Ghana: Beware of charlatans in clerical garb

Many churches have sprung up in various communities under the guise of offering solutions to the challenges facing the public.

Yet the plight of the ordinary Ghanaian seems to be getting worse day by day as these churches have become centers of extortion rather than solutions.

From sodomy, lies to sexual exploitation, all these and more have become the acts of some self-proclaimed pastors.


The media often run stories to expose some of these false prophets, but many members of these exposed self-proclaimed pastors have been brainwashed to the point that they believe the arrests and incarcerations of their pastors are all part of the Satan’s attack on their so-called ministry.

Some examples include the conviction of a self-proclaimed pastor, Ebenezer Kuma of Christian Faith Ministries, Ofaakor, near Kasoa in the central region of the country, who raped and defiled four teenagers aged 13, two 14 and one 16 year. to 10 years’ imprisonment by the circuit court of Ofaakor.

In April 2021, another self-proclaimed prophet was arraigned in a Magistrate’s Court in Koforidua, Eastern Region of Ghana, for allegedly having anal sex with a church member.

The accused, Prophet Addo Gyimah, 43, was charged with indecent assault and having unnatural carnal relations.

The facts of the case revealed that in August 2020, the 20-year-old plaintiff (name withheld) started attending Prophet Gyimah’s “Nyame Ne Hene” prayer center in Akyem Banso, Eastern Region , to take care of oneself.

According to the prosecutor, on October 13, 2020, at around 4:30 a.m., after a night service, the defendant told the plaintiff that her chronic illness was caused by demons and required divine intervention through a special ritual cleansing.

Afterwards, he asked her to come and get a concoction from his house to cleanse himself and ended up having anal sex with her.

The man, during the hearing, denied some of the charges, but admitted massaging the victim.

The question is, what true man of God invites a member of his church for a massage in his room?

Another is the founder of Wise Chapel International in Asebu in the Abura Asebu Kwamakese district of the central region, Prophet Richard Ato Davidson was also arrested for sodomizing teenagers in his church last year.

He was arrested, charged with indecent assault and brought before CapeCoast Magistrate Court 2, presided over by Bernice Mensimah Ackon.

Apart from sex scandals, there are also many cases of fraud against some supposed men of God pending in various courts.


It is very disheartening to realize that these blatantly fake pastors are extorting money from sick people who sometimes can barely afford treatment for the ailments they are battling.

Despite the fact that some people have taken it upon themselves to expose some of these self-proclaimed prophets and pastors, many others still believe the solution to their problems with these dishonest pastors.

These people have been brainwashed to the point that people who try to alert them to the need to be extra careful end up being labeled as agents of darkness.

In fact, that’s what these so-called men of God usually tell their victims. They make them believe that sharing what is going on between them with others will reduce the effectiveness of any directions given to them.

These instructions come at a cost of course, depending on the wealth of the individual who asks them for help.

Other pastors also show no mercy, when they realize they have successfully brainwashed an individual, they fill them with fear and force them to pay huge sums of money to be free from everything. what troubles him.


Many self-proclaimed pastors drive expensive vehicles, live in luxurious homes with their children attending the best schools, while many of their members continue to wallow in poverty. They are not here to joke, they are serious!

Problems of all forms, including incurable diseases, zeal for travel opportunities in search of greener pastures, marital problems and despair are what they wish upon the population so that those who are not enough strong to endure while waiting for God, go to them, for milking to begin with.

These self-proclaimed men of God sell all kinds of items, ranging from bottles of oil with inscriptions such as “return to sender”, “leave my husband alone”, “I must marry” and “permanent curse breaker ” among other indescribable names.

This does not mean that all pastors are fake. There are many renowned prophets, evangelists and preachers in this country who do their best and are worthy of emulation. Their mannerism shows that they are not dubious but rather seek people’s salvation.

The Bible warns Christians to watch and pray because at the end of time many false prophets will arise, some will even perform miracles in the name of Almighty God but are not of God.

The Bible further exposes these false preachers by warning the children of God in the book of Matthew 7:15-16 which says “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits.”

The fruits the Bible speaks of here mean the way they talk, what is said about them in the news, and how they behave among others.

No true man of God will ask you to pay a sum of money as a consultation fee before you can see him, no man or woman called by the heavenly father to do his will would lower himself to the level of selling anointing oil and caramels to church members, in particular, at exorbitant prices. There are pastors who sell a bottle of oil for up to 2,000 GHC to sick people, some are even advised to buy up to three or four bottles of these oils for immediate solutions to their problems.

True men of God do not sell anointing oil or “spiritual items” Jesus Christ did not die so that we would be deceived by charlatans. I am glad that law enforcement in Ghana does not spare these suitors when they commit crimes.


It is incumbent on all Christians to have faith in God believing that switching from pastor to pastor is not the solution to life’s problems, but rather focusing on the word of God and believing that if c It is God’s will to bring liberation for them, it will come at God’s time.

It’s fine to let your pastor pray with you, but while seeking spiritual or divine solutions to problems, be sure to be vigilant so that you don’t fall for the schemes of agents of Satan who have disguised themselves as Christian leaders.

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