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So when my daughter was little, I told her that if an adult ever said “don’t tell your mom or your dad about this”, the very first thing she had to do was tell mom and father.

Every parent’s fear is of an adult, especially one in a position of trust, attacking your child. Keep the Catholic Church sex scandals in mind as I tell this story.

No. This is not a story of physical sexual abuse. But it’s still predatory abuse. And unlike the church, public schools are government entities paid for by taxing your work — subject to open registration laws and transparency.

Erin Lee’s 12-year-old daughter was new to school in the Powder district. After more than a year of COVID-19 lockdown, her shy, sensitive and artistic daughter was back in class, hoping to make new friends and fit in.

Imagine the delicious anticipation when her daughter asked her if she could stay after school. Her trusted teacher asked her if she would like to join Art Club after school. What a perfect fit.

Funny thing about Art Club, though: They didn’t pick up crayons, paintbrushes, or clay. They weren’t even talking about art at all.

But at the end of her first Art Club meeting, Erin’s 12-year-old daughter was convinced by an adult in a position of authority that she was transgender and received gifts for embracing her transgenderness.

And she was instructed not to tell her parents anything they did or talked about on “Art Club.”

Turns out mom and daughter lied. “Art Club” was a bait and switch for a gender and sexuality awareness indoctrination session (I use that word not for effect but for accuracy).

The presenter who led the session, who is not a licensed counselor or educator, asked Lee’s daughter what people she was sexually attracted to, which at age 12 couldn’t have been absolutely anyone, or du less nobody’s business.

Talking about nobody’s business, the woman explained to (forgive me for constantly saying 12) to the 12-year-old daughter that thanks to a new law in Colorado, she could get medical treatment like hormones and surgery to change her sex without her parents’ knowledge.

The presenter, a person of authority, brought in by the teacher – a person of even greater authority – clarified that if you are “not 100% comfortable” in your body, you are transgender .

According to this science, 99% of us are all trans. And certainly at least 100% of all 12-year-old girls are trans. (If your tween is 100% comfortable in her own body, call an exorcist. She’s not your daughter).

Knowing now that she is trans and professing it, Lee’s daughter was rewarded with bracelets, stickers and small flags celebrating her newfound sexuality.

The presenter gave her private cell phone number and clarified that what happens in “Art Club” stays in “Art Club”. Don’t tell your cruel, binary parents what we’re doing.

The first rule of Art Club is not to talk about Art Club.

Erin Lee pulled her child out of school the next day. She asked for the teaching materials used. He was basically told to pound sand.

She called the police who told her that if it happened in a public park they could act on it, but since it happened during a school sanctioned activity and no child was been touched (but, since kids can’t talk about Art Club…) there was nothing they could do.

There is no way in this short column that I can do justice to the telling of this story and the impact it had on Erin, her child and her entire family.

I’ve never asked this question before in a column, but please watch my conversation with Erin so you can hear, firsthand, her story. It’s unreal. And unfortunately, it is not unique. Here is the link:

LGBT children should have support groups at school, professionals to talk to, and peers to hang out with. In fact, it’s great and necessary.

But when government officials deliberately misinform citizens, democracy itself is at risk.

When government officials deliberately manipulate the sexuality and behavior of confident children, much like the Catholic Church’s problem, maybe, just maybe, people should go to jail.

Jon Caldara is president of the Independence Institute of Denver and hosts “The Devil’s Advocate with Jon Caldara” on Colorado Public Television Channel 12. His column appears on Sundays in Colorado Politics.

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