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Pope Francis praised the journalist who caught him visiting old friends who run a record store in Rome this week, joking that it was his “bad luck” that the news came out.

Tuesday evening’s visit was supposed to be kept secret, but Javier Martinez-Brocal of the television news agency Rome Reports happened to be in the central area of ​​Rome. He filmed it with his smartphone, posted it on Twitter, and it went viral.

In a letter sent Thursday to Martinez-Brocal, François, 85, congratulated him on his work and lamented his own misfortune.

“You can’t deny that it was a case of bad luck…that after taking every precaution, there was a reporter there at the taxi stand,” Francis said in the letter Martinez-Brocal sent. shared with his colleagues on Friday.

“You shouldn’t lose your sense of humor,” Francis said. “Thank you for doing your job, even if it got the pope in trouble.”

Francis, who avoids armored cars and visible police escorts, arrived at the StereoSound record store near the ancient Pantheon in a plain white Fiat 500 driven by a Vatican employee. He stayed inside for about 15 minutes.

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The store’s owners later said they had become friends with him years ago when he was Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

He visited their store to purchase classical music records and CDs when in Rome on Church business and stayed at a nearby residence for visiting clerics.

“What I miss the most (since he became pope) is not being able to walk the streets, like I did in Buenos Aires, walking from one parish to another,” wrote Francois.

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The store’s owners later said they had given the pope a CD box of classical music, but declined to elaborate.

Francis is known to love Beethoven, Mozart and Bach – and even the tango music of his native Argentina.

It was not the first time the pope had visited a store in Rome. In 2015, two years after his election, he ordered a new pair of glasses from a Roman optician. They were to be delivered to the Vatican but he decided to pick them up himself.

He also once went to a store to buy a pair of orthopedic shoes.

Morocco jails teacher for two years for ‘sex for grades’ Thu, 13 Jan 2022 00:37:14 +0000

WASHINGTON DC: Airstrikes targeting civilian infrastructure in Syria’s rebel-held enclave of Idlib have become so common in recent months that they have ceased to be considered news by many Western media outlets, according to reports. human rights activists.

According to the Syrian Civil Defense, rebel-affiliated first responders, also known as the White Helmets, attacks by Bashar Assad’s regime and its foreign military backers have intensified, maiming and killing dozens of children.

A photograph released by the White Helmets in mid-November shows first responders lifting the lifeless body of a little girl from the rubble of what was once her home. Such images once made headlines. Now they barely fit on the media radar.

Syrian White Helmets volunteers search through the rubble of a building destroyed by a bomb blast in Idlib. (AFP file photo)

Since June this year, the White Helmets have documented the deaths of 63 children in air and artillery attacks on rebel-held northwest Syria. To highlight the issue, the group launched a social media hashtag campaign, #ChildrenUnderAttack.

Northwestern Syria receives minimal media attention whenever the UN extends a measure that allows cross-border aid into the region for a period of six months, as happened on Monday. About three million people live in Idlib, which remains outside the control of the Assad regime.

The green light for the continued passage of humanitarian supplies through the Bab Al-Hawa crossing point on the Syrian-Turkish border was given even though the Assad government did not approve of this decision and the Security Council did not vote on the matter.

Many analysts argue that Assad has “won” the Syrian civil war and therefore the international community should accept the new status quo. However, teachers in rebel-held areas said the world was wrong to simply turn a blind eye to the regime’s crimes.

School staff in Idlib recently published an open letter with the help of UK-based charity, The Syria Campaign, urging world leaders not to forget the region’s children who are living under near bombardment. dailies.

“We are the teachers of students in northwestern Syria who are deliberately targeted in their homes, classrooms and on their way to school,” the letter reads. “We go to work in fear of another attack and another traumatic day, which we know will affect our students for the rest of their lives.

“Our letter could not be more urgent. Early Wednesday, October 20, four students and our colleague, Arabic teacher Qamar Hafez, were tragically killed on their way to school when Syrian government forces attacked the southern town of Ariha. from Idlib, with artillery shells.

Children attend the first day of school in a village in the countryside of Idlib province in northwestern Syria on October 9, 2021. (Omar Haj Kadour / AFP)

“A million children in Idlib are terrified of being next or losing their best friend at any time. Like teachers around the world, we care deeply about the children we teach and we do everything we can to try to protect them, but it’s not enough. We need world leaders to end the attacks and ensure that children are safe and can continue their education.

