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On a scale that may never have happened before, the world’s attention has focused on our island in recent days, as the Queen was not only our monarch, but a truly global figure.

We haven’t faded in the spotlight. On the contrary, we rose to the challenge superbly, providing the best advertisement for the continued greatness of our country.

In front of an international television audience of over four billion and a congregation at Westminster Abbey filled with foreign heads of state, we delivered a breathtaking spectacle unlike any other place on earth could have staged.

From the march of the soldiers to the sublime singing of the choirs, everything was executed to perfection.

What added to the impressiveness was the historical backdrop. Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Wellington’s Arch and Windsor Castle, all monuments to the richness of our past, have never been so striking.

With mournful dignity came split-second precision. All played their part superbly, including the respectful crowds, grieving royals and the Metropolitan Police who carried out the biggest ever security operation in the capital.

The state funeral produced a host of compelling images, but one of the most incongruous was Michelle O’Neill, leader of Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland, seated in the abbey alongside Stormont lecturer Alex Maskey, who was interned twice as an alleged member of the IRA in the 1970s.

Such participation in a royal event by Republicans would have been unthinkable a few years ago. In fact, Sinn Fein boycotted the Queen’s visit to Ireland in 2011.

The change graphically demonstrates how the Queen’s passing acted as a conciliatory force. Admiration for his moral leadership has brought people together on so many fronts, not just in Northern Ireland.

In Scotland, the Queen’s touching final rites after her death at Balmoral underlined the country’s common identity with England.

Today, the cause of trade unionism seems stronger than it has been for decades.

The same goes for Wales, which welcomes the new king with enthusiasm. A group of anti-monarchy protesters outside Cardiff Castle only underscored their unpopularity with their small numbers.

The national mourning for the Queen has united people of all backgrounds, creeds, races and classes in ways no government initiative could.

Despite all the changes over the past 70 years, the traditional spirit of Britain remains strong.

The Queen herself said in her famous April 2020 broadcast, at the start of the pandemic: “The attributes of self-discipline, quiet determination, good humor and camaraderie still characterize this country.

This was amply proven by his funeral, which completely refuted the destructive values ​​of the awakened agenda. This ideology has swept through our public institutions and dominated the airwaves with its messy doctrinaire bile about the nation and history.

But the past few days have shown how shallow its roots are. In their determination to honor the Queen, our people have triumphantly revealed that we prefer solidarity to identity politics, heroism to victimhood, and self-discipline to spite.

We want to respect the past, not throw it away. We view our history and our military as a source of pride rather than as vehicles of oppression and shame.

As Charles begins his reign, the Crown has rarely seemed more secure, his popularity at record levels and his line of succession – God willing – clear for many decades, through William and George.

The strength of the constitutional monarchy is a reflection of the esteem in which the queen was held.

No nation has ever been luckier in its ruler, and that is why it deserved every element of its spectacular final voyage.

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