Her best friend almost sold her for prostitution services, but her mother intervened

By telling the horrific story of how her former closest friend approached her for prostitution services, Ana Vianey Martnez Lugo is raising awareness among vulnerable young people.

The 21-year-old Mexican took to the social media platform to recount her best friend’s betrayal in 2013 – and how her mother saved her in no time.

Lugo claims in a now-viral video that has over 6 million views that his friend said she had been selected for a student exchange in Spain and could bring something extra.

Lugo, who was only 12 at the time and was happy to be chosen, was chosen by a pal.

Following this, the ecstatic teenager began filling out exchange forms in order to fly halfway around the world.

Lugo’s suspicions were aroused, however, when she came across a section of the paperwork that asked, “Are you a v***in?”

Ana Vianey Martínez Lugo took to TikTok saying she was almost sold into prostitution services by her former best friend. The Mexican, now 21, is pictured inset at the time of the incident. jam press

Lugo says she still hasn't forgiven her former friend for betrayal, calling it a

Lugo (pictured in high school) says she still hasn’t forgiven her former friend for betraying her, calling it a ‘crime’ JamPress/@dinosampk

Lugo informed her mother, who informed her daughter’s school. Following this, school officials claimed that the exchange program did not exist.

The shrewd matriarch then paid a visit to her closest friend’s house, where she deduced the prostitution service conspiracy while using a computer.

For over a month, Lugo’s best friend had been dating an older boy. The boy allegedly threatened his best friend, telling her that if she did not enlist teenage prostitutes for a human trafficking organization, her family would suffer.

“I had no reason not to trust her,” Lugo told Jam Press in an interview after her TikTok video went viral, “We were best friends since we were 5. She knew that I would trust him.

“I couldn’t believe my best friend did this,” the TikToker continued, adding that nearly a decade later, she still hasn’t forgiven her former pal.

Lugo is pictured around the time her best friend nearly tricked her into the evil trafficking plot.

Lugo is pictured around the time her best friend nearly tricked her into the evil trafficking plot. JamPress/@dinosampk

Lugo says she tried to put herself in her friend’s shoes: “It must not have been easy being with someone who threatened your life and your family, while you were underage.”

Betraying her best friend, on the other hand, was “wrong” and a “crime,” she determined.

Lugo tells TikTok viewers to use their intuition and not be overconfident.

Lugo tells TikTok viewers to use their intuition and not be overconfident. Jam Press Vid/@dinosampk

Lugo now pushes others to follow their instincts and appreciates his mother for seeking the truth.

Viewers responded to the TikToker story by leaving comments below the video, with many saying they now have trust issues.

“You can’t trust anyone,” one wrote.

“They tell you not to trust strangers, but what they don’t tell you is that you shouldn’t trust those you’ve known your whole life either,” another added.

Meanwhile, a third said bluntly: “With friends like that, you don’t need enemies.”

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