If you think Biden is bad, imagine Harris as president

President Joe Biden is lucky to have Kamala Harris as vice president.

With her by his side, that means there is no way Biden will be impeached once Republicans, as expected, take control of the House, and possibly even the Senate, in 2022.

If the new Republicans indict and convict Biden of “serious crimes and misdemeanors,” or incompetence over Kabul, or cleaning naked Russian prostitutes from Hunter Biden’s laptop, Harris would become president.

The only ones to applaud this would be the few thousand illegal immigrants who remained in Central America and who have not yet crossed the Rio Grande.

Even the toughest Republicans wouldn’t want Biden removed and removed from office. Better the often confused outgoing leader you know than the often confused leader you don’t know.

One of the main reasons Democrats failed to act sooner to oust Republican President Richard Nixon from the White House during the Watergate scandal was that it would have made Vice President Spiro Agnew president.

Democrats and the establishment media in the early 1970s looked down upon Agnew almost as much as Donald Trump does today. And for good reason.

Agnew, who was Nixon’s axman, used to call Democrats and Liberals “cowardly noses” and “desperate and hysterical hypochondriacs.” He would have accused the media of “fake news” if he had thought about it. Instead, he called journalists “moguls of negativity”.

So there were few tears shed in Washington when Agnew resigned in October 1973. It came after he was indicted for accepting thousands of dollars in bribes while he was director of the Baltimore County and Governor of Maryland.

Nixon replaced Agnew with veteran GOP representative Gerald Ford, a long-time respected member of the Michigan House. The Washington establishment heaved a sigh of relief when Ford was sworn in as vice president on December 6, 1973.

He wasn’t just one of them, but was a sure replacement for Nixon if and when the time came to dump Nixon. But before that happened, Nixon resigned in disgrace and Ford became president on August 9, 1974.

The country was in good hands, much more secure than it is today, and certainly much more secure than if Harris became president.

Biden knows this whole Nixon / Ford thing, if he hasn’t forgotten it. He was serving his first term in the United States Senate at the time, having been elected in 1972.

But now it is his turn to face calls for impeachment and resignation for his reckless decision to hastily and unconditionally withdraw all troops from Afghanistan that led to the humiliating debacle in Kabul.

It is a disastrous defeat for the United States, and it will haunt the country for years to come. Once again, as in Saigon in 1975, we deserted an ally we had fought alongside for years.

Only this time it’s worse, because the victorious North Vietnamese have never been a terrorist threat to mainland America. The Taliban is. Twenty years ago, the Taliban sheltered Osama Bin Laden and the Al-Qaeda terrorists who killed 3,000 Americans on September 11.

We drove them out of Afghanistan 20 years ago. Now they are back.

Joe Biden must be the worst president of modern times. And he’s only been in office for eight months.

Just then, he transformed an independent energy country into a nation begging OPEC for oil; he cut thousands of energy jobs in the United States while creating energy jobs for Vladimir Putin; he sacked a successful southern border policy in the United States to bring in a million illegal immigrants; he failed to defeat COVID-19; he did not respond to threats and Chinese expansion; he considered helplessly that city after city was descending into uncontrolled murder and chaos; he gave us inflation, rising gasoline prices and soaring grocery prices, and now he gave us Kabul.

Biden hit rock bottom when he pleaded with the Taliban not to attack the U.S. embassy or Kabul airport, pledging financial help if they didn’t.

What he should have promised was destruction.

Peter Lucas is a veteran political journalist and columnist from Massachusetts.

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