 times his salary. She was asked in a job interview if she was planning on having children and was told that could be a problem.

“Hearing about other women, whether they are famous or not, is positive, it feels good, it helps.”

Being an openly feminist lawyer in France is not always easy: she has been called a hysteric in court and often has to fight tooth and nail to have her clients’ complaints heard.

Her job also means that she works closely with victims of deep trauma, and she regularly receives desperate calls from women in extreme emotional distress who are considering suicide.

But each successful chase convinces more to come forward. Nearly 23,000 people said they were raped in 2019, according to the Home Office, a 20% increase from 2018, widely attributed to #MeToo.

“We have been more attentive to women who lodge a complaint, some women who would not have lodged a complaint before have regained their strength,” said Ms. Tuaillon-Hibon.

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Kim Kardashian’s most dramatic scandals on and off-screen KUWTK Fri, 04 Jun 2021 23:16:00 +0000

Kim Kardashian of Keeping Up With the Kardashians has always been a lightning rod for controversy. Its biggest scandals inevitably make the headlines.

The stars of keeping up with the Kardashians were part of several heartbreaking moments, and today we’re going to focus on Kim Kardashian’s most notable dramas. Kim and her famous family members have been accused of making sure they stay on fans’ minds no matter what. This may be part of the reason why everyone in the reality TV clan has had controversies. Truth be told, when it comes to causing a scandal, no other Kar-Jenner comes close to Kim.

Since the beginning of keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim took center stage. She might just be the queen of the show. Many people comment on the controversial outfits she wears. Others talk about his famous sex tape. She’s had more than a few dramatic moments on the show and a few offscreen scandals as well. Some of these scandals have been talked about so much that they are now a part of pop culture history.

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Kim’s 72-Day Marriage to Kris Humphries

The Kardashians and Jenners love to date basketball players (Kendall Jenner just shared a snap with Devin Booker), and Kim did it all by marrying one. The 40-year-old beauty married Kris, a former Utah Jazz player, in August 2011. However, she filed for divorce in October of the same year. Many fans were shocked that Kim and Kris went their separate ways so quickly. Their marriage has become one of Hollywood’s shortest marriages. Interestingly, a lot of people think Kim married Kris for publicity.

KKW Beauty’s “Blackface” controversy

The “black face“The controversy has to be one of Kim’s biggest scandals. keeping up with the Kardashians viewers may recall that Kim had a controversial photoshoot when promoting her beauty line, KKW Beauty. She posted pictures for her beauty line and people thought she looked a lot different than usual. His skin color seemed unrealistic to them, which triggered a major backlash. Many social media users accused her of deliberately darkening her skin. They were offended by what she had done. She said she was sorry.

Kimye and Taylor Swift feud

Massive drama erupted at the 2009 Video Music Awards. Kanye stormed the stage to protest the Taylor Swift award. The rapper, who is now sparking dating rumors with model Irina Shayk, said Beyoncé Single women video was one of the best videos ever. In 2016, Kanye released his song “Famous”, which contained the words “I feel like Taylor and I might still be having sex / Why? I made this bitch famous.“Taylor fought back”There will be people along the way who will try to undermine your success or take credit for your accomplishments and fame.

Then Kim became part of the equation. She claimed that Taylor approved of the song’s lyrics. Taylor denied this, but Kim didn’t stop there. She posted another video showing Taylor calling the song “complimentTaylor then faced a barrage of Kimye fans, who flooded her Instagram with snake emojis.

Kim was the victim of a robbery in Paris

Kim Kardashian KUWTK s18

A heart-wrenching offscreen tragedy took place in October 2016, when Kim was robbed at gunpoint in Paris. The founder of SKIMS was able to escape. However, $ 10 million in jewelry was stolen, including her $ 4 million emerald-cut diamond engagement ring. Kim’s reaction was documented in an episode of keeping up with the Kardashians. There were skeptics who wondered if the whole flight had been staged for hearing and ratings. However, these reviews were too cynical. One of the suspected thieves has already been arrested and is awaiting trial. He also wrote a memoir, in which he stated, “Everything went well.

Kim is a keeping up with the Kardashians Reality TV star who has reached new heights in her career. However, she also had some stockings. Regarding the theft, she was in a frightening situation which must have been extremely traumatic for her. In other cases, his scandals were not as serious. Whatever happens, Kim stays strong.

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90 Day Fiancé: Angela called selfish by Michael’s family, angry fans

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