‘If You Don’t Have a Religion, Get It Now’: Religious Exemptions May Bypass Vaccine Requirements | Politics

As of Tuesday, more than 3,800 workers had requested religious exemptions. So far, 737s had been approved, but officials stressed that an exemption does not guarantee job retention. Seven accommodations had been granted.

Once the exemption is approved, each agency must assess the employee’s position and whether the person can still do the job with accommodation while ensuring a safe workplace.

In Arkansas, about 5% of staff at Conway’s private regional health system have requested religious or medical exemptions.

The hospital responded by sending employees a form listing a multitude of common drugs – including Tylenol, Pepto-Bismol, Preparation H and Sudafed – which it says were developed through the use of cell lines. fetal.

The form asks people to sign it and certify that “my sincere religious belief is consistent and true and I will not use or will not use” any of the drugs listed.

In a statement, Conway Regional Health President and CEO Matt Troup said: “Staff who are sincere … should not hesitate to accept the list of drugs listed.”

In Los Angeles, Police Chief Michel Moore said he was awaiting advice from the city’s personnel department regarding exemptions. The city demanded that city workers get vaccinated by Oct. 5, unless they are granted a medical or religious exemption. A group of LAPD employees are pursuing this policy.

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