Court documents provide new details on alleged Mount Airy brothel

September 17 — Police indictment papers allege men arrested for running a brothel provided security and managed money for the business two women were said to have lined up for the men to choose .

Several police departments executed a search and seizure warrant at 13134 Old National Pike on Tuesday following a two-month investigation, the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office said on Wednesday. Three men and two women were found inside the building, police said.

Frederick resident Juan Ceballos-Garcia, 29, and Laurel resident Luis Cruz, 23, are each charged with two heads of prostitution business and one count of maintaining a house in prostitution. They were released on their own Wednesday, according to court records online.

Court documents obtained by the Frederick News-Post allege New York residents Yessica Alvarez-Flores and Jessica Perez-Nanez, both 30, came to work for the operation after receiving information from a friend who said they could make money as prostitutes in Maryland. The women reportedly sent photos of themselves to a telephone number and were offered prostitution work. Perez-Nanez began seeing customers at Mount Airy’s address on Monday, indicting documents, while Alvarez-Flores said she had been there for about a week.

According to prosecution documents, the women told police that they came to work as prostitutes of their own accord and were not forced to be there. The women were charged with prostitution and released on bail.

Police reportedly found a third man – who arrived shortly before authorities showed up at the compound – hiding in the attic under insulation, prosecution documents show. Police released him, but said on Wednesday charges were pending. Online court records did not show any charges against him on Friday afternoon.

Police reportedly found advertisements for the alleged brothel on several websites and obtained information from an anonymous source who went to the address to pay for sex acts, prosecution documents show. Police also carried out multi-day surveillance at different times of the day and night and reportedly saw 20 to 30 vehicles coming and going at different times, remaining 30 to 60 minutes.

During their investigation, the police reportedly learned that Cruz was providing security and telling customers where to park, reading the prosecution documents. Cruz would have declared to the police that he was only a customer. Ceballos-Garcia allegedly collected money from customers, documented their information in a ledger and issued receipts, police wrote. Prosecution documents say police found the ledger.

While executing the search warrant, police reportedly found three rooms that appeared to be used for prostitution and a fourth that appeared to be a residence for Ceballos-Garcia and Cruz. Police reportedly found laptops, televisions and cameras used for surveillance, loading read documents. Authorities also found a sheet with the names of suspected clients and prostitutes, more than $ 18,000 in cash, boxes of condoms and other sex-related materials, the documents said.

The four defendants did not have lawyers listed in online court records on Friday afternoon. They all have hearing dates set for November 3.

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