George P. Bush announces his candidacy for Texas Attorney General

George P. Bush, the son of former presidential candidate and Florida governor Jeb Bush, on Wednesday evening announced his intention to run for attorney general in Texas.

“I am proud to announce that I am a Republican candidate to be the next attorney general for Texas,” Bush told a crowd in the state. His announcement was met with cheers from the “USA”

“And I’m doing it because enough is enough Ken,” said Bush, referring to current Texas AG Ken Paxton. “You have brought too much scandal and too little integrity to this office. As a career politician for 20 years, it is time for you to leave.”

Paxton, a Republican, faces a securities fraud trial and is also involved in a separate FBI investigation.

Bush, who will challenge Paxton in a primary, said the Texans deserved a flawless GA.


Bush also said Donald Trump was “absolutely right” when he said “drain the swamp” because there is too much corruption in Washington, DC.

“Where else can someone like Hunter Biden get fabulously rich and jeopardize national security at the same time?” Bush asked the crowd Wednesday night.

Bush played on Trump’s appeal to state conservatives ahead of his announcement on Wednesday as well.

In 2019, Trump called George P. Bush “the only bush who loves me. “

It is not yet clear who the former president will choose to support.

Bush said his first move if elected attorney general would be to secure the border, and he said he would be visiting the Rio Grande Valley region on Thursday. He also pledged to hold bureaucrats and politicians accountable in court, crack down on human trafficking and support law enforcement officials.


Bush currently serves as Texas Land Commissioner and posted on his social media accounts a reaction against the “federal overbreadth” of the Biden administration in the state.

Bush is the grandson of George HW Bush and the nephew of George W. Bush. He is the last member of the family to hold public office.

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