Dover rapist who held prostitute at gunpoint in Folkestone jailed for 15 years

A gun-obsessed prison guard who armed himself with a “rapist’s toolkit” before attacking a prostitute at gunpoint has been jailed.

Richard Scaife was carrying a fake handgun, bayonet, pierced condom, expired HMP ID badge and duct tape, at the time of his arrest.

And officers are said to find strips of duct tape stuck inside the 46-year-old’s jacket after he twice raped the sex worker in Folkestone on November 5 last year.

Judge Catherine Brown sentenced Scaife to 15 years at Canterbury Crown Court on Friday after he was found guilty following a trial earlier this year.

A huge arsenal of weapons was discovered stored at Scaife’s home in Dover shortly after his arrest; six machetes, 14 lock knives, a samurai sword, eight pellet guns and air rifles among the loot.

Scaife denied any wrongdoing, but jurors unanimously found him guilty of two counts of rape.

Scaife’s victim told jurors he locked the door and grabbed her by the throat after arriving home in the afternoon smelling of alcohol.

Richard Scaife has been locked up. Photo: Kent Police

“He pulled out the gun, I was terrified, but I didn’t show him.

“Inside I thought ‘I’m going to die, this is my last day.’

“‘Maybe he killed someone before’ – it was all (going through) my head,” she said in a police interview, presented to jurors as evidence.

“I’ve known a lot of female workers who have been killed, I said ‘are you going to kill me?’

“All that went through my mind was ‘am I going to die.’

The jacket with tape stuck inside was seized by the police
The jacket with tape stuck inside was seized by the police

“I was thinking about my son, I was thinking ‘I love you’, this is going to be my last day, and then I thought I had to be strong,” she continued.

She recounted how she managed to dissipate Scaife’s rage by speaking calmly to him while plotting his escape.

Eventually, after stating he was having trouble in his love life, Scaife would bizarrely continue to ask her if she wanted to form a relationship, she explained.

“He said, ‘I see girls who’ve been working for 20 years, they just take my money, they rip me off, they take everything,’ she continued.

“He broke down, he knelt on the floor crying and I was hugging him, I said ‘you can talk to me honey’, and he said he really wanted to be friends with me.

One of the weapons seized
One of the weapons seized

“I thought maybe he was going to kidnap me and use me as a sex slave in his apartment.

“He said he wanted to do bad things, ‘I wanted to do bad things, I was expecting a bad girl but you’re not a bad girl.’ ”

She eventually managed to alert her landlord and convince Scaife to leave, as another customer was waiting outside – her phone rang repeatedly.

After calling 999, Scaife was quickly arrested on the same street an hour later, equipped with her “rapist’s toolkit,” prosecutors said.

“He had weapons both in his car and on him, he had an expired prison guard identification badge.

“He had strips of duct tape ready and cut, stuck inside his jacket, ready to put over the woman’s mouth if he needed to restrain her.

“He had a holey condom.

“He brought with him an air pistol that looked like a handgun,” Daniel Stevenson explained.

“We’re saying there’s no good reason for him to have an ID that looks like a policeman’s,” he continued.

Giving evidence, Scaife claimed the tape was meant to “fix my car window”, his victim was installing it for unknown reasons and he forgot his expired ID was even in his wallet.

He also told jurors he was on his way to take the air pistol and bayonet found inside his car to the nearby Folkestone Angling store for reimbursement when he was arrested.

But the store owner told the court he hadn’t stocked either item in over a decade and would not have refunded money under any circumstances.

Scaife claimed the weapons seized by police from his home were for legitimate purposes – airsoft and martial arts, for example.

They included:

Air rifles

8 BB guns

2 X wooden cosh

6 X machetes

1 X Samurai Sword

9 X fixed blade knives,

6 X Folding Lock Knives

2 X metal asp

2 X foam batons

1 X nunchucks

2 X brass knuckles

Scaife, of Camden Crescent, was unanimously convicted of two counts of rape, possession of an imitation firearm to instill fear of violence and carrying a bladed item.

He was ordered to serve a five-year license extension after his release.

After the sentencing, Detective Sergeant Dan Barker, of the Kent and Essex Serious Crimes Branch, said: ‘Scaife has put this victim through a terrifying ordeal and – as the judge admitted to the court – I would also like to commend his bravery in assisting our investigation and resulting prosecution.

“Scaife’s actions and the weapons he had in his possession paint a disturbing portrait of a man who posed a grave danger to women and girls.

“I am pleased that the officers’ prompt and professional response on the day of the offenses led to his prompt arrest and seizure of these weapons.

“Every woman and girl has the right to feel safe in the communities they live in and that’s why addressing violence against them is a priority for Kent Police.”

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