Children have borne the brunt of Syria’s conflict, which began more than a decade ago when anti-government protests were met with violent repression, sparking a civil war.

According to the Syrian Network for Human Rights, another UK-based monitor, at least 29,661 children have been killed in Syria since March 2011, 22,930 of them at the hands of regime forces.

In its latest report, released November 20 to coincide with Universal Children’s Day, the network said at least 1,197 schools and 29 kindergartens had been completely or partially destroyed in Syria since March 2011.

This section contains relevant reference points, placed in (Opinion field)

An estimated 2.5 million children in Syria are out of school, and another 1.6 million are at risk of dropping out, according to UNICEF, which estimates that nine out of 10 children in Syria live in poverty and more 5,700 children – some as young as seven – were recruited to fight.

According to UNICEF, 512 children were killed in attacks last year, most of them in northwestern Syria. About 1.7 million vulnerable children reside in rebel-held areas, most of whom have been repeatedly displaced by successive regime offensives. There are currently at least 2.5 million displaced children in Syria.

First responders documented the impact of the war on the mental health of children living in the region’s displacement camps. Aid workers called this trend a “psychological disaster that threatens this generation and future generations in Syria”.

Speaking to Arab News, Layla Hasso, Syrian Advocacy Director for the Hurras Network, a child protection NGO, said: “The goal is to terrify the half a million children who live in the province. of Idlib and to send a clear message to their families. there is no future for their children here. This is why civilians are targeted at their homes, their schools, their hospitals.

Photos of victims of the Syrian regime are displayed during a protest in Koblenz, Germany, during the trial of two former Syrian officials accused of crimes against humanity. (AFP file)

“That’s what I call terrorism and it has to stop. The international community cannot continue to turn a blind eye to this horror.

However, anecdotal evidence suggests that news consumers around the world are fatigued by the relentless stream of images of devastation emanating from the region. As a result, global concern about Syria and its people has noticeably diminished in recent years.

Analysts say this indifference, coupled with the inaction of the UN Security Council, encouraged the regime to continue its bombing campaign. By giving the Syrian crisis a human face, The Syria Campaign hopes to rekindle international interest in the plight of Idlib’s children.

“Teachers have come together to write this letter to remind world leaders that Syrian and Russian forces continue to bomb civilians, including children, in northwestern Syria without any accountability,” said Sara Hashash. , director of communications at The Syria Campaign, to Arab News.

Children in northwestern Syria cannot go to school due to constant shelling and displacement. (photo by AFP)

“Children in northwestern Syria are traumatized and unable to go to school due to constant shelling and displacement. A child has been killed almost every other day for the past four months.

“On November 15, two children were killed by Syrian regime artillery fire at Kafr Nouran in rural Aleppo. It is frustrating that many of these attacks no longer receive widespread media coverage.

Media silence on the issue has translated into political inaction. The Assad regime is already welcomed back into the regional fold. Many believe it may only be a matter of time before Western and moderate Arab powers accept that Assad is here to stay.

In remarks to reporters on November 11, Ned Price, spokesman for the US State Department, said: “This (Biden) administration will not express any support for efforts to normalize or rehabilitate Bashar Assad, who is a brutal dictator.

A Syrian Air Force MiG-23 aircraft drops a payload during an airstrike in the rebel town of Arbin in the Eastern Ghouta region on the outskirts of Damascus on February 7, 2018 (AFP)

He said: “There has been no change in our position and Bashar Assad has certainly said nothing that would rehabilitate his image or suggest that he or his regime change their ways.”

In his column for Asharq Al-Awsat, Syrian commentator Ibrahim Hamidi recently wrote: “As things stand, the room for maneuver is now limited to two options: the first is to engage Assad and end his the isolation of Damascus in the hope of dampening the influence of Iran. . Some Arab countries have indeed gone ahead with normalization, demanding that Damascus begin to subdue Iran in Syria and the region.

“The second option is to bank on the leadership of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his ability to bring Iran under control. This option stems from the position that the war had brought Putin and Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei together in Syria, but peace and normalization will separate them.


2.5 million children out of school in Syria.

9/10 Living in poverty.

5,700 recruited to fight.

(Source: UNICEF)

For better or for worse, according to Sara Hashash, the normalization effort is still limited to regional leaders. “Internationally, Assad is still largely isolated and dependent on support from Russia and Iran, and heavily sanctioned by the US and EU,” she told Arab News.

