Johor mother sold her 17-year-old daughter into prostitution to pay off her debts

We often tell children to listen to their parents because they know what is best for them. But sometimes parents can be wrong. And when that happens, it’s usually the children who suffer.

A teenager from Johor recently made a police report about her mother. She claims her mother tried to sell her body to pay off their debt and encouraged her relationship with an older man so he would continue to fund them. She escaped from the household, but her mother’s harassment caused her to report.

Source: Chinese press

The 17-year-old girl was reportedly living alone with her mother in Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru. Both lived a difficult life and were continually dogged by debt and poverty. As such, the mother attempted to sell her daughter’s body to make money.

The daughter shared that her mother borrowed money from a loan shark last year. However, they were struggling to repay the debt. As such, her mother asked her to sleep with a male tenant for money. “I think he (the male tenant) was scared of trouble, so he left the rental house,” the girl would have said.

However, in early 2022, she struck up a relationship with another tenant in the house. This man was approaching sixty and had often referred to her as his goddaughter. But, their relationship started to turn into something more. His mother, who had continually borrowed money from him, knew about the problem but said nothing. In fact, soon after, her “godfather” paid her RM100 after they slept together and she gave the money to her mother.


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After enduring the situation for two months, the 17-year-old finally managed to leave home. She fled to a nearby children’s shelter in March this year and has lived there ever since. His social worker is aware of his case and is trying to help him lead a normal life. Indeed, when she came to the shelter, her social worker signed a contract with the mother, making her promise that she would no longer intervene in her daughter’s life.

Unfortunately, her mother didn’t keep her end of the bargain. She apparently began to defame the shelter and the social worker, claiming that they took her daughter away from her. The shelter also started receiving harassing calls. Unable to bear the harassment, the 17-year-old then decided to file a complaint with the police in the hope of putting an end to it.

Source: Chinese press

The girl made it clear that she did not want to return to her mother. She added that she hopes to start a new life. The social worker also said she had the mother evaluated for a psychiatric test before signing the contract, which proved that she was of sound mind.

We sincerely hope that the teenager and the shelter will be left in peace after this. The girl clearly wants to put her past behind her and be able to live a better life. Our thoughts are with her and the shelter caring for her.

Source: Chinese press

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