“Hide the Ball”: Hunter Biden Complicates White House Anti-Corruption Campaign

Joe Biden has maintained that he does not discuss his relatives’ business dealings with them, but there is evidence that family members have a keen ear for politics. For example, in videotaped remarks from 2014, the president’s other brother, Frank Biden, and a federal lobbyist discussed their successful attempt to enlist Joe Biden’s help in pushing through a welfare measure. animal by Congress. As part of the effort, the then-vice president argued for the measure in a meeting with Mitch McConnell, according to the head of the oil company that sponsored the lobbying campaign.

While those close to Biden were not involved in any of the crimes, several of their associates have been convicted of federal corruption or fraud in the past fifteen years.

More recently, in late 2020, a federal appeals court restored the conviction of Devon Archer – Hunter Biden’s former business partner who facilitated his Burisma job – on fraud charges related to a bond issuance program .

In 2017, Hunter and James Biden began to pursue a serious business partnership with Ye Jianming, founder of Chinese energy company CEFC. Ye enlisted Hunter Biden to provide legal representation to one of his lieutenants, Patrick Ho, who was facing legal issues in the United States. Ho was later sentenced in a federal court corruption of public officials in Africa.

(Ye has since disappeared from public view amid reports that he was detained in China, where, according to state broadcaster CCTV, he was implicated corruption in the corruption trial of a senior Chinese official.)

Years earlier, around the time of Biden’s second presidential campaign in 2007, James Biden had planned to start an international law and lobbying boutique that would be called Patterson, Balducci, and Biden.

The plan was cut short when his partners, Timothy Balducci and Steve Patterson, were arrested by the FBI, and later condemned, on their independent efforts to bribe a Mississippi judge.

Meanwhile, an associate of Patterson and Balducci, Joey Langston, pleaded guilty in federal court to his own role in a scheme to illegally influence another judge.

Several years later, Langston and James Biden went into business together, according to company records and a ProPublica survey.

The couple worked with a company called Trina Health, which offered a controversial diabetes treatment. But the founder of the company, G. Ford Gilbert, pleaded guilty to federal corruption charges in 2019 following a corruption scandal in Alabama.

Neither Langston nor James Biden responded to questions asking for more details on the nature of their involvement with Trina.

As the 2020 elections have been called, Trump, Giuliani and their associates have launched their failed attempt to portray the Bidens as corrupt. They attempted to tell a story in which Joe Biden’s successful efforts to force the ouster of Ukraine’s top prosecutor were undertaken in order to derail investigations that could be damaging to Burisma or Zlochevsky.

There were loopholes in their case: on the one hand, the allies of the United States, including the World Bank and the European Union, supported the dismissal of the prosecutor. In fact, a complaint from the Western powers was that the prosecutor had not pursued Zlochevsky aggressively enough. A bipartisan group of US senators had also been call for reform parquet.

Ultimately, Trump’s efforts backfired. He was caught pressuring the Ukrainian president to investigate the Bidens as his administration refused the country’s military aid. This bet caused Trump’s impeachment, rather than Biden’s downfall.

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