“Regional leaders who seem ready to overlook Assad’s crimes must be reminded that there can be no real peace in Syria without justice and accountability.”

According to the White Helmets, the number of civilian casualties has increased dramatically since the regime and Russia began using laser-guided artillery from Krasnopol. The group claims that several members of the same family are often killed in such strikes.

The White Helmets allege that regime artillery and Russian jets deliberately targeted schools and deprived children of an education.

In many cases, entire families are killed in indiscriminate shelling and shelling by the Assad regime. (AFP file photo)

Reports from the United Nations Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic corroborate many of their claims that residential areas, markets and medical facilities were deliberately targeted, often indiscriminately.

As the Russian military controls Idlib airspace and operates an airbase in neighboring Lattakia province, local medical and aid workers are unequivocally pointing the finger.

The Russian government has consistently and vigorously denied responsibility for the airstrikes, as well as accusations that its forces indiscriminately attack civilians.

Against this backdrop of conflicting narratives, Hashash has a message for the international media: he must speak to Syrians to amplify their voices and ensure their narrative is highlighted when reporting on the war-torn country.

“When stories are told, the world will listen,” she said.


Twitter: @OS26

Sarah Palin: Liberals like AOC want to ‘hammer, hammer, hammer’ sex in people’s heads Tue, 11 Jan 2022 05:14:04 +0000

TBEN news

A photo of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and her boyfriend that circulated online led the MP to joke about the “sexual frustrations” of her fellow Republicans.

So it’s understandable that TBEN News turned to Sarah Palin on Monday for her opinion on the matter.

“It surprises me anyway, [Ocasio-Cortez] and other liberals – even socialists – their ability to distract from what the issues really are, ”said the former governor of Alaska, and [to] hear his obsession [with]- or at least a suggestion of – always gender, and even sex.

Ocasio-Cortez, in response to a tweet from former Trump campaign adviser Steve Cortes, who was critical of her boyfriend’s socks, wrote:

“If Republicans are mad they can’t date me, they can just say so instead of projecting their sexual frustrations on my boyfriend’s feet. You are creepy weirdos.

She added:

“He’s starting to get older ignoring the very obvious, weird and deranged sexual frustrations that underlie the Republican fixation on me, women and LGBT + people in general. “

That, Palin told TBEN News host Rachel Campos-Duffy, wasn’t pretty.

“Look how the Liberals, Rachel, want to hammer this into the public mind: to advertise who is attracted to whom. What people do in… the privacy of their own bedroom, ”said the dismayed former vice-presidential candidate.

“All of these things that have to do with privacy and sex – liberals, not conservatives, are the ones who beat, beat, beat after this. And obviously, that’s a tactic so she doesn’t have to be held responsible. “

Palin didn’t elaborate on why Ocasio-Cortez is avoiding accountability, but Republicans took the opportunity to portray an unmasked Ocasio-Cortez eating in Miami as somewhat hypocritical about his stance. COVID. Florida does not have a mask mandate, and CDC guidelines state that masks should be worn in indoor spaces with high transmission rates.

Ocasio-Cortez tested positive for COVID on Sunday, she announced on Twitter.

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Khloe Kardashian shows off legs as she covers Cosmopolitan UK, shares Kim is her ‘PR crisis assistant’ Sun, 09 Jan 2022 03:55:00 +0000

Khloe Kardashian showed off her sensational legs as she covered the latest issue of the UK edition of Cosmopolitan.

The 37-year-old reality TV superstar revealed in the magazine that his sister Kim Kardashian has become his “PR crisis assistant.”

Her remarks came after her ex Tristan Thompson apologized to her after the birth of a baby he fathered with another woman while still with Khloe.

Khloe said of Kim, who has faced her own share of scandals, including her sex tape and three failed marriages: “She’s the public relations assistant.”

She added, “Poor girl. She’s really calm and now that she knows all this legal jargon, she’s going to say things that make you feel reassured, I don’t even know what that means.

Kim has spent years studying to become a lawyer and revealed last month that she finally made it through the California “baby bar” after several tries.

“If there’s a drama, you tell her about it,” Khloe said of Kim. ‘She’s like,’ we’ll find out. ‘She comes up with a plan – she’s a little witch like that.’

Make it work: The 37-year-old reality TV superstar revealed in the magazine that his sister Kim Kardashian has become his ‘PR crisis assistant’

Khloe confessed, “Either I’m feeling calm or I’m like, ‘Why the fuck aren’t you more upset! I don’t understand why you are so calm about this. “‘

She revealed that “I have my days” to face the public scrutiny of her personal life since becoming a real estate star.

