Editorial: How much are the people of Oklahoma willing to pay to fight the Feds? | Editorial

Affordable and accessible mental health services are woefully inadequate in all ridings at a time when suicides, depression, anxiety and other medical needs are higher than average.

The state ranks third for the overall incarceration rate and first for the incarceration of women, which exacerbates the problems of our workforce and family unification.

As staff in the Attorney General’s office battle the federal government, we wonder what is not being prosecuted.

Thousands of Okahomans have had their identities stolen or compromised during the pandemic’s crash with unemployment and other claims for benefits. The burgeoning medical marijuana industry is struggling with shady out-of-state businesses and potential illegal sales.

These are just a few of the things the Attorney General usually does.

The list may grow longer with more urgent needs than spending millions to launch lawsuits against the federal government, especially on transitional matters.

Ultimately, the vaccination mandates will not be applicable as the pandemic subsides. We encourage Oklahoma residents to get vaccinated to avoid death and long-term health consequences. Vaccines will shorten the pandemic and lead to fewer hospitalizations and less loss of life.

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