Gang rape investigation reveals massive trafficking of women in Bangladesh

Police discover another prostitution racket; seven Bangladeshi women and a five-year-old girl rescued

While investigating the gang rape and torture of a Bangladeshi woman in the town, Ramamurthy Nagar police unearthed yet another prostitution racket in their own backyard.

The rescued women told police that they and “hundreds of other women” had been smuggled into India from Bangladesh by traffickers.

In a recent raid, police arrested four people and rescued seven women in Kanakanagar K. Channasandra, near the police station. Police also rescued a five-year-old girl, believed to be the daughter of one of the women.

The arrest of the main defendant, Shobuj, helped the police uncover the prostitution racket. The women were reportedly brought into the country by the gang of which Shobuj is a member.

“They told us that they were among hundreds of women who illegally crossed the border from Bangladesh to India a few months ago. They were assisted by a Rafiq Ashraful from Bangladesh who helped them escape border security personnel. We believe he is part of the gang and operates from Bangladesh, ”said a senior police official.

After entering India, the women were taken to Howrah in West Bengal and stayed there for a few days, while the traffickers reportedly organized proof of identity documents. They were then divided into small groups and sent to different cities.

“The traffickers promised them good jobs, but once they arrived in a town, they were forced into prostitution. In Bengaluru, Shobhu and the others would keep a significant portion of what the women earned, ”the police chief said, adding that the investigation was ongoing.

During the search of the house, the police recovered 46 sets of documents, including Aadhaar cards, for the women and the girl.

“We also found a certificate from an Ayurvedic health center in Kerala and driving licenses,” said a policeman.

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