It’s Lady and the Trump for the 2024 elections

Donald Trump gave his strongest hint yet, in a speech to CPAC conservatives on Saturday, that he plans to run for president in 2024.

“We’ve done it twice, and we’ll do it again,” Trump said. “We will do it again, a third time.”

The longer Joe Biden has been in office, the more Trump turns to voters who rejected him in 2020.

But as various con artists peddle alleged access to the former president of Mar-a-Lago for candidates desperate for his approval, his judgment will be on the line halfway through. The success or failure of its chosen candidates will likely play a role in Republican calculations around 2024.

The Democratic ticket in 2024 will also be considered.

After an expected midterm bombardment, Biden will be pressured to announce he is not seeking a second term at age 81.

And, as absurd as it sounds, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez vs. Hillary Clinton is the matchup to watch, according to former Democratic strategist Dick Morris.

donald trump
Former President Donald Trump speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference at the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel in Orlando, Florida.
Stephane Yang

Check all boxes

The whiz behind Bill Clinton’s electoral success in the 1990s, Morris says the Democratic establishment will first support Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, whose command of $2 trillion in patronage and jobs through his wallet gives an advantage in campaign contributions. On the political identity card, which is the prerequisite for any Democratic candidate, he ticks the “gay” box, but Morris says that won’t win him black votes.

Trump supporters
Trump supporters wave banners at the CPAC event.
Stephane Yang

Instead, a black candidate like Cory Booker will enter the field.

While Kamala Harris ticks two boxes, “female” and “black,” her insurmountable unpopularity and poor performance as vice president would see her drop out of the primaries before Iowa, as she did in 2016, unless that she is not a masochist.

The void she leaves will trigger “a momentum for a woman [candidate] this will benefit Hillary’s candidacy.

The progressive wing of the Democrats will support AOC, the heir to Bernie Sanders, who ticks two boxes: “woman” and “person of color”.

AOC will conveniently turn 35 on October 13, 2024, three weeks before the election, which means she will be constitutionally eligible for the presidency.

Trump supporter
“We’ve done it twice, and we’ll do it again,” Trump said.
Stephane Yang
hillary clinton
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaking at the New York State Democratic Committee 2022 Nominating Convention on Thursday, February 17, 2022.
Steve Sands/NewYorkNewswire/Baue

“They’ll realize it’s either Hillary or their own wife, AOC…progressives will come around to AOC [and] say the reason we lost in 22 was we didn’t go far enough left, [so] we have to go further to the left.

Cue Hillary Clinton. “She will come into this race as the savior of the Democratic Party,” Morris told listeners to her WABC radio show last week.

The primary competitions “will fuse Hillary as the hope that will save us from the far left”.

As the primaries drag on, the contest will come down to Hillary and AOC, Morris argues. The popular momentum will be with AOC, just like with Sanders, and then the establishment will have to decide whether to snatch the presidential nomination from the left, as it did in 2016 and 2020, and hand the nomination to Hillary.

AOC and its supporters are less likely to accept stiffening without a fight.

Trump seems more compelling to voters who rejected him in 2020.
Stephane Yang
Trump supporters
Trump supporters cheer him on during his speech at CPAC.
Stephane Yang

Morris is reviled by Democrats for turning on the Clintons and embracing Trump, but his view of his former comrades is worth heeding.

And Hillary and AOC are everywhere right now, showcasing their wares.

The day after Russia invaded Ukraine last week, Hillary weighed in with her top secretary of state gravitas to blame Republicans in an interview with MSNBC on “Morning Joe.” She headlined the Democratic state convention in New York earlier this month, walking the stage to rapturous applause and the song “Unstoppable.”

“The Queen of Projection”

If you think Hillary could be stopped by the current drip of Durham’s investigation into her outrageous portrayal of Trump as a Russian agent, forget it. Judging by past performance, the liberal media will ignore Durham and no one voting in the Democratic primaries will know or care, just as the Hunter Biden laptop scandal was kept hidden from voters.

Hillary is the queen of the showing, saying last week, “It’s funny, the more Trump gets confused, the crazier the accusations and conspiracy theories about me seem to get.”

donald trump
Trump’s big hint about running for president got CPAC attendees excited.
Stephane Yang
Many people believe the AOC will run a campaign promising free tuition, free health care, climate alarm, and addressing youth grievances.

AOC, meanwhile, is on the cover of New York magazine this week and featured in a gushing new biography, “Take Up Space: The Unprecedented AOC,” which compares her to FDR and JFK.

With her baby voice, empty ideas and social media narcissism, she sounds incredibly anti-presidential, but the domestic climate in 2024 might suit her.

Her job as a bartender gives her enough credibility to claim her belonging to the foreign working class, despite the fact that she grew up in the affluent suburb of Westchester.

And with a new cohort of Gen Z voters coming in 2024, brimming with COVID resentment, the risk of a backlash against geriatric candidates is high.

Hillary will be 77 on election day. Trump will be 78, the same age as Biden when he became president.

There’s a rational school of thought that says the older generations outlived their welcome and screwed it up royally. Gen Zs saw their education and career prospects ruined by a virus that left them unaffected and lost respect for selfish elders who betrayed them during the pandemic.

They will drive generational change in the 2024 elections, if they have a candidate who speaks their language. Enter AOC, promising free tuition, free health care, climate alarm, and indulging youth grievances.

“President Ocasio-Cortez” sounds like a joke, but so does “President Trump”.

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