“There are definitely times when I’m like, ‘I don’t care about a thing. “I have this great ability to block everything. Then I have times where I struggle and I can’t muffle the noise, and I blame myself for not being able to do that,” she said. .

“It’s a vicious circle. You have to take each day as it comes. There are definitely times when we say to ourselves, “Just take these cameras off our faces!” “

Struggling: Her remarks came after her ex Tristan Thompson (pictured) apologized to her after the birth of a baby he fathered with another woman while still with Khloe

Struggling: Her remarks came after her ex Tristan Thompson (pictured) apologized to her after the birth of a baby he fathered with another woman while still with Khloe

Without touching on Tristan’s new fatherhood drama, Khloe also cryptically revealed that she recently took a more passive approach to social media.

“I used to comment a lot more, but the last few months I’ve posted and gone. It’s so dark and all-consuming at times. When I don’t feel emotionally strong enough, I have to know about it and put myself first, ”she shared.

“I don’t even spend an hour a day on social media. I used to spend more for sure, but I’m really good at not being on social media. It scares me.’

Tristan and Khloe, who share a three-year-old daughter named True, have had an intermittent relationship for half a decade, marked on several occasions by his serial infidelity to her.

Co-parents: Tristan and Khloe, who share a three-year-old daughter named True, have had an intermittent relationship for half a decade, repeatedly marked by his serial infidelity to her

Co-parents: Tristan and Khloe, who share a three-year-old daughter named True, have had an intermittent relationship for half a decade, repeatedly marked by his serial infidelity to her

Less than 48 hours before True’s birth, exclusively broke the news of Tristan’s alleged affair with New York Strip Club bartender Lani Blair.

They then stayed together but broke up in February 2019 after Tristan shared a kiss at a party with Jordyn Woods, then Kylie Jenner’s best friend.

When coronavirus lockdowns hit Tristan and Khloe moved in together so they could both be with True – and rekindled their romance as well.

Their latest split became public in June as he denied a whirlwind of fraud rumors – and this month he reportedly welcomed a child with another woman.

Crisis management: Khloe said of her dynamic with Kim:

Crisis Management: Khloe said of her dynamic with Kim, “Either I’m feeling calm or I’m like, ‘Why the fuck aren’t you more upset! I don’t understand why you are so calm about it “‘ exclusively obtained court documents last month claiming Tristan had a baby from a woman named Maralee Nichols.

Maralee gave birth on December 1 and released a statement weeks later with the first public photos of her son.

Tristan launched his Instagram on Monday and confessed for the first time that he is the father of Maralee’s new child.

“Today the results of the paternity test reveal that I fathered a child with Maralee Nichols,” he wrote on Insta Stories, apologizing to Khloe and telling her that “you don’t deserve this “. You do not deserve the grief and humiliation that I have caused you.

There's Maralee: exclusively obtained court documents last month claiming Tristan had a baby from a woman named Maralee Nichols

There’s Maralee: exclusively obtained court documents last month claiming Tristan had a baby from a woman named Maralee Nichols

“There was never the slightest doubt that Tristan Thompson was the father of Maralee Nichols’ baby,” her lawyer Harvey Englander later told

“Tristan has made many false and defamatory statements and statements about Maralee over the past few months, and she takes his statement contrite today in the context of all of those statements,” he added.

Maralee said her “goal” was only “to raise our son in a loving and private environment” and she denied having “leaked” pregnancy stories to the press.

Additionally, she took issue with the idea that she and Tristan were having “casual sex”, insisting that she believed he was single when they first got involved.


Caught in the Trap: “Today paternity test results reveal that I fathered a child with Maralee Nichols,” he wrote on Insta Stories, apologizing to Khloe and telling her that “you don’t deserve this “

Tristan expressed his love for Khloe on social media in March, just hours before flying to Houston, where he apparently fathered his new baby with Maralee.

Maralee has publicly stated that they conceived the child while he was in Houston celebrating his birthday last March.

On the same day – March 13 – Khloe posted a gushing birthday tribute that seemed to indicate that they were together, as she wrote, “The ones who are meant to be are the ones who go through anything designed to tear them apart.” and they come out even stronger than before.

‘I love you so much KoKo. Let’s continue to build amazing memories! ‘ Tristan wrote in the comments to Khloe’s birthday post.

