Letters to the Editor (January 19, 2022)

Jan 19, 2022 | 05:35 IST

Letters to the Editor (January 19, 2022)

Wake up Ministry of Health

Following Monday’s press conference by Health Minister CM, Dean GMC and other senior Goan health officials, Goans may get the image that as Covid 19 wave one and two, the government and the Goa Ministry of Health are still lax and not so serious about the impending third wave.

The body language of the Dean and Ministers of Health is exactly the same as in March 2021 when the Delta variant hit Goa resulting in oxygen deaths at GMC.

Opposition leader and opposition parties are too scared or too compromised to open their mouths about Goa’s poor healthcare management or lack of app-reading ability to ensure good governance and good management health care.

Thousands of Goans including children, women and the elderly are sick with the virus or local flu which is spreading at a rapid rate, thanks to the government’s lethargy to impose strict regulations in schools, churches , temples, mosques, etc. The worst is massively crowded election campaigns.

The same scenario is repeated in 2022. Health authorities are still harping on the vaccine, which can be a booster of human immunity, but it remains to be proven that it is the only effective protective shield against the raging virus. The Government of Goa including the Ministry of Health which has proven to be a complete failure for Goans must now at least learn from the mistakes of the past otherwise the rapid spread of the virus will put incalculable pressure on the health infrastructure and could result in the loss of innocents. civilian life. The public must also be responsible. Now is not the time to party, socialize and get together, nor to celebrate parties and festivals inviting the general public.

I hope heads of departments in government offices, schools, places of worship and others will be careful not to invite crowds. Everything can wait, and if we can’t learn to hold back now, things could soon go from bad to worse. Let common sense prevail.

Cedric da Costa, Margao

Vaccines protect those affected

Seventy percent of Covid deaths recorded in Goa over the past week were found to be unvaccinated, this scenario is unfolding across India and also across the globe with minor variations. WHO data overwhelmingly suggests that vaccines may not be the magic bullet against the virus, but they definitely protect you from lung complications, morbid transmissibility, re-infection, intensive hospitalization and death.

This should convince anti-vaxxers and fence keepers to get into the jab, because by doing this they would not only be protecting themselves, but others close to them as well. Novak Djokovic and others of his ilk, are you listening?

Rekha Sarin, Benaulim

Keep politics out of sports

Virat Kohli’s resignation from the captaincy has been in the works for some time, which sours his relationship with BCCI; although he may have resigned of his own free will, circumstances arose that pushed him into a corner and he was left with no other choice. Perhaps his growing unpopularity with a vocal section of rabid right-wingers stemming from his advocacy of a cracker-free Diwali and his defense of teammate Shami when the latter was jointly trolled might have contributed to the self-interest victory. mediocre on stellar integrity of talent. .

An inspirational leader like no other who led from the front, gave 200% of himself on the pitch and with an incredible record of 40 wins in 68 Tests as captain was brought down by BCCI, led by the son of Union Home Secretary who I doubt even lifted a bat in his lifetime. Machiavellian tactics, never seen before, were introduced into the cricket administration to exert political control over the BCCI, one of the wealthiest sports organizations in the world.

At a time when the team was doing well an utterly incompetent administrator aided by a malleable ex-captain messed things up completely, these machinations would spell the end of cricket in India and could drive one of the greatest cricketers that India has ever seen to quit the game altogether, it would truly be a sad day for true lovers of the gentleman’s game.

Vinay Dwivedi, Benaulim

Understanding Mother Nature

The recent snowstorm in Murree, Pakistan, which killed more than 23 people, drew international attention. First of all, it seems that many innocent people were unaware of the ongoing snowfall in the Murree area in months like January. The authorities should have alerted them to imminent danger. Remember that Asian countries like Pakistan, Nepal and India have been nestled in the middle of the magnificent Himalayan range.

Whether East or West, Mother Nature has bestowed many gifts on the world, especially in the form of rain which will enrich the earth and hence mankind. On the other hand, it is important to keep an eye out for difficult weather conditions.

Surprisingly enough, whether it was heaven or earth, the entire universe acted as a safety net, providing natural gifts like rain and sunlight to humans. Additionally, understanding Mother Nature and safeguarding Mother Earth will help prevent erratic behavior of Nature in the future.

That said, keeping the environment clean and encouraging green activities like planting trees are all steps in the right direction to save Mother Earth.

P Senthil Saravana Durai, Mumbai

Stop candidates with a criminal record

With the announcement of the elections, the activities of the political parties are in full swing. One tries to outsmart the other, in the process the electorate is confused. Who to believe and who not to believe is the question. Leaders jump from one party to another and this makes the situation more confusing.

Congress had many deserters, and they hatched a plan to field all new candidates with clean criminal records. Tuesday’s Herald reports the number of people who have criminal records. The Electoral Commission should take note of this and should not accept their nominations.

There are many personalities in this list, who have played with votes and public trust. If these people are left out of the challenge, then only Goa will see a stable and clean government. I hope common sense will prevail and the authorities will act as they should.

Antonio F. Fernandes, Arossim

Election fever confuses voters

Election fever is getting hotter these days as the election date approaches. Current MPs continue to hop from party to party as the full list of candidates is yet to be released by any political party. This kind of political drama has never been seen in previous Assembly elections. People are confused. Democracy means the power for the people to elect their representative who will fight for them in the assembly.

This time Goans shouldn’t make a mistake. Now is the time to elect new parties and new well-educated faces with good vision. We no longer want to see seven education ministers and eight disabled ministers pass. Anyone with a criminal record should be sent home.

We ourselves are to blame for electing bad people all these years. Let’s not repeat it again. Send home politicians with criminal records, uneducated, who have changed sides, who have surrendered to the Raj family, and also those who have enjoyed several mandates. Let’s hope this new year 2022 brings us a good, honest and uncorrupted government with new educated faces. Let’s hope for the best and it’s in our hands. Let’s all vote wisely.

Natividade Fernandes, Cavelossim

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