Doug Lamborn Cites Hunter Biden’s Coverage of His Latest Attempt to Defer Funding for Public Television and Radio | Colorado to DC

U.S. Representative Doug Lamborn introduced legislation to remove federal subsidies to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and National Public Radio, he said on Monday, saying that public television and radio stations have increasingly fallen into disuse. more turned into a spokesperson for the left.

The Colorado Springs Republican has been trying to eliminate federal funding for organizations for at least a dozen years, saying taxpayers should not subsidize media conglomerates that receive most of their funding from private sources, including dues members and corporate underwriters.

Previous versions of his post suggested that he was time for big bird, the iconic “Sesame Street” character, to “earn his wings and learn to fly on his own,” but in this year’s ad Lamborn also cited NPR’s election year coverage of the alleged scandals implicating President Joe Biden’s son Hunter as the reason for cutting. its funding.

“Last year National Public Radio further discredited its institution and journalistic standards by refusing to cover a story that was damaging to then-candidate Joe Biden,” Lamborn said in a statement.

“This is why I am once again introducing legislation that would cancel funding for National Public Radio and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Government subsidization of programs that refuse to broadcast real news is financially irresponsible. current spending out of control in Washington, we should not be providing funds to organizations that already receive sufficient funding from the private sector. ”

A spokesperson explained in a statement that Lamborn was speaking about the broadcasters’ decision not to cover the allegations that emerged in October about emails found on a laptop allegedly abandoned by young Biden at a home repair store. ‘computers.

NPR was not the only one taking a skeptical approach to the story, which was updated at the time by veterans of the intelligence community as a possible attempt by Russian interests to influence the elections.

“We don’t want to waste our time on stories that aren’t really stories, and we don’t want to waste listeners and readers’ time on stories that are pure distractions,” Terence Samuels, editor-in-chief from NPR for the news. wrote at the time, prompting a rebuke similar to the Eternal Lamborn refrain of Donald Trump Jr., the son of the former president.

“Defund NPR”, the young Trump tweeted. “American taxpayer money should not be used to push false propaganda and cover up Joe Biden’s corruption!”

Lamborn hasn’t always taken such a hostile approach to defunding PBS and NPR, although he has always argued that broadcasters snub conservative views, including two years ago when he called the children’s cartoon ” Arthur, “airing on PBS, a” complete affront to religious Americans. ” One episode featured a gay marriage between a rat and an aardvark.

In 2011, Lamborn appeared in a fundraising video with Doug Price, then CEO of Rocky Mountain PBS, who opened the spot by saying, “We don’t agree on everything public broadcasting, but I know you and your family have supported Rocky Mountain PBS with an individual gift. “

Lamborn replied, “Yes, this may surprise some people because, as you know, I do not support federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. But I do know that Rocky Mountain PBS has a vital role in the media market. from Colorado. ”He then urged viewers to support the station with membership dollars.

A Lamborn spokesperson wouldn’t say if Lamborn is currently supporting PBS or NPR stations with donations.

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