Donald Trump Jr mocked for suggesting the real cause of the Ukraine crisis is Hunter Biden

Donald Trump Jr is facing a wave of ridicule after implying that Hunter Biden is somehow responsible for the crisis in Ukraine.

“Will it ultimately be Hunter’s lucrative and shady business dealings in Ukraine that will drag us into a war with Russia?” Mr Trump tweeted Monday.

Russia has amassed more than 100,000 troops along Ukraine’s borders, raising fears of an invasion. Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, once served on the board of a Ukrainian energy company. Mr. Trump did not explain how he believed these two facts were connected.

On Twitter, many ridiculed the scion’s attempt to analyze foreign policy.

“Hunter Biden is apparently pushing Putin to threaten to invade Ukraine, according to this geopolitical genius,” one reader said. commented.

“Why yes…” another wrote sarcastically. “Russia often invades neighboring countries because of their ties to Hunter Biden.”

“When my cholesterol recently went up, I blamed it on Hunter Biden,” another mocked. “My doctor didn’t believe either.”

Hunter Biden has long been the target of conservative accusations. In 2019, then-President Donald Trump pressured the country’s president to publicly investigate young Mr Biden’s work at Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company. But the bullying backfired when an anonymous whistleblower revealed it to Congress, leading to Mr Trump’s first impeachment.

A year later, during the US presidential election, Mr Trump’s allies released a trove of embarrassing photos and documents relating to Mr Biden’s former drug addictions, allegedly taken from his laptop.

It also backfired. Many journalists felt that the story was not supported by enough sources or evidence, and that it failed to gain traction outside of conservative circles.

Mr. Trump himself complained that the scandal was not spreading.

“You can’t have a scandal if nobody talks about it,” the former president said at a rally in North Carolina shortly before the election. “We have the fake news not writing about it and Big Tech not writing. How can you have a scandal? Nobody talks about it. »

On Monday, some on Twitter accused the Trumps of repeatedly using the president’s son as a distraction.

“Trump Family Playbook: When Things Start To Go Downhill For The Family, Bring Hunter Back Into The Spotlight!” an user commented.

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