It is the most famous mythical creature in Pennsylvania, according to a bestiary

If science proves anything, it’s that there’s a large part of the world that humans don’t know. Given that sentiment, who can say that there really are no mythical creatures from fairy tales and legends roaming the most overlooked corners of the earth?

As a rule, these creatures seem to belong exclusively to places overseas. But according to “The American bestiary: the most famous mythical creature of every American state, illustrated”, on CasnNetUSA, every state in our nation has its own legendary being, including Pennsylvania.

While those who are educated in the world of cryptids may assume that Bigfoot may be Pennsylvania’s designated mythical mascot, there is actually another creature taking the crown. According to “The American Bestiary,” those in Keystone State should keep their eyes peeled for the squonk.

The squonk is listed as Pennsylvania’s most famous mythical creature. (CashNetUSA)

The squonk may look like a sad sack of creature, and it absolutely is. According to “The American Bestiary,” the squonk is a warty, ragged, pig-like thing that is so ashamed of its appearance, all it does is cry (not that we don’t all have been there at one point, but move on).

Mysterious states of the universe that the squonks are hiding in the forests of Pennsylvania, dissipating in a pool of tears if anyone captures them. The site lists an anecdotal story of a man, JP Wentling, who managed to catch a squonk in a sack only to realize the miserable creature had burst into tears as he brought it home.

For those Pennsylvanians a little disappointed that the squonk was named the most famous mythical creature in the state, Mysterious Universe also lists werewolves, the Raystown ray, and, of course, Bigfoot, to be among the legendary beings who made their home in Keystone State.

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