Make it work: she revealed that

Make it work: She revealed that ‘I’ve got my days’ when it comes to facing the public scrutiny of her personal life since becoming a real estate star

Hours later, he and his then-team, the Boston Celtics, traveled to Houston to play against the Rockets in a game that took place on March 14.

By the way, Khloe first got involved with Tristan when his ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig was still pregnant with his eldest son Prince, five.

Although Jordan claims she was still with Tristan when he met Khloe, Khloe insisted that she thought he was single at the time.

No zeal for Zion | WORLD Wed, 05 Jan 2022 13:12:07 +0000

Are American evangelicals cooling off in their support for Israel? Nearly a third of evangelicals identify with neutrality in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, according to a new survey, and about half of those under 30 prefer Palestinians over Israelis. This represents unprecedented change for a community whose zeal for Zion has long been legendary, but perhaps the change is less about Israel than the crisis of American evangelism. We should be worried.

“The founders of my country saw a new promised land and gave their cities names like Bethlehem and New Canaan,” President George W. Bush told the Israeli parliament in mid-2008. “And over time, many Americans have become passionate supporters of a Jewish state. His speech came six decades after most Americans backed the UN proposal to create Jewish and Arab states in Palestine.

“Widespread Gentile support for Israel is one of the most powerful political forces in American foreign policy,” Walter Russell Mead noted in Foreign Affairs. He also suggested that Americans view Israel through a cultural lens rather than a political one. The Protestant emphasis on scripture common to the American majority instilled Hebrew thought patterns as well as feelings of kinship with the children of Israel and the Jewish state. “From Maine to Florida, and back again, all the Hebrews in America,” Matthew Arnold once complained, and he was right. It was only in the context of the history of Israel that the history of America made sense.

But President Bush’s visit came seven years after demoralizing wars in the Islamic world, and just months before Barack Obama was elected on a platform for change. Evangelical influence had in fact reached its peak, and a cultural backlash was in sight.

Fourteen years later, the Evangelicals are on retreat. White evangelicals made up 23 percent of the population in 2006, today less than 15 percent (and just 7 percent of those aged 18 to 29). Most black Protestants reject the evangelical label on cultural grounds and distance themselves from their white brothers and sisters politically. And while a wave of evangelical conversions among Hispanic Americans is certain to change the country, the political effects of this phenomenon on the question of Israel are still unknown.

The real problem comes when you think of a Jewish state, probably because evangelicals find it hard to think of their own nation.

Meanwhile, evangelicals are turning on each other as their influence wanes, leading an already atomized subculture to disintegration. The fierce debates over Donald Trump, gender issues, sex scandals and the “evangelical” revolt are symptoms of a deeper identity crisis that has crippled any attempt at public witness.

Indifference towards Israel is a key indicator of this crisis. Today, as in the past, strong pro-Israel sentiment correlates with key evangelical markers such as frequent church attendance and a high opinion of Biblical authority. Classical evangelical eschatology is an even stronger indicator. Advocates of post-millennial and millennial views, historically less common among evangelicals, are 51% less likely to support Israel than pre-millennials. No doubt the exaggerated fictions of Left behind and the unsettling joy with which some pastors have greeted the prospect of global annihilation has taken its toll on the premillennial base.

But the crisis is not just about theology. Almost 70 percent of evangelicals still hold traditional views about the land and people of Israel. The real problem comes when you think of a Jew state, probably because evangelicals find it hard to think of their own nation. Indeed, the political division is blatant: 40% of evangelicals said they voted for Trump in the Barna study, 42% for Joe Biden (and 58% of young people). Attitudes towards Israel diverge along this widening divide: 60% of pro-Israel evangelicals cite religious reasons for their support, while 90% of pro-Palestinian evangelicals cite political reasons or “instincts”.

This confusion will have negative consequences for US-Israel relations, but Israel will always have friends. Europe is rethinking its posture. Russia and China are eager to engage. Even the Arab world is reassessing its relations with Israel. Ironically, evangelicals worry about Israel just as some Muslims have begun to accept it.

It is the Americans, not the Israelis, who should be most concerned. Failure to transmit a cultural identity rooted in Jerusalem will give way to identities rooted in something else. Israel is an imperfect state like any other, but it can never be correct a state, not for American Christians. It is the tangible symbol of the tradition that created America, and the image of the Jewish people gathered on their land offers the highest inspiration for our politics. There can be no promised land here if there weren’t any the first.

