‘If you don’t regret voting for Joe Biden, you are the problem’: Jake Paul blames POTUS for EVERYTHING!

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul took a direct shot at US President Joe Biden in a tweet that sent Twitter users into a frenzy. He channeled his frustration with Biden and listed a few reasons for it, calling voters an “American problem” if they didn’t regret voting for the Democrat. This follows the current economic situation in the United States, with inflation hitting 8.6% in May for the first time since 1981.

The controversial artist tweeted: “Biden’s Achievements 1. Highest Gas Prices 2. Worst Inflation 3. Falling Crypto Prices 4. Highest Rent Prices Ever 5. Creating incomprehensible new language. If you read this and vote for Biden and you still don’t do ‘I don’t regret it, then you are America’s problem.’ Joe Biden has consistently received a lot of backlash for rising gas prices, high rent prices, and the overall state of the greatest country. However, there are also plenty of Biden supporters. Recently, Biden again drew attention when he criticized former President Donald Trump for taking no concrete action on gun control.


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Jake Paul knows how to stir up drama with his endless controversies, whether it’s scamming his young followers, getting kicked off a Disney series mid-season, or putting up videos with slurs. racial. Now the boxer goes straight for president. The current situation in the United States is due to the Russian-Ukrainian war when Western countries imposed sanctions on Russian oil that removed over a million barrels of oil from the world market. However, the real problem started with the Covid pandemic.

Supporters defend Biden after Jake Paul tweet

While Jake Paul’s tweet sounded rational to many on social media, others defended Biden against further attacks. One user replied to Paul’s tweet: “Lol…man you don’t get it do you? I really wish we could see it would be EXACTLY the same if Trump was still in power lol back up… ‘American problem’ everyone is going through it…wake up.”

Another user replied to the tweet: “US politics is as**tshow, but how are you going to blame it for crypto? Inflation and high gas prices are the result of Russia’s war sanctions in Ukraine. I can see the rent is his fault, but the other 3 you can’t blame him on unless you want him to fund the invasion of Russia?”

One user attempted to take on Paul’s tweet and said, “Biden doesn’t choose gas prices, biden doesn’t control inflation, biden doesn’t control the stock market (don’t count on either crypto), biden doesn’t control the rent price, I don’t know what language you’re talking about. in other words RATIO.”

Another user wrote, “Hey Jake, rising prices are not just a problem in the US. Post-pandemic demand and war in Ukraine has escalated the situation into a global problem. Current inflation in US is 8.6%. Many other countries are feeling the pain: Spain = 8.7% Germany = 7.9% UK = 9%.”

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