Ga. Deputy chief resigns after arrest for soliciting prostitute

By Caroline Silva
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

CARTERSVILLE, Ga. — A Cartersville Police Department deputy chief has resigned, a week after he was arrested for paying off what he believed to be a prostitute in Florida, authorities said.

The department announced Jason DiPrima’s decision Thursday after he was previously placed on administrative leave.

On Sept. 1, DiPrima was arrested in Polk County, Fla., and charged with soliciting prostitution, obscenity or summons, Cartersville police said. He started working with the department in 1996.

“He is no longer a police officer in Cartersville, Georgia, and he must work to rebuild his life with his family. He did a very nasty, nasty thing to his family and he certainly embarrassed everyone in Cartersville,” Polk County, Florida Sheriff Grady Judd said at a press conference. “The Cartersville Police Department is a very professional police department in Georgia and they didn’t deserve what Jason (DiPrima) did.”

DiPrima was in Orlando attending an American Polygraph Association seminar and workshop when he responded to an online escort advertisement, Judd said.

He began by exchanging messages with an undercover detective asking, “Are you available tonight” and “I’d like to come and see you – What’s your rate?” the day before his arrest, the sheriff’s office said. DiPrima eventually agreed to engage in sexual activity with the undercover detective, the sheriff’s office said, but then told the detective he had been “scared” and asked to see her the following night.

On the day of his arrest, DiPrima contacted the undercover detective and agreed to come to a location to meet, officials said.

“He just couldn’t resist being with our undercover detective who he thought was a high class prostitute,” Judd said.

He agreed to pay the undercover detective $120 for half an hour of “full-service” sex, the sheriff’s office said. When DiPrima arrived on the scene just before midnight, authorities said he confirmed the arrangement by giving the undercover detective $180 and a multi-pack of White Claw Hard Seltzer.

“He’s in one of the undercover vehicles when he shows up at our undercover operation – in the government vehicle – carrying booze,” Judd said. “So apparently this guy came to have sex with a prostitute while driving the Cartersville PD undercover vehicle.”

But this was not the first time DiPrima had solicited a prostitute in Florida, officials said. He told the undercover detective he had engaged with another prostitute online for $200 the night before, according to Judd.

DiPrima was arrested and taken to Polk County Jail. He was released two days later on $500 bail.

His arrest was part of a week-long human trafficking operation by the Polk Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement agencies in the area.

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