Joe Biden almost became a reality TV star thanks to Son, new book claims


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Joe Biden’s White House predecessor and 2020 election rival Donald Trump was widely dismissed as a novelty candidate ahead of his surprise election in 2016, in part due to his own earlier career as a TV star. reality on The Apprentice.

US President Joe Biden’s second eldest son Hunter Biden reportedly tried to force his father and mother, Jill Biden, to direct a Kardashian-style reality show about their lives.

That’s according to a new hagiography from the president of liberal magazine The Atlantic, Edward-Isaac Dovere, titled Battle for the Soul: Inside the Democrats’ Campaigns to Defeat Trump.

Hunter Biden and his wife, Melissa Cohen, “spent the summer of 2019 meeting with producers over a fuzzy concept they had for a reality TV show to showcase his charity work, which he says would also help soften the image of his father, ”says Dovere. .

When a producer asked if Elder Biden approved such an unlikely request, Hunter Biden replied, “I know where the line is. And my dad understands what I’m doing.”

Biden’s predecessor and 2020 election rival Donald Trump was widely dismissed as a novelty candidate ahead of his 2016 election, in part due to his own stint as a reality TV star on The Apprentice.

The book also claims that the Biden campaign had a media “ecosystem” ready to quell the alleged scandal over Hunter Biden’s alleged “Laptop From Hell” abandoned a year before his split – starting with Trump’s first impeachment following attempts to the latter to investigate Joe Biden. Biden’s alleged pressure on Ukraine to drop an investigation into Hunter’s employer, energy company Burisma.

An assistant to Biden reportedly said of the history of the laptop: “We were able to put it in a box and have the media treat it as if it deserved to be treated – which was like a theory. conspiracy, not as if it was Clinton’s emails or the insane parade of accusers at the St. Louis debate. “

“We had the whole ecosystem ready to respond to a wild surprise from Trump in October. And he responded responsibly. It doesn’t happen by accident. It all stems from the way we reacted on Ukraine. “

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