Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal: Why So Many No Longer Trust National Media

The New York Times and the Washington Post finally admit the story was true.

Many of us already knew the truth about the damaging and outrageous details of Hunter Biden’s laptop story. We knew it during the 2020 presidential election. We knew it when the New York Post, one of the oldest and largest newspapers in the world, first published the story, which was immediately removed by the Deep State and Big Tech, including Twitter and Facebook. Why? Because it not only contained sordid details about Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings personally – leveraging his family connections to other nations in exchange for huge sums of money – but it also directly implicated the presidential candidate of the time, Joe Biden, himself.

Remember, the 2020 New York Post article contained news of the discovery of emails revealing that Hunter Biden, had clearly traded on his father’s VP job at the time by winning favors solely because of his surname which has benefited the Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, and his family to the tune of millions from Ukraine, Russia and China. In fact, a 2015 email indicates that Vadym Pozharskyi, a Burmese adviser, thanked Hunter Biden for “giving the opportunity” to meet with former Vice President Joe Biden. Many other emails refer to Joe Biden as “the big guy”.

This revelation of influence peddling by Hunter Biden just before the election was obviously newsworthy given that the former vice president had repeatedly stated that he had “never spoken to my son about his business dealings. abroad”. The new emails strongly suggest that Joe Biden not only knew about his son’s business dealings, but actually attended meetings for his benefit. Thus, it is clear that Joe Biden directly lied to the American people throughout the 2020 campaign and in the presidential debates.

The Wall Street Journal recently noted that “Hunter Biden has spent years tangling the family in dodgy ventures in Ukraine, Russia and China, even as his father’s greatest foreign policy concerns are Ukraine, Russia and China. This story raises legitimate questions about counterintelligence and extortion, even as it highlights how honest President Biden was in claiming he was unaware of his son’s actions.

But, again, the media and tech giants blocked access to this damaging news about Joe Biden and, it is only now, a year and a half after the presidential election, that the allegations are confirmed. as true. What exacerbates this media dishonesty and complicity is the fact that polls indicate that 16% of Biden voters would have changed their mind and would not have voted for Joe Biden for president if they had known about the laptop scandal at the time.

But they didn’t know that because much of the national media – and social media – today are not objective collectors of facts and truth. On the contrary, the mainstream media are the mouthpiece of the Democratic Party and the national left, and that is why they are not trusted.

According to Gallup, for example, television news is the second least trusted institution in America, at 18%, barely ahead of Congress.
This media dishonesty matters because tight races in three key swing states had a significant electoral impact, as “just 44,000 votes in Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin separated Biden and Trump from an Electoral College tie.” “.

If Biden and Trump had tied 269 to 269 in the Electoral College, the Constitution provides for the president to be chosen in the House of Representatives, with each state having one vote for president, a candidate needing 26 states to win and the winner decided very probably by which party held the majority in each state’s delegation. At the time, Republicans had majorities in 26 state delegations, with Democrats controlling 23, and Pennsylvania with a delegation split between the Rs and Ds.

So, with 16% of Biden voters changing their minds, if they knew about the laptop scandal, and just 44,000 votes in three states being the difference between an Electoral College tie and a majority state delegations in the United States House (Republican) voting for Trump to break the tie, quashing the laptop story, the media may have changed the election result and therefore , American and world history.

Whatever one thinks of Trump and his nasty tweets, outlandish statements and over-the-top personality, he left the country in far better shape than the countless economic, foreign policy and cultural disasters that Joe Biden caused in just over a year.

This, again, is why millions of Americans do not trust these institutions.

Royal Alexander is a lawyer, writer and former politician based in Shreveport, LA.

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