Center compromised national security, SC must take notice, says Amarinder

Attacking the BJP-led central government over alleged spying on the phones of several political leaders, journalists, scientists, constitutional authorities and calling it a “shocking attack” on the country’s democracy, the Chief Minister of Punjab, Capt Amarinder Singh urged the Supreme Court on Monday to take cognizance of the case.

More than 300 verified mobile phone numbers, including those of two sitting ministers, more than 40 journalists, three opposition leaders and a sitting judge, as well as dozens of businessmen and activists in India are said to have could be targeted for hacking via Israeli spyware Pegaus sold only to government agencies, an international media consortium reported on Sunday.

In an official statement, Amarinder said it was a “shameful attack” on the democratic regime in India by the Union government and that it had “clearly compromised national security with this act. shameful”.

“With such surveillance, which simply could not have been undertaken by Israeli society without the green light from the central government, the NDA government had put sensitive information in the hands of various agencies, governments and global organizations with the potential to misuse them against the country, ”Amatrinder said.

“This is not only an attack on individual liberty but also on the security of our nation,” he said, urging the Supreme Court to take cognizance of the case suo motu and take action against it. central government. with that. They have committed a horrible sin, and they must be made to pay it, ”said the senior congressional official.

The Punjabic CM said that no one has the right to interfere in people’s lives, “let them go into their rooms alone, like this government has done”.

Calling the developments part of a model of the BJP-led government to “destroy” all democratic institutions and “stifle” the voice of the opposition, Singh lashed out at the Center, saying this “wrongdoing Has set a new low in India’s Democratic History.

“No government in any part of the world has ever put the safety and security of its own institutions and people at stake in this way,” he said, adding that there appeared to be a “global conspiracy” to target India, of which the NDA government was “clearly a terrible part”.

Computer and Communications Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw earlier today dismissed reports of using the Pegasus software to spy on Indians, saying the allegations made just before the monsoon session of Parliament are aimed at to slander Indian democracy.

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