Jan. 6 committee discovers linear time, asks court to expedite Mark Meadows case before GOP shuts it all down

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It seems like it finally occurred to the select committee on January 6 that they needed to move here because it’s almost summer after which it will be election season and then Kevin McCarthy is going to put a knife in all this investigation before he no longer leaks embarrassing shit about him and his limbs.

In December, Trump’s White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, filed an LOL complaint against the Committee seeking to block subpoenas for his testimony, as well as his phone records and documents in his possession. Last week, the Committee finally decided to submit a motion to dismisspointing out that Meadows has already conceded that some of the subpoenaed documents are not privileged by handing over all those embarrassing texts from Fox News hosts, congressmen and pre-riot rally organizers – which kind of undermines his position that everything he said or did is covered by executive privilege.

And not for nothing, but the DC Circuit and federal district courts in DC and California have already ruled that Meadows’ objections to the legitimacy of the Committee and its subpoenas are rubbish. Although, to be fair, it all happened months ago and he just came to the committee to talk to Judge Carl Nichols about it.

But now they are doing it!

Time is of the essence to rectify the plaintiff’s refusal to comply with the select committee’s subpoenas. The House of Representatives is not a permanent body. See Eastland v. US Servicemen’s Fund, 421 US 491, 521 (1975). The current Congress will end on January 3, 2023, just over eight months from now. A speedy resolution of this matter is necessary so that the select committee has sufficient time to fully investigate the issues addressed by the subpoenas and to propose — and for Congress to pass — any legislation it deems appropriate in response.

So they would like to step things up already, please and thank you. Instead of two weeks for Meadows to respond as local rules allow, the committee believes it could wrap up this whole summary judgment case by the end of May.

“Plaintiff’s attorney has advised that Plaintiff opposes the relief sought here,” the committee notes. Which is hardly surprising, since Meadows knows full well that all that ugliness will magically disappear when and if his fellow Republicans take over the House and form 17 select committees to deal with Hunter Biden’s laptop, AKA the biggest scandal of our time. So all he has to do is hang around until January and hope he doesn’t get indicted by Merrick Garland for contempt of Congress, and is free at home.

Judge Nichols ordered an expedited briefing on the motion for an expedited briefing, ordering Meadows to tell the court by tomorrow why he should continue to allow this thing to drift at the DC Circuit’s even slower-than-usual pace. , which groans under the weight of a hundred January 6 lawsuits.

So, mazal tov to the select committee for finally looking at their calendars and realizing it’s later than they think. But is it too late to force Meadows to comply with a subpoena, since he’s clearly going to take this case all the way to the Supreme Court?

I guess we will find out soon.

Meadows vs. Pelosi [Docket via Court Listener]

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