List of films that portray prostitutes with humanity

International day of sex workers: list of films that represent prostitutes with humanity

June 02, 2021: International day of sex workers: list of films that represent prostitutes with humanity

Prostitution is touted as the oldest profession in the world, yet it invites only lustful criticism and / and outpouring. Women, who are sex workers, are generally objectified and generally do not receive love or compassion from society. But some films strive to change their image, giving a sensitive and humanizing look at their life. On the occasion of International Sex Workers’ Day, we are listing a few.

# 1: “Chameli”: the prostitute who changes many lives

Chameli, with Kareena Kapoor in the lead role, tells the story of two strangers who meet on a rainy night. On the one hand, we have Chameli, who is a prostitute, who is struggling to survive. On the other, there is Rahul Bose in Aman, a grieving man, still pensive. His perspective changes when he witnesses how Chameli breathes life into every moment. Beautiful!

# 2: “Mandi”: the camaraderie and struggles of a group of sex workers

A classic by Shyam Benegal, Mandi took a deep dive into the lives of sex workers, who stay together no matter what. It showed how strong their internal bond was, as well as the struggles they face in order to make a living. The film, powered by Shabana Azmi and Smita Patil, perfectly captures their ordeal, when the great and the mighty clash with sex workers.

# 3: “Fairy Tales of the Night”: Ode to the Sex Workers of Sonagachi

This documentary film by Shohini Ghosh centers on the sex workers of Sonagachi in Kolkata, Asia’s biggest red light area. The film features conversations with prostitutes, who share the issues they face. Their committee also has a voice here, which brings up many issues such as HIV transmission and the lack of resources for children born in brothels.

# 4: “Tikli and Laxmi Bomb”: Why should pimps get the lion’s share?

Tikli and Laxmi Bombe is all about Laxmi and Putul. Laxmi has been in the prostitution business for years and has accepted that pimps should receive the lion’s share of their wages. However, Putul, a new member, protests against this overall system, and inspires others. The film’s powerful premise has been recognized on many international platforms, unsurprisingly.

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