Sex Scandals

National is the most toxic brand in Parliament

If you’re a center-right voter hoping against all odds for National to pull itself together, this week suggests you may need to start thinking about Plan B. It will always be difficult for National to have a serious chance in the next election, but after two resigns in a week, …

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New Vatican law criminalizes adult sexual abuse by priests

Video above: Vatican releases long-awaited report on disgraced former US cardinal Theodore McCarrick Pope Francis changed church law to explicitly criminalize adult sexual abuse by priests who abuse their authority, and to say that lay people who hold religious positions can be punished for sex crimes. The new provisions, released …

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10 popular cricketers involved in sex scandals

The gentleman’s game is a myth – very little remains of this parent. The game gives players all the money, fame, power, which has sometimes been misused to satisfy its immoral and illegal pleasures. Sex scandals? Yes, that too. While cricketers remain alert and attentive to the scrupulous eye of …

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