Europe now has the political will to build a European army

00:30 Reinstate COVID restrictions? (4 mins)
What started as “15 days to slow the spread” has turned into two long years of COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns. Although restrictions are starting to ease around the world, the insufferable Anthony Fauci says: “We have to be ready to pivot and maybe reinstate some of these restrictions.”

04:45 The Ukrainian crisis (10 mins)
We are almost a month after the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Russia’s advance has slowed considerably, but it still has a massive arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Over the weekend, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told CNN he was “ready to negotiate with [Putin], but if these attempts fail, it would mean that it is a third world war. Will this battle for Ukraine lead to the next world war?

14:05 Is a European army coming? (14 mins)
French press briefing The echoes made headlines yesterday that suggested the United States would never fight on behalf of Europe again. America’s retreat from global dominance has many Europeans preparing to go it alone, except for a US-led NATO alliance. As a retired general from the French army wrote in The echoes, “In this existential crisis, the biggest since World War II, Europe stands alone and will remain so even if Russian troops do not stop at the NATO border.” A European army is now on the horizon.

28:25 The left covers for Biden Crime Family (12 mins)
Last week the New York Times ‘authenticated’ the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. After 17 months of lies and deceit, the Times finally reported the truth. Author Peter Schweizer told Fox News: “I think this New York Times exhibit, the fact that they got cooperation from the Biden team and probably Hunter Biden’s legal team, is an indication to me that they are extremely concerned that he will be indicted.

40:05 Bible Study: Based on the True Gospel (14 mins)
When Herbert W. Armstrong died, many whom God called were led astray from the truth by a false gospel on Jesus Christ. This also happened to the first century Church. In today’s lesson we discuss the need to stay grounded in the true gospel of Christ.

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