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FILE – In this March 26, 2021, file photo, President Joe Biden walks with his son Hunter Biden, second from left, as Hunter carries his son Beau and walks next to his wife Melissa Cohen, center, before board Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base, Md. The White House has established a deal that would allow President Joe Biden Hunter’s son to sell his work for tens of thousands of dollars without knowing the identity of the buyer, an agreement established to avoid any potential ethical issues surrounding its sales. (AP Photo / Patrick Semansky, File)

The hiding of Hunter Biden’s emails may not be the most despicable example of modern political media corruption, but it is probably the most demonstrable.

Politico reports that Ben Schreckinger’s new book, “The Bidens: Inside the First Family’s Fifty-Year Rise to Power,” corroborates much of the New York Post’s pre-election reporting on Hunter Biden emails. Two of them stand out: the first is a 2015 missive from a Ukrainian businessman thanking Hunter for the chance to meet Joe Biden – then, still vice president. The second is a 2017 email in which a proposal to split a company’s equity with Chinese energy executives included the line “10 owned by H for the big guy?” “

Of course, the New York Post story already had more foundation than the histrionic and spurious scoops of collusion with Russia the nation had been subjected to for four years. The Post had reported, in detail, how he physically obtained Hunter’s laptop. They had questioned the owner of the Delaware computer store where Hunter had left his computer. They had Hunter’s signature on a receipt. The Post had official sources with intimate knowledge of Hunter’s interactions. And later, the emails were authenticated by forensic specialists.

Yet virtually the entire censored journalistic establishment, with the help of tech giants, attempted to limit the exposure of the story by banning it outright, creating the impression that it did not meet journalistic standards. appropriate or that it had been planted by Russian ghosts.

Barely a month earlier, Jeffrey Goldberg had published a widely shared Atlantic article accusing Donald Trump of sullying the US military in which he failed to offer a single official source or corroborating evidence – then refused. to respond to 21 sources, including official eyewitnesses, who publicly refuted his account. And a few months later, the media reported breathlessly the infamous Russian bounty story, that Russia was paying the Taliban to kill coalition troops, including the Americans. This too turned out to be another part of a long line of “fake news”. It had been going on for years. Is it any wonder that confidence in the media has gone from 70% in 2016 to 35% this year?

CNN, where the unsubstantiated gang rape allegations against Brett Kavanaugh were treated as legitimate news, wrote an article titled, “The Anatomy of the New York Post’s Questionable Hunter Biden Story.” How was that doubtful? CNN Chief Media Correspondent Brian Stelter, who regularly hosted denigration peddler Michael Avenatti (now in jail for extortion), said of the New York Post: “We’re not talking about completely reliable sources here. Well, I guess the only thing the Post had in favor of CNN in its investigation of a presidential son was the presence of a non-imaginary source.

When former Hunter partner and Navy veteran Tony Bobulinski was interviewed on Tucker Carlson, he claimed he had a business meeting with Joe Biden in 2017 and the former vice president was intimately involved in the family business for years. We now have emails that lend credence to these claims.

We should also not forget that there is still no widespread coverage of any evidence that the President may have taken advantage of his son’s shady scams overseas. Hunter may have lied in the emails regarding the “Big Man” payment, but on numerous occasions Joe Biden has denied any knowledge of Hunter’s business deals or his use of family ties to make deals with him. Chinese Communists and Ukrainian energy interests. Does anyone think Biden didn’t ask his son what he was doing when Hunter accompanied him on an Air Force Two trip to China in 2013? When Hunter became a member of Burisma’s board in 2014, contemporary press reports suggested there was a conflict of interest, given his father’s position. Didn’t Biden read these songs? Two Obama administration officials have reportedly raised the ethical issues surrounding Hunter’s transactions. But Joe never discussed it with anyone?

This is a laughable claim.

Much of the reluctance to investigate Hunter Biden was surely a reaction to the fallout from the Hillary Clinton email scandal. A revisionist story has emerged in which Hillary was the victim of an unjust and irrelevant story. In fact, due to her reckless and potentially criminal behavior, an FBI investigation was opened on the presidential candidate. On the contrary, Hillary is lucky that James Comey let her get away with it.

Yet the political media was not going to repeat 2016 and ruin the Democrats’ chances. We don’t know if Joe Biden engaged in criminal, corrupt, or even shady behavior – and the mainstream media seems determined to never find out. And it says little about the country’s political media, to say the least, that Americans have a better chance of learning what Biden’s favorite ice cream flavor is than if he knew about it. corrupted adventures of his son or whether he profited from them.

David Harsanyi is Senior Editor at the National Review and author of “Eurotrash: Why America Must Reject the Failed Ideas of a Dying Continent”.

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