Cyprus police complete investigation into suspected prostitution ring activist

NICOSIA – Cyprus police are completing their investigation into a voluminous dossier sent by a Greek whistleblower who said there was a prostitution ring on the island that could be linked to an alleged gang rape in the second most major city in Greece, Thessaloniki.

“We are nearing the end” of the investigations, spokesman Christos Andreou told the Cyprus News Agency, adding that the file will be forwarded to the legal department “for information and to decide what emerges from the evidence, the case appropriate”.

The information was provided by Ilias Gkionis who emailed police a 47-page dossier which allegedly contains photographs and various social media posts relating to the alleged criminal activity. Only 14 pages relate to Cyprus, The Cyprus Mail reported.

This stemmed from his earlier allegations regarding the alleged gang rape in Thessaloniki of 24-year-old Georgia Bika, who identified herself in an interview with a journalist as the victim.

Despite statements by the woman’s lawyer that Cypriots were present at the party, Andreou said that so far Greek police investigating the rape have not yet informed them of a connection to Cyprus.

Andreou said the material is being investigated by a special team that includes members of the human trafficking team.

Gkionis has accused Greek and Cypriot authorities of “covering up scandals” for years, adding that he would release the information on his social media, but nothing has come of his claims yet.

He said the Cypriot man involved in the prostitution ring came from a well-known family involved in organized crime and that they were minors, including 14-year-old girls from Siberia.

He added that he was in contact with victims of sexual harassment and was pursuing his own investigations, according to the report.

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