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The story of the “Access Hollywood” tapes, in which Trump boasted of having caught women by their soldiers, also ended in a puff of smoke. Supporters and enemies alike believed it could end Trump’s chances of winning the election. As it turned out, many ordinary people who listened to Trump’s vulgar monologue mostly heard “locker room conversations.” As much as I didn’t like Trump, that was my impression.

How naive now to think that these revelations would have derailed either of these presidencies.

Supporters who were trying to scuttle Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court in 2018 have jumped on sexual assault charges dating back to his high school days. I found Christine Blasey Ford’s story plausible that he and another student jumped on her on a drunken night out.

But what were the details, really? They were high school students. According to Ford’s testimony, when the second student tried to cram onto the bed, they all fell and she left the room. I can understand a woman ranting about this display of disrespect, but if it was a horrific crime, why did she wait 36 ​​years to go public?

I found fault with some of Kavanaugh’s cover-ups, but I didn’t jump on the Ford bandwagon. Regarding the sexual assault, I wanted to wait for an FBI investigation. If I could do it again, I’d be more skeptical of Ford’s timing.

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