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NEW YORK – Alec Baldwin did himself a disservice by being on TV with George Stephanopoulos.

Baldwin looked suitably haggard and wiped away his tears, but claimed that the pistol he wielded on the set of “Rust” shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins without him ever having hit the trigger.

“I didn’t pull the trigger,” Baldwin said. “I would never point a gun at someone and pull the trigger. Never.”

“It’s a mechanical device. You have to pull the trigger, ”former NYPD cop Pete Gleason told me. “Guns don’t shoot on their own. “

“If he had listened to his lawyer, he would never have done the interview,” said Gleason, a frequent guest commentator on truTV.

However, some gun experts have said that while Baldwin’s claim may sound implausible, it is not entirely far-fetched. Attorney for “Rust” deputy director Dave Halls confirmed Baldwin’s comments, saying his client told him the actor didn’t pull the trigger.


Julia Koch, New York’s richest woman, is emerging from the COVID pandemic and becoming more visible to the public.

As Julia, a mother of three, accompanied her late husband David Koch to countless black-tie events, she seemed to disappear after her death two years ago and the arrival of COVID.

“David loved to entertain and gave a lot of money to various causes, but now that he’s gone Julia is hardly going anywhere,” a source said.

But a friend of Julia’s denied she was a recluse and said she went to the Metropolitan Opera, the opening of the David H. Koch Cancer Center at Memorial Sloan Kettering, dined at Harry Cipriani and attended the New York Knicks games with son David Jr.

Julia, worth $ 60 billion according to Bloomberg, is reportedly spending significant sums to update security at her homes on the Upper East Side and Southampton.

“She’s building security rooms to house the guards. Everything is discreet, “said my source.

Julia continues her husband’s legacy by joining Sloan Kettering’s board of directors. “She will have a much more visible presence in the New Year,” the source said.


Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner will set the record straight next year.

Wenner didn’t like Joe Hogan’s 2017 biography, “Sticky Fingers: The Life and Times of Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone Magazine,” a source told me.

Although Wenner had cooperated and opened his cases for Hagan, he apparently had no editorial control and didn’t like his portrayal of warts and everything.

Wenner apparently complained that the book was “deeply flawed and in bad taste, rather than substantial”.

Little, Brown, who pays Wenner nearly a million dollars for his untitled book, says: “From the Beatles and Stones to the Boss, from Jackie Onassis to Barack Obama, every rebel and titan of our time comes to life. thanks to Jann’s haunting narration. We can’t wait to bring it to the world.


The infamous “Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort has become a benefactor.

Belfort helps Les Couleurs association CEO Aura Copeland raise funds in Miami and Mexico City.

Although he had been sober for many years, Belfort autographed bottles of his new mezcal brand, Santo Infierno, and encouraged his guests to bid up to $ 4,000.

Belfort, who now lives in Miami, has grown into a town man attending galas and dining at trendy restaurants with his gorgeous Argentinian wife, Cristina Invernizzi.


Hunter Biden will go down in history as the most successful presidential offspring to get things for free.

Miranda Devine’s new book “Laptop from Hell” claims that Hunter helped expand Chinese influence in America for $ 10 million a year and an $ 80,000 diamond. This was before his father, Joe Biden, became president.

The president’s son, according to the book and other reports, claimed he was unaware of the value of the 3.16-carat diamond given to him by a Chinese technocrat.

Imagine if Ivanka Trump had collected balls, or Laura Bush, or even Chelsea Clinton. Maybe it was a bit of a scandal. But Hunter gets a free ride.


Longtime Calvin Klein partner Barry Schwartz put his racehorse farm on the market more than a year ago for $ 100 million. It is languishing unsold. Recent announcements indicate that he has furniture from a business owned by Princess Margaret’s son David Linley.


Norm Pearlstine, who recently left the Los Angeles Times, and James Brooks, famous for “Terms of Endearment,” crushing Nantucket Bay scallops at Michael’s on E. 55th St.


Queer Eye for the Straight Guy star Thom Filicia, architect Campion Platt and Jean Shafiroff will co-chair Iris Dankner’s vacation home for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation December 8-10 at the Elizabeth Taylor Collective on W. 56th St… Marc Anthony and his Maestro Cares Foundation will honor Will Ferrell, former Boston Red Sox star David “Big Papi” Ortiz and Dr. Ramon Tallaj, founder of SOMOS Community Care, on Tuesday at Cipriani Wall Street … TV star Suzanne Somers and her husband Alan Hamel were among the earliest recipients of Totenpass, the world’s only solid gold USB flash drive. Photos of the couple’s recent 54th wedding anniversary have been immortalized on the indestructible device, the size of a credit card. Totenpass was created by Goldmoney CEO Roy Sebag and Bruce Ha.


(Gossip columnist Richard Johnson has covered the rich and the infamous for decades and was once referred to by The New York Times as a “journalistic descendant of Walter Winchell.”)

© 2021 New York Daily News. Visit nydailynews.com. Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

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Letter from Rome: The Persistent Scandal of the Church http://fallof55.com/letter-from-rome-the-persistent-scandal-of-the-church/ Mon, 06 Dec 2021 01:57:00 +0000 http://fallof55.com/letter-from-rome-the-persistent-scandal-of-the-church/

Pope Francis meets migrants at the apostolic nunciature in Nicosia, Cyprus, on December 3. (Photo: AFP / Vatican Media)

The Church throughout the world is tormented by it. And it is not only Roman Catholicism, but the one universal Church of Jesus Christ, of which Rome is only one component, important as it is.

All of the various branches, communities, or denominations of world Christianity are struck by some type of scandal or another. They always have been.

Catholics are still ashamed and disgusted by the scale of historic (and still ongoing) cases of clerical sexual abuse and the mismanagement (even cover-up) of these cases by some bishops.

Our sisters and brothers from the Orthodox and Reformed communities have also had to deal with their own abuse scandals. And all parts of the Christian Church have been ravaged from time to time, along with other scandals, especially those related to sex, money, and even authoritarianism.

And whenever these stumbling blocks reveal themselves, there are those of the People of God – both the clergy and the laity – who find it too difficult or painful to stay in the Church or at least in their particular part.

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Indictments | Community | fbherald.com http://fallof55.com/indictments-community-fbherald-com/ Sun, 05 Dec 2021 17:38:00 +0000 http://fallof55.com/indictments-community-fbherald-com/

Fort Bend County grand jurors have entered indictments against seven people for felony.

The indicted persons, the charges against them, the possible sanction, the date of the alleged offense and the judge appointed to hear the case, are:

Monique Garces, possession of a controlled substance, group 1 sentence, between 1 gram and 4 grams, a third degree crime, June 12, 2021, judge J. Christian Becerra.

Royce Clede Kahler, possession of a controlled substance, penatly group 1, less than 1 gram, state prison felony, August 12, 2021, Judge Robert L. Rolnick.

Aaron Travis Martin, aggravated assault with a lethal weapon, a second degree felony, August 2, 2021, Judge O’Neil Williams.

Marvin Lee Jackson, Property Theft, Under $ 2,500 With At Least Two Previous Convictions For Similar Offense, State Prison Felony, August 25, 2021, Judge Robert L. Rolnick.

Wallace Demon Lotts, Theft of property, valued under $ 2,500 with at least two previous convictions for a similar offense, a felony in a state prison, August 25, 2021, Judge Frank J. Fraley.

Adedeji Adeoye, solicitation of prostitution-other payer, a felony in the third degree, October 5, 2021, judge Tameika Carter.

Juan Maldonado, solicitation of prostitution-other payer, a third degree felony, October 3, 2021, judge Frank J. Fraley.

Cuong Duc Nguyen, solicitation of prostitution-other payer, a felony in the third degree, October 5, 2021, judge Tameika Carter.

Justin Ndubuisi Onyeugwor, Soliciting Prostitution-Other Payer, Third Degree Crime, October 5, 2021, Judge Tameika Carter.

Kyle Edward Schwausch, Soliciting Prostitution-Other Payer, Third Degree Crime, October 5, 2021, Judge Frank J. Fraley.

Jairo Andres Garcia-Barbosa, Soliciting Prostitution-Other Payer, Third Degree Crime, October 5, 2021, Judge Robert L. Rolnick.

Mishana Shanique Johnson, Controlled Substance Possession, Penalty Group 2, between 1 gram and 4 grams, third degree felony, October 14, 2021, Judge O’Neil Williams.

Cody Joseph Boutte, Theft of Property, valued under $ 2,500 with at least two previous convictions for a similar offense, state prison felony, October 18, 2021, Judge Frank J. Fraley.

Tomas Mardoqueo Peliz-Laz, possession of a controlled substance, penalty group 1 / 1B, between 1 gram and 4 grams, a third degree felony, October 22, 2021, judge J. Christian Becerra.

Darryl Wayne Selsor, Escaping Arrest and / or Detention with Vehicle, Third Degree Crime, October 24, 2021, Judge J. Christian Becerra.

Hilda Natalia Garcia, Harassment of Official, Third Degree Crime, October 24, 2021, Judge Robert L. Rolnick.

Marvin Lee Jackson, Theft of Property valued under $ 2,500 with at least two previous convictions, felony in state prison, Oct. 25, 2021, Judge Tameika Carter.

Wallace Demon Lotts, Theft of property, valued at less than $ 2,500 with at least two previous convictions, felony in state prison, October 25, 2021, Judge Tameika Carter.

Roderick Arkeith Fisher, violating bail or protection order twice in 12 month period, third degree felony, September 9, 2021, Judge Tameika Carter.

Hoang T. Nguyen, Accident with Personal Injury, Third Degree Crime, August 8, 2020, Judge Robert L. Rolnick.

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Nigeria’s 56,000 Abandoned Projects – The Street Journal http://fallof55.com/nigerias-56000-abandoned-projects-the-street-journal/ Sun, 05 Dec 2021 06:37:02 +0000 http://fallof55.com/nigerias-56000-abandoned-projects-the-street-journal/

Upon independence in 1960, Nigeria was classified as a new developing nation. But 61 years later, we are among the most underdeveloped and backward countries in the world.

All of our economic, social, political and human development indices are among the worst while the deficits are among the highest.

The recent revelation that there are 56,000 abandoned projects in Nigeria validates Nigeria’s backward claim.

In August 2021, the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, NIQS, ​​revealed the existence of this large number of unfinished projects, estimating the cost at 12 trillion naira.

The Nigerian Society of Engineers, NSE, recently confirmed this fact at a conference at the University of Ibadan. But what is the reason for this shameful anomaly?

Abba Tor, the president of NIQS, ​​postulates that most contracts fail in Nigeria due to poor cost estimation. Politicians and even individuals tend to embark on projects without resorting to the services of experts, and even when they do, they do not strictly follow expert advice.

The moment the realities of the market appear to the facilitator, the effort is suspended. Some are still pushing ahead to cut shortcuts, leading to failure of such construction, bridge and road projects.

Corruption is at the heart of most abandoned public projects. Most contracts go to politically exposed construction businessmen and women, who collect mobilization fees and quit the job overnight.

Most contracts are compromised at source because the awarding and funding sources deduct part of the project funds for themselves, leaving very little for the work. Abandonment is also linked to the lack of continuity.

The new regimes tend to abandon the contracts made by their predecessors, especially in the event of a hostile takeover. Everyone wants to continue their “legacy” projects which end up leading to “corruption of inheritance”.

If the right things had been done and these 56,000 projects had been completed as part of our development efforts, Nigeria would certainly have been a much better place for all the citizens.

Life would have been better and easier for everyone.

What we have, instead, is that the tiny few who have stolen public funds from these projects are largely living at the expense of ordinary Nigerians.

These investment projects are said to have helped spur the creation of wealth and jobs, and the violent crimes ravaging Nigeria are minimal and easily controllable.

As a nation, we must turn a new leaf. The 2023 elections should not go as usual. We must elect leaders who will rally the country to put the brakes on the abandonment of corrupt projects.

The legislature, the judiciary, the media, civil society and the population must rise up against corrupt leaders. Government is a continuum; a relay race. The exchange of witnesses should continue until government plans are fully updated.

We need a new era of accountability among public office holders.

Nigeria’s 56,000 abandoned projects appeared first on Vanguard News.

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In the Profumo affair – sex, spies and scandal that tarnished the Tories http://fallof55.com/in-the-profumo-affair-sex-spies-and-scandal-that-tarnished-the-tories/ Sat, 04 Dec 2021 10:05:45 +0000 http://fallof55.com/in-the-profumo-affair-sex-spies-and-scandal-that-tarnished-the-tories/

The Profumo affair was one of the biggest scandals in British political history, resulting in prison terms, suicides and the fall of a government.

John Profumo, Secretary of State for War in Harold Macmillan’s Conservative government, had a hot relationship with 19-year-old model Christine Keeler from 1961 onwards.

A stack of black and white press photos documenting the sex and spy scandal that caused the downfall of the rising star of the Conservative government.

Initially, Profumo denied the case in a statement in the House of Commons, but weeks later a police investigation uncovered the truth, causing serious damage to the credibility of the Macmillan government.

The disgraced minister was then pictured looking humiliated as he walked away from parliament and politics.

Secretary of State for War John Profumo lied in his statement to parliament

After the Profumo case intrigued the public interest, reports revealed that Keeler may have been involved simultaneously with Captain Yevgeny Ivanov, a Soviet naval attaché, posing a possible national security risk.

An investigation by a senior judge, Lord Denning, initially concluded that there had been no security breaches resulting from the Ivanov connection, but it was later described as superficial and unsatisfactory.

Damage to the reputation of the Conservatives led Harold Macmillan to resign as Prime Minister in October 1963, due to health concerns cited as the cause of the Labor Party’s victory in the 1964 general election.

However, these politicians and “It Girls” were just players in the game as the man at the center of it all, Steven Ward was the only person who didn’t survive it.

Christine keeler
Christine Keeler died on December 4, 2017

The gifted osteopath, who once boasted stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Frank Sinatra, has been on trial for living off the immoral income of Christine Keeler and another woman implicated in the scandal.

Profumo and Ivanov through his friendship with Ward, who had taken her under his wing – who was known to Christine.

Keeler claimed Stephen Ward was in fact a Russian spy and gathered information on British establishment figures and briefed Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

But he didn’t live to hear the verdict – he took a fatal overdose the night before the judge finished summarizing his case.

Ward’s death was ruled as suicide by the coroners court.

He left several notes, one of which read: “I feel the day is lost. Ritual sacrifice is demanded and I cannot face it.

Former Minister of War John Profumo with his wife, actress Valerie Hobson
Former Minister of War John Profumo with his wife, actress Valerie Hobson

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Ward seemed to be the scapegoat for everyone’s antics – which rocked everyone in the country, including the royals.

Keeler also claimed that the late Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, had been unfaithful to the Queen and alleged he was linked to Steven Ward after nightclubs together in the 1940s.

After the Profumo scandal broke, a series of portraits were discovered at Ward’s home, which included members of the royal family such as Prince Philip and the Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret.

]]> The Fox News-QAnon flaw that may have revealed Tucker Carlson asked Hunter Biden to help his son enter college http://fallof55.com/the-fox-news-qanon-flaw-that-may-have-revealed-tucker-carlson-asked-hunter-biden-to-help-his-son-enter-college/ Fri, 03 Dec 2021 23:21:00 +0000 http://fallof55.com/the-fox-news-qanon-flaw-that-may-have-revealed-tucker-carlson-asked-hunter-biden-to-help-his-son-enter-college/

According to alleged transcripts of emails posted to Telegram by QAnon-linked attorney Lin Wood to retaliate against Tucker Carlson for giving Kyle Rittenhouse a platform to criticize him, Hunter Biden wrote a letter recommendation urging Georgetown University to admit Carlson’s son to college.



I want to understand all of this in great detail. Where are we going to start?

What about Carlson and Hunter Biden? In 2020, the Fox News host used many, many hours on her show to exaggerate the alleged scandals revealed by documents on a laptop that Hunter Biden allegedly left in a Delaware repair shop but failed to pick up. The store owner says he gave a copy of the laptop hard drive to Rudy Giuliani for reasons he has. never fully explained. Giuliani then created a right-wing media storm by donating laptop documents to the New York Post.

CNN has reported that the FBI is, in fact, in possession of a laptop computer which it has cited to appear in a Delaware store during an investigation into tax or corruption offenses that Hunter Biden may have committed in foreign business transactions in China and elsewhere. However, CNN also reported that the contents of the laptop may not be genuine. Hunter Biden has not been charged with any felony in this case, and Carlson and other right-wing media never presented credible evidence that Joe Biden was involved in his son’s business activities, which was supposed to be the subject of the scandal. This is where the story ended, except for a random explosion in April 2021 in which Carlson alleged without presenting any supporting evidence or even explaining that the Biden laptop contained child pornography. (To be clear: no evidence of this.)

Who is Lin Wood?

Wood is a southern avocado which gradually went from sensational but legitimate work for clients like Richard Jewell and Nicolas sandmann in the world of far-right and QAnon-related plots (before it was banned from twitter, his biography included Q-follower’s motto “# WWG1WGA”, which means “when we go one, we all go.” ”) He, for example, accused Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts of being involved in sex trafficking and claimed that former Vice President Mike Pence was potentially going to be executed for treason, allegations apparently motivated by the reluctance of these personalities to support a coup in the name of Donald Trump. Wood’s behavior has become increasingly alienating even to other conspiratorial right-wing MAGA members, a conflict that has come to a head over his portrayal of Kyle Rittenhouse, who was recently acquitted of the murder charges. of two men at a protest in Waukesha, Wisconsin in 2020. Rittenhouse’s family held Wood after the shooting, but came to believe he was using them for publicity rather than advocacy. (At one point, Wood would have punched another man in the face to raise money for Rittenhouse. He has denied doing so.) Kyle Rittenhouse, since his acquittal, has criticized Wood in interviews with figures like Carlson; his family is also in a dispute with Wood on who should take possession of the $ 2 million bond that was collected after Kyle Rittenhouse’s arrest. Right-wing activists like Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene sided with Rittenhouse and Denounced wood.

It’s sad to see friends torn apart like this.

Yes. Wood responded by accusing basically everyone in the right-wing and QAnon world of working in the name of the “deep state” against Trump. That would likely be the point of releasing alleged documentation of a relationship between Carlson and Biden; by QAnon / conspiracy researcher Mike Rothschild, Wood posted the alleged email exchange between the two on the Telegram secure messaging app. It begins in a message dated November 12, 2014; Buckley is the son of Carlson, whose name I’m including because he’s now an adult (who, in this case, is the communications director for Republican Representative from Indiana, Jim Banks):


I cannot thank you enough for writing this letter to Georgetown on behalf of Buckley. It’s nice of you. I know this will help.

Hope you are well and we can all have dinner soon.


The post appears to involve a prior agreement to write a letter of recommendation. Biden then responds that he needs Buckley’s resume, which Carlson says he’ll ask someone to send. This is the end of the exchange. (Young Carlson ended up going to the University of Virginia.)

Is it real?

Neither Carlson nor Biden have commented on the matter. Rothschild said on Twitter that other far-right Telegram users posted it before Wood and that it may have been from “Tore, aka Terpischore Maras Lindeman, yet another stolen election crank that claims she is a time traveler “. Its ultimate origins are unknown, although there has been speculation that it came from the aforementioned Hunter Biden laptop files.

Is Tucker Carlson a fraudster? Was he just pretending to be disgusted with Hunter Biden the whole time?

Not necessarily. Carlson has previously mentioned on air, while claiming to be saddened by the alleged Chinese crimes Hunter Biden has since committed, that he had a relationship with Hunter Biden. Requesting a recommendation letter in 2014 would fit into Carlson’s timeline.

This somehow undermines his claim to be generally dismayed at the mores and corruption of the ruling class, however.

It does, yes, and like Never Trump writer Tim Miller points out, it would be ironic if the laptop that Carlson spent so much time talking about – with the apparent aim of showing that Hunter and Joe Biden were using their name and influence to get things they didn’t deserve – actually showed him ask to use the last name Biden to get something he / his son may or may not have earned. So maybe you could say that Carlson’s loathing is sincere, but only in the sense that when he denounces the “elite” for having participated in this kind of friendly and self-sustaining exchange of favors, he is really … denounce.

That’s a really deep and interesting observation, Dr Melfi. Either way, does part of the story of Wood’s breakup somehow involve former Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne accusing the former lawyer? campaigner, Sidney “Kraken” Powell, for retaliating against him for not having had sex with her?


Are you going to find out what it is?


Because it’s Miller time?

It’s time to crack a cold. Let’s go for the deep state!