The waning affinity for Israel means a waning connection with the only heritage that can save us. Evangelicals are among the last bearers of this biblical heritage, and it is now up to us to maintain it.

Author explores the little-known story of Handel’s Messiah Mon, 03 Jan 2022 14:00:00 +0000 Tiny Township author’s latest novel depicts opposition to famous Christmas play

With maybe that of Tchaikovsky Nutcracker, it is arguably the most famous piece of Christmas music.

But there is a larger and untold story behind the rich Christmas tradition for many to attend performances or listen to George Frederick Handel’s masterpiece. Messiah.

And that’s something author Barrie Doyle explores in his latest book, Musick for the King, a historical novel.

“It’s a fascinating story,” said Doyle, a journalist by trade, who now lives near Balm Beach in Tiny Township and works as an author and public relations / crisis management specialist.

Before the pandemic, Doyle often enjoyed attending performances at Roy Thomson Hall of the popular play which not only features the famous Hallelujah Chorus, but also many inspiring and splendid solo voices and booming choirs, all of which combine to mark Christmas. in the minds of those who attend.

But while the music might be sublime, bringing it onto the concert stage proved quite difficult for Handel.

“I remember about 10 to 15 years ago reading about the difficulties Handel faced when writing the article,” Doyle recalled, noting that he had decided a few years ago that this relatively unknown story would be fascinating read.

And so, he began the process of meticulously researching the story behind the story and began to write.

“There were two things that jumped out at me (including) how he overcame all kinds of issues and issues, some on his own and some outside,” Doyle said.

Doyle said his work of fiction, which he notes is 85% faithful to what really happened, shows what can be overcome through persistence.

“You can overcome even what seems like the worst,” Doyle said, noting that it’s amazing how Handel was able to create the full 2.5-hour piece in just 24 days. “You aren’t finished even when you’re downstairs.”

Every aspect of the story, from personal stories to the creeping opposition to the work and its performances, to objections to the key soloist, comes to life.

Doyle said the novel reads like a modern report, but is actually set in the mid-18th century.

“People are going to like him because he’s a quirky guy, but he’s also a funny guy,” Doyle said, noting that many themes explored in the novel during Handel’s day are similar to those in Handel’s time. ‘today, such as celebrity sex scandals, political opposition to certain aspects. the creative process and the concept that strangers might not be welcome.

“So that reflects today’s society,” said Doyle, who playfully remembers an incident involving Handel and one of his lead singers he had an argument with.

“She wouldn’t sing the song the way he wanted, so he actually held her out the window until she agreed to do it his way.” She said, ‘Handel, you really are a devil.’

“He said:” Madam, I am not a very devil, I am Beelzebub himself.

Prior to this novel, Doyle wrote the Oak Grove Plots Trilogy that began with The Excalibur parchment.

Music for the King is available for purchase online at Doyle’s website and at Georgian Bay Books in Midland, The Reading Room in Penetanguishene and Manticore Books in Orillia. It is also available on Audible.

Dakota Johnson opens up on ‘cozy and private’ romance with Chris Martin, more News Khloe Kardashian posts ‘painful moments’ after Tristan Thompson scandal, more news | Gallery Sat, 01 Jan 2022 16:42:00 +0000

8:42 a.m. PST, January 1, 2022

Arrests, infighting and elections: how 2021 has been a turbulent year for West Midlands politics Fri, 31 Dec 2021 06:03:30 +0000
Coronavirus led to unusual election tally in 2021

As local authorities relied on government handouts to protect services amid the Covid crisis, the horizon was clouded by internal political struggles, scandals and disgraced advisers dragged to court.

The Tories won more than 30 seats in the Black Country – including 12 in Dudley – and took over the Cannock Chase Council after winning nine of the 10 seats up for grabs.

The election saw blue representation on Sandwell Council for the first time in six years, with the Tories now holding 10 seats.

An unfortunate pose for Rajbir Singh who had left as head of the council a few weeks after this photo was taken

His disastrous reign will be best remembered for a still unresolved scandal over a £ 20million school bus contract, strikes by garbage and leisure workers and now abandoned plans to shut down Walker Grange care home.

She hopes calmer waters are on the horizon, with another elimination of supporters of former deputy leader Mahboob Hussain ahead of the local elections next May.

The authority is also hoping to appoint a new chief executive as part of plans to end the game of musical chairs in the ranks of its senior officers, which is currently filled with “interim” reserved spaces.

David Fisher, up front, was celebrating the Conservatives’ wins in the local election at Sandwell, but then stepped down as group leader.

In Walsall, we were treated to the rare spectacle of a by-election where the winner was unable to take a seat on the board.

The seat will remain vacant until next May, as angry Tory Council leader Mike Bird has called on Labor to raise the cost by £ 20,000 to hold the poll.

Ian Brookfield, Head of Wolverhampton Council, celebrates continued control of council in local elections

Wolverhampton Labor is facing the fallout from a botched attempt to oust one of its advisers, which has sparked a call for council chief Ian Brookfield to resign.

Meanwhile, since August, the potential destruction of the Green Belt across the Black Country and South Staffordshire has been a major topic of discussion.

Plans have been unveiled for thousands of new homes on green sites across the four boroughs and the district, sparking a wave of protests from residents.

Union Councilor Sean Coughlan celebrates the election in Walsall. He would later be arrested on suspicion of sexual offenses against children

As they attacked local authorities, councils accused ministers of setting housing targets too high. Expect the blame game to continue into the New Year.

The year also saw senior Labor advisers mired in legal scandals.

Tory Andy Street comfortably stood up to Liam Byrne’s challenge in the West Midlands mayor election

Meanwhile, the region has a new Police and Crime Commissioner to oversee law and order, after Simon Foster was elected to succeed fellow Labor colleague David Jamieson in May.

The transition has gone smoothly, with Mr Foster continuing his predecessor’s tactic of blaming the rise in crime on budget cuts.

He also sparked anger after criticizing the arrests and searches and announcing the closure of more than 20 police stations and bases.

Fans of very British scandal have major reaction to shocking scenes in new drama Mon, 27 Dec 2021 16:40:15 +0000

Francesca shillcock

A very British scandal is the only TV show everyone is talking about right now. The first episode aired Boxing Day on BBC One and delivered on its promise of shocking scandals and drama – but it looks like many viewers all had a similar reaction to the racy scenes from the period drama.

MORE: Very British Scandal Star Claire Foy Says She Feels ‘Exploited’ While Filming BBC Drama

One person summed it up on Twitter, writing: “Watching A Very British Scandal in front of my parents wasn’t the best idea. Even at 37, seeing sex on TV with them in the room is very embarrassing. Thank you @PhelpsieSarah! “

Loading the player …

WATCH: The official trailer for A Very British Scandal

Another echoed this, commenting: “Watching a very British scandal with my stepmom and the other half – didn’t know there would be so much sex in it – embarrassing.” Meanwhile, a third said: “Ooooh er missus! It wasn’t the best thing to watch with parents. But wonderful to watch.”

It seems the intimate scenes weren’t only a bit difficult for the home audience to watch, but difficult for actress Claire Foy to film. The star opened up about her role as Duchess of Argyll to BBC Radio Four Woman’s hour, admitting that she felt “exploited” while filming the sex scenes.

MORE: Reese Witherspoon shares grief over loss of ‘friend’ Jean-Marc Vallée

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Claire Foy: The Duchess of Argyll

“It’s a very hard line because basically you feel exploited when you’re female and have to perform fake sex onscreen. You can’t help but feel exploited.

“It’s sinister – it’s the most sinister thing you can do. You feel exposed. Anyone can make you try not to feel this, but unfortunately it is the reality.”

However, Claire went on to say that despite her discomfort, she knew the scenes were compelling for the story. “But my thing was, I felt very strongly that it had to be in there, but I wanted it to be a woman. I didn’t want it to be that kind of horrible climactic sexual experience that you often see on the cinema screen. “

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Queens High School has been silent on teacher scandals for years Sat, 25 Dec 2021 14:44:00 +0000

A prominent Queens high school quietly fired a physics teacher who had engraved “DEATH” on his chest in photos seen by students, and a chemistry teacher who remained in class for eight years after investigators found out. he had touched girls, according to records.

The alleged misconduct at Townsend Harris HS – kept a secret for years by most staff, students and parents – is detailed in public reports issued by the special commissioner of inquiries for the city’s schools at the behest of The Post.

The revelations follow news that SCI discovered that Joseph Canzoneri, an English teacher, coach and theater director at Townsend Harris, had had sex with a former student. After the girl refused to testify against him, Canzoneri was sent back to school last fall, where he still had contact with children unaware of the charges, student newspaper The Classic reported.

“It really shows that the system is down and not really safe for everyone,” a freshman said during a sit-in protesting student exposure to accused predators.

Previous scandals were also hushed up, The Post has learned. Thomas Sangiorgi, an award-winning chemistry professor, was the target of two probes, in 2008 and 2016. Both discovered he had touched and rubbed girls, and made contemptuous comments. He ultimately retired from the DOE in 2016 to settle misconduct charges, avoiding public scrutiny. He has since worked as an Assistant Lecturer at Queens College, where Townsend Harris is located.

Joseph Canzoneri would have slept with a former student, according to information published by the special commissioner of investigations.
Townsend Harris HS

“This staffing issue is being reviewed by the college’s human resources office,” said Queens College spokeswoman Maria Matteo. She wouldn’t say if the college has ever been made aware of the DOE charges.

In the first SCI report, sent to then-Chancellor Joel Klein, a student said Sangiorgi walked past her in a narrow passage and “intentionally”, she believed, rubbed the front of her body against her back. . Two other students told SCI that Sangiorgi touched or rubbed them.

The then director simply slapped Sangiorgi with a “letter of rebuke,” the DOE said. Sangiorgi stayed for another eight years until the second investigation.

In the 2016 report, a student said Sangiorgi played with the zipper on her dress, put her fingers up her sleeve and twirled her locks, saying, “I wish my girlfriend had hair like you.”

Thomas sangiorgio
Thomas Sangiorgi was the target of two probes, in 2008 and 2016.

The report, sent to then-chancellor Carmen Fariña, said two students told pollsters the teacher was ecstatic about their appearance at the ball – telling one she “looked like a woman. – and asked them for pictures.

“Student A” said the teacher massaged her neck once using her thumb “in a circular fashion”. She “described feeling sick when Sangiorgi touched her”. In another incident, she said Sangiorgi told her that the unbuttoned cardigan worn over a shirt was too loose for the chemistry lab. He then “physically removed the sweater from Student A’s body.” He was standing so close “that she could smell coffee and cigarettes on her breath and it made her want to throw up.”

“Student C” told SCI that Sangiorgi “touched his chest with his index finger” five to ten times from 2015 to 2016, and “touched his thigh just above his knee” to others times while sitting on a desk, according to the report.

Sangiorgi also commented to a girl on Facebook, “I know you have a dark side” and “I’ll try not to turn you on too much,” the report said.

The teacher declined to speak to SCI investigators and did not respond to Post messages.

In another case, physics professor Edward Gruszecki posted disturbing photos on Facebook – where some of his students were “friends” – showing self-inflicted cuts to the face, torso and arms, SCI said in a 2015 report to then-Chancellor Fariña.

Edouard Gruszecki
Edward Gruszecki was fired from the DOE in 2014.
Leanne Gonzalez

“In addition to the photo showing ‘DEATH’ engraved on Gruszecki’s chest, another showed clippings explaining ‘WHY’,” the report sent to then-Chancellor Fariña said. Some students were alarmed and alerted the school staff. In a post, Gruszecki wrote that he was not suicidal.

A former student, now 26, told the Post that she developed a very moving and heartbreaking personal relationship with Gruszecki, exchanged intimate emails with the married instructor and viewed the photos. “I know a group of students saw the photos from Facebook,” she said. “He did it to get attention, to make others feel bad for him, out of sympathy.”

Gruszecki, now 51, posted another photo showing what appeared to be blood smeared on his mouth in a creepy “Joker” smile. Sources told the Post that he dressed up as a fictional villain in a school production and on Halloween. The teacher also issued an invitation to a local bar with free drinks “if you’re underage,” SCI found.

The DOE quickly terminated Gruszecki in 2014, officials said. Not established, he was not entitled to a disciplinary trial. He did not respond to investigators in January 2015, the SCI said, and did not resend the Post’s messages.

    Edouard Gruszecki
Gruszecki dressed up as the Joker in a school production and on Halloween.

Gruszecki and Sangiorgi are still licensed to teach in New York City, according to a state Department of Education website.

“This conduct was completely unacceptable and the DOE took action to ensure that these former employees could never again work in our schools,” said spokeswoman Katie O’Hanlon.

Among the reforms, she added, a Chancellor’s regulation amended in 2019 prohibits any DOE employee from “creating a hostile school environment for a student through their behavior and / or their verbal or written actions.”