Fox News tries ‘breaking news’ on Hunter Biden laptop

Fox News acts as if a major story has come out about the Hunter Biden ‘Hell Laptop’ scandal. Fox & Friends spent Memorial Day talking about Hunter’s old business relationship, even though Hunter has no role in his father’s administration. The story had to do with emails exchanged between Joe Biden and Hunter’s business contacts around the world. Fox reported the story as an explosive new revelation as it showed Joe Biden planning to share a meal with people his son worked with. But there was really nothing new or “exclusive” about this story and in fact, it felt more like a repeat of a story reported by Fox in October 2020. Before the election, the network aired a story. titled “Hunter’s Ex-Partner Recounts meeting Joe Biden, claiming the family were ‘paranoid’ about hiding the former vice president’s involvement. Apparently there was nothing wrong with it. substantial for Fox to criticize Biden’s treatment of the presidency this week, so they had to rehash that uneventful report from seven months ago.

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