From Whisper to Expert Confidence: Biden’s Worst ‘Scandals’ Show Stark Difference Between Trump’s Savage Era

Since Joe Biden was elected earlier this year, conservative media figures can’t help but nitpick the president for doing some pretty ordinary things.

There have been so many cases in fact, the political satire program The daily show compiled all of the best from the past month to create a video titled, “The Worst Joe Biden Scandals Ever This Month”.

In the three-minute video, hosts and pundits at Fox News and Newsmax share their qualms about President and Vice President Kamala Harris.

They range from not tweeting about the 77th anniversary of D-Day, to the non-scandalous Hunter Biden laptop.

“Oh my God,” said a host, complaining that Vice President Harris was making cheese puffs for dinner “instead of going to the southern border” in reference to the border crisis.

Another described Biden as an “ignorant old man” for bringing notes to a G7 summit meeting with Vladimir Putin, even though that’s exactly what most people do at meetings.

Apparently, expressing your trust in the country’s leading infectious disease expert will put you in the wrong books as well.

Biden whispering at a press conference was also a popular slam.

But The daily show did not compare Biden’s “scandals” to his predecessor Donald Trump.

But if they had, it would have made Biden’s so-called “scandals” quite tame by comparison.

Especially since the former president has been impeached twice and his supporters have led an insurgency on the US Capitol.

In other news, Trump’s company and its CFO are embroiled in a scandal as it was reported that they had been indicted in an investigation into alleged tax crimes, the BBC reported.

It’s still a scandal for the Trump compilation …

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