Hunter Biden saga: Washington Post cites laptop emails of business ties to Uncle James Biden

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The Washington Post continues to build on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop that he previously rejected in the 2020 presidential election, this time spotlighting his business dealings with his uncle and President Biden’s brother, James Biden.

In a profile on the first family relative, the Post began its report by citing a 2017 text exchange James Biden had with his nephew that came “from a copy of a hard drive that Hunter Biden allegedly deposited in a repair shop and never recovered,” noting that the emails used in his reports “have been authenticated by two forensic analysts.”

“James and Hunter Biden were in the midst of a lucrative deal with Chinese leaders at the time, while Joe Biden was out of public office for the first time in nearly half a century after leaving the vice -presidency a few months earlier,” the Post wrote on Tuesday. “Hunter Biden looked to his uncle, at least as much as his famous father, for emotional support. Hunter also leaned on James Biden, who goes by Jim and is known as Jimmy in the family, on matters of dollars and cents. A few days after that exchange, Hunter received another email from his uncle urging him to take advantage of a Joe Biden-related financial opportunity.”

In an email to Hunter, James told him “You have to call me now…I just hung up on your dad…We have the biggest two days of our professional lives ahead of us!!!! !! We have to be smart, or it all goes up in smoke! Please call me. You MUST stay calm. The timing couldn’t be worse. Calm and measured!!!!


The Post called James Biden “the protector of the Biden family, the one who kept the machines running while his brother soared.”

“Yet since the start of Joe Biden’s political career, James, who is seven years younger, has also toed the ethical lines that his brother shunned, leaving a complicated situation trail of business deals and angry lawsuits,” the Post wrote.

NBC NEWS — Democratic Presidential Campaign — Pictured: (lr) Senator and vice presidential candidate Joe Biden and his brother Jim Biden choose their flavor at Ellen’s Homemade Ice Cream in Charleston, WV on October 24, 2008
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In an interview with the Post, James Biden denied the idea that he was the “fixer” of the family and “any reference that has a negative connotation is offensive.”

“The notion that I’m an underworld figure, and I’m a fixer or the cleaner, or I’m this or that – I’m a very worried family member who tries to protect my family in any way I can, in which is a very ethical way,” he told the Post.


The Post noted that numerous business deals involving both him and Hunter Biden “turned sour” and that former business partners alleged the brother “would bring in business using Biden’s name and connections, then failed to deliver – allegations he denies”.

“James Biden was enthusiastically describing ways for the two of them to leverage political connections in pursuing infrastructure projects,” the newspaper reported. “They knew people in California,” James reminded Hunter, “including Gov. Jerry Brown, so they could tackle rail projects in the state. In New York, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo would meet with them whenever they were ready.”

The profile cited an anecdote about how James Biden, who raised money for Joe Biden’s 1972 senatorial campaign, accepted a $5,000 check from a union that his brother rejected after telling the president of the union that he could not commit to promises if elected.

“The way it was portrayed or suggested that I did something inappropriate or fishy or that I crossed the line, or that I was the one who took the check and it declined? ” Total and absolute bulls —“, defended James Biden. “This idea that I did something that he wouldn’t do? Give me a break.


After his brother was elected senator from Delaware, James Biden opened a nightclub in Wilmington using bank loans. Joe Biden was in touch, but reported at the time that he “did not directly influence the loans”.

“Years later, in 2000, James took out a $353,000 loan from Leonard Barrack, a prominent Biden donor, according to the Deeds of Business for his company,” the Post wrote. relationship fell apart and resulted in competing lawsuits between Barrack and the Bidens over Sara Biden’s contract and compensation. resemblance to his brother, U.S. Senator Joseph Biden of Delaware,” but they generated business for themselves rather than the company…The parties settled in 2004.”

US Senator and Vice President-elect Joe Biden(R) and his wife Jill (C) and Biden's brother James (2nd-L) pose with Vice President Dick Cheney during a swearing-in re-enactment ceremony at the US Capitol on January 6, 2009 in Washington DC.

US Senator and Vice President-elect Joe Biden(R) and his wife Jill (C) and Biden’s brother James (2nd-L) pose with Vice President Dick Cheney during a swearing-in re-enactment ceremony at the US Capitol on January 6, 2009 in Washington DC.
(KAREN BLEIER/AFP via Getty Images)

The Post then highlighted James and Hunter Biden’s investment in hedge fund Paradigm Global Advisors which also soured as they and their business partner sued for fraud in lawsuits that were later settled.

“In another case, after partnering with Americore Health, a Florida-based healthcare company, James Biden was accused of stealing plans for a rural healthcare business and failing to generate the international investments he promised,” the Post said. wrote. “In June 2019, two medical services companies involved in this arrangement – Azzam Medical Services and Diverse Medical Management – ​​sued James Biden and his business partners. Among other things, they alleged that James cited his family ties and promised that Joe Biden would promote the corporate healthcare model in his 2020 campaign. They also alleged that James touted Joe Biden’s ties to the labor movement and the Department of Veterans Affairs, promising plaintiffs he would help them win federal contracts and expand their model nationwide. James Biden’s lawyers disputed numerous allegations in the lawsuit, which was settled in 2020.”


The report went on to cite the Biden duo’s multimillion-dollar deal in 2017 with a Chinese energy company that gave Hunter Biden a monthly stipend of $100,000 while his uncle received $65,000″ according to records. on the copy of Hunter Biden’s hard drive, along with bank records obtained by Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa).”

“James and Hunter Biden declined to answer questions about this arrangement,” the newspaper notes.

Hunter Biden and his father, President Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden and his father, President Joe Biden.
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The Washington Post first revealed in March that it had authenticated Hunter Biden’s laptop. But in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election, the newspaper has largely kept its readers in the dark about the seriousness of the Hunter Biden scandal.

The Post first tackled the Biden controversy on October 14, 2020, the day the New York Post ran its story, using a variant of the “Republicans leap” trope to frame the story, under the headline “Three weeks before Election Day, Trump allies go after Hunter – and Joe – Biden.”

From the outset, the report expressed strong skepticism about the legitimacy of Hunter Biden’s emails and cast doubt among GOP sources who first obtained the laptop.


“President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudolph W. Giuliani, and his former senior adviser Stephen K. Bannon, who have come to the attention of US authorities for their political connections in recent months, helped release supposedly private documents belong to the son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in an attempt to lend support to the struggling incumbent,” the Post wrote. “The Washington Post has been unable to verify the authenticity of the alleged emails and other correspondence the New York Post published on Wednesday that claimed to have originated from young Biden’s computer and hard drive.”

The report attempted to link New York Post reporting to Russia by highlighting Giuliani’s past interactions with Ukrainian lawmaker Andriy Derkach, whom the US Treasury had sanctioned for being an “active Russian agent interfering in the 2020 campaign, which Derkach denied”.

He went on to say that the story “did not significantly advance what is already known about Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings, except to suggest that at some point given, he gave Vadym Pozharskyi, a Ukrainian business colleague, “the opportunity” to meet his father. The Biden campaign said the vice president’s schedule showed no such meeting.”

Other news outlets, including The New York Times, NBC News and Politico, have all also vetted the laptop in recent months after rejecting it in 2020.

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