Is she dating or is she single?

Holly Sonders is a famous sports media personality who apart from being a Fox Sports host is also known for reporting on NFL and college football games. According to the latest reports, she is currently worth $6.5 million and more. Her popularity has increased further since there was news in the media about her relationship with Kliff.

It’s not just with Kliff, Sanders has often been in the media spotlight due to his busy love life. She was once married to Erik Kuslias who is known for his reputation as a playboy and that is also a major reason for their separation. Rumors have often flooded the media about several of Kulias’ mistresses.

Who is Holly Sonders dating now?

source: New York Post

After a failed marriage to Erik Kulias and another failed relationship with KliffKingsbury, Sonders finally found love with legendary boxer Oscar De La Hoya. The couple made it official in August 2021 during their public appearance at Nobu in Malibu where they were spotted by TMZ. However, there has been no verbal confirmation yet.

The pair met at a boxing event in June. Sonders was the host there to interview Oscar De La Hora, who is a known world boxing champion in the six-weight class. The event ended in 2.5 months but both have been going strong ever since. Their relationship also ended Sonder’s engagement to David Oancea, a sports betting consultant.

As of now, however, Holly appears to be single and not dating anyone. She takes the time to focus on herself.

Her marriage to Erik Kuslias

Holly and Erik were together for five years before the couple broke up. It wasn’t always good in lover’s heaven because of Erik’s reputation as Casanova. It was this reputation that led to their divorce according to the assumptions.

Erik was common on media headlines for his multiple affairs and also for his bad behavior towards female colleagues and his numerous sex scandals.

He flirted with his employees at his workplace on several occasions. All of this, plus rumors that he was cheating on Sonders, circulated often. This led Sonders to terminate it.

How much is Holly Sonders worth?

Naturally, a very famous and successful TV presenter and sports host, Holly’s net worth stands at $6.5 million and this is solely based on her professional career. As a sportscaster with NBC, she earns a whopping $50,000 every month, although the exact details of her salary aren’t available on any public forums, it’s assumed art. NBC pays its experienced employees a salary of between $35,000 and $57,000.

His endorsement details

Sportscaster Holly Sonders
source: New York Post

During her time as a golfer, Sonders had endorsement deals with Cobra-Puma Golf. It was part of the contract for her to wear puma sportswear during her game and to use sports equipment made by Cobra during her game.

Each Puma sports jersey costs $55, and Cobra gear ranges between $799 and $1